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Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 7.1

Translated by Yue [@kokoroshin] at foxaholic.com

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Chapter 7.1 – I Don’t Want

In the eyes of Liu Chengyi’s group of people, Ling Rong had always been the little invisible man that can only follow behind them like a background. If they remember, they would take her to go play around, else they would leave her aside and not care about her.

Moreover, Ling Rong had never been talkative. She had always kept her head low, not tall nor strong. She looked effeminate. In Liu Chengyi’s memory, whenever he did something, this person would only obediently accepted her parts.

And now this weakling unexpectedly so brazen to confront them, was she not scared of being beaten up?!

“What did you say?” Liu Chengyi used his pinky and cleaned his ears. He was sceptical of what he had heard. Did he misheard?

“Give me Qin Zhaoyang’s jade pendant. I want to be a good student in the future, so I won’t be following all of you anymore.” Ling Rong said calmly. Even though there were 4 boys in front of her, she was not scared at all.

“I wanted to see if your brain was flooded today, and need some beating up to return to normal.” Liu Chengyi was very dissatisfied with all that was done by Ling Rong today and she even shamelessly wanted to have the jade pendant that he had taken. He really wanted to know who had given Ling Rong such a nerve.

Liu Chengyi concentrated all his strength on his right fist and rushed towards Ling Rong’s face that was not covered by hair.

However, he would never imagine that he will never hear the sound of his fist hitting the opponent face, Liu Chengyi was surprised, his fist unexpectedly was stopped by Ling Rong that looked like a weak chicken?!

Just like last time when he wanted to take down Qin Zhaoyang, the punch that he tried to deliver was gripped by Ling Rong. Her strength was so strong that he was unable to break free from it.

Liu Chengyi did not believe in abnormality, his left hand which was free also clenched into a fist and aimed towards Ling Rong’s face. Before his punch land on the opponent, it was already blocked by another fair white arm.

Ling Rong restrained Liu Chengyi’s left hand from exerting any force, she then pulled him down so that he was forced to bend down. Ling Rong’s right leg arched forward to knee the opponent’s abdomen and she finally kicked him away.

All these moves were made by Ling Rong subconsciously without her thinking about them. It might be because the knowledge of it was already existed deep in memory and remembered by the body.

Being hit on the softest part of a human body, Liu Chengyi covered his stomach with an ugly expression and took a few steps backwards.

“Good ah, Ling Rong. I never knew you had such a skill. You really have deceived us for a long time.” He did not believe that a person like Ling Rong who looked so delicate and fragile could beat him in a fight. What happened earlier was just him running into dog shit luck.

[TN: 狗屎运(dog shit luck) = having a stroke of luck during a time of misfortune/self-mockery or modesty in the face of good fortune.]

Feeling that it must be the case, Liu Chengyi once again rushed towards Ling Rong with his fist. She then dodged his attack and grabbed Liu Chengyi’s shoulder with both her hands to disrupt his center of gravity and then immediately gave his left calf a sweep. Originally he was grabbed forward but because he’s unable to stand steadily he was easily toppled to the ground.

[TN: foot sweep is a common move used in Tang Soo Do, Karate, Muay Thai and jujutsu ]

Being beaten for 2 consecutive rounds and witnessed by his followers, Liu Chengyi did not care about his face anymore. He loudly shouted at his followers: “Don’t just look! All of you go and beat him up also!”

After receiving the order from their leader, all the followers also rushed over, Ling Rong moved forward then turned around and immediately did a back kick. That kick managed to kick the nearest follower to over 1 meter away. 

The other 2 followers surrounded her with 1 in front and 1 behind. Ling Rong threw 1 of them to the ground while the other was knocked out directly with only 1 punch.

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