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Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 6.2

Translated by Yue [@kokoroshin] at foxaholic.com

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Chapter 6.2 – Qin Zhaoyang Is My Brother

The voice of this youngster was still somewhat hoarse but Ling Rong felt that this time, it does not sound so bad. It can even be classified as the sounds of nature. After all, it was not easy to have the Male Lead open his mouth and talk to her.

“I don’t want you to be bullied!” Ling Rong blurted out the thoughts in her heart. Although the mission of saving the Male Lead was entrusted to her by the system, but after knowing Qin Zhaoyang ending, she also felt sorry and distressed for this youngster. She wishes to do something for him and change his destiny.

Do not wish for him to be bullied? Qin Zhaoyang suddenly felt a little ironic. Could it be he was bullied less by that group of people? Although he had never suffered any physical violence before but emotional abuse happened quite frequently.

Liu Chengyi snatched his jade pendant away and use it to threaten him. He was also Qin Zhaomu accomplish who spread the false news of him being the actual illegitimate son.

Talking about this, it was really funny. He was obviously the eldest grandson of the Qin Family but he can only silently suffer and accept everything. He had never complained to his teacher, for he knew there’s Qin Family and Chen Yanyan here. Even if he complained, it only made things difficult for his class teacher. 

He also did not tell his waigong to help him out. The elder is now very older than ever, his health is also not very good. If he knew he(QZY) was being bullied by the QIn Family to this degree, he would be very angry and wanted to get justice for him(QZY). But now, waigong was too old to withstood the confrontation with Qin Family.

[TN waigong: maternal grandfather; mother’s father]

He can only rely on himself. By not resisting and making compromises, he managed to create short term breathing spaces.

But now, Ling Rong this guy that hardly had any contact with him suddenly said that she helped him because she did not wish for him to be bullied?

Qin Zhaoyang ironically smiled, his heart can never believe her. The resentment in his heart made him momentarily lost control of his emotion and said, ”If you really want to help me, then return back the jade pendant that Liu Chengyi stole from me.” After he finished speaking, his pair of eyes bored into Ling Rong.

Once the words left his mouth, Qin Zhaoyang suddenly felt somewhat regretful. He should not be so emotional, and now he had made himself unable to leave the stage.

[TN: 下不了台(unable to leave the stage) – to be unable to extricate oneself gracefully / to be put on the spot / to be embarrassed]

Ling Rong has no familial relationship with him. Perhaps, she knocked her head in an accident and hurt her brain and was temporarily infected with a kind heart. Or maybe this is just a new joke from his brother. How could she risk offending Liu Chengyi and help him take back the jade pendant?

Those words of his really sound like he wanted to request for Ling Rong’s help.

“Okay” Who knew that Ling Rong suddenly blurts out this word.


Qin Zhaoyang startled for a moment, he then frowned: “I’m not kidding with you.”

“I’m also not kidding with you.” Ling Rong opened up her arms, the long bangs on her forehead blocked Qin Zhaoyang’s vision from having a proper view of other’s expression but he didn’t think that she looked like she’s trying to show off.

“But…….” If it’s not Liu Chenyi willingly give the item away, with Ling Rong go and request it from him, she will definitely anger that group of people. At that time, when the fight really breaks out…..

Qin Zhaoyang once again shot a glance at Ling Rong’s small stature, thinking that this yellow head definitely cannot escape unscathed. 

“I won’t pay for any of your medical fees.” Qin Zhaoyang frowned even more suddenly.

“Rest assured, I definitely will not sustain any injuries” Ling Rong already wanted to test her skills since the beginning. She had a feeling that the original owner force and power perhaps were not very low.

Qin Zhaoyang swallowed back the words he wanted to said next. This yellow head really had imagined too much. Who cares about him, he was just…..just……

After a long time passed and he had yet to figure out it was, Qin Zhaoyang lowered his eyes to hide his annoyance.

“The music on the field already stopped, we just directly mix into the crowds and go back to class. I promise you that I’ll get the thing and give it back to you within 3 days.”

After the 2 went back to class, they really did not catch by the teacher. Ling Rong engrossed in listening to the last 2 lessons with interest while Qin Zhoayang who attended both the classes had his mind wandering around for one and a half hours.

As soon as the bell for the last class rang, a group of problem students who did not wear any school uniform already stand in front of Class 8. They’re headed by Liu Chengyi. Before Ling Rong finish packs her schoolbag, Liu Chengyi shouted into the classroom: “Ling Rong, you come out here for me!”

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