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Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 7.3

Translated by Yue [@kokoroshin] at foxaholic.com

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Chapter 7.3 – I Don’t Want

“It’s after school now. She must have gone home, or I’ll ask her to send it to you this afternoon.” Liu Chengyi decided to delay it first. He had already gifted out the item and there was no one who will ask their girlfriend to return a gift they had received. If he really did this, then he will definitely lose his face. 

So long that he can leave this place, he will apply for a week holiday. By that time, see how Ling Rong can find him.

How can Liu Chenyi small calculation able to escape Ling Rong’s eyes, his collar was immediately pulled up by Ling Rong who continued to threaten him: “I don’t care how you do it, get it back for me right now. Otherwise,  I don’t mind continuing and staying here with you since I will only be missing lunch and won’t die from it.”

In the end, Ling Rong even added: “Let’s see who will be better than who in the end. If you don’t get it back, you can just continue to lie down here.” The hand holding the collar suddenly loosened and Liu Chengyi fell back to the ground heavily. The severe pain in his back made him cough incessantly.

After being in a deadlock for 10 minutes, every time if any of them wanted to get up and run away, Ling Rong would immediately beat them back to the ground. Subsequently, Liu Rong then leaned on the wall and played with her mobile phone. She continued to stay there without moving to anywhere else.

Another 5 minutes of stalemate, suddenly the sound of a ringtone can be heard in the quiet alley and frighten the few people who were still lying on the ground. They then immediately saw Ling Rong answered the call calmly.

“Hello? Yes, right. You’re not far away, you just need to walk a little further down then you can see an alley. I’m in the alley.”

“Okay. Thank you.”

Liu Chengyi heard she politely thank the other person on the phone, and for a moment he wondered who had she called here.

Is it possible that there’s someone behind her that gave her support, that’s why she dared to be so fearless today?

Liu Chengyi straightaway raked his brain to find all the people around this area that had similar power like him, basically, all the delinquent’s leaders the surrounding school and they also came from a rich family.

He did not know the one who approached Ling Rong was Zhou Qiyuan from Second High School or Zhang Jiacheng from Third High School. Both of them were also his arch-enemy who had long wanted to find a chance to trip him.

Not long later, Liu Chengyi then heard a not very loud cry of alarm. With great effort he tried to prop himself up from the ground and looked towards the alley entrance, only to see a small electric scooter stopped there. The person sitting on the electric scooter was also wearing a conspicuous yellow jacket and looked stupefied by the scene he saw in the alley. Behind him was a box that was equally yellow like the vehicle itself. Lui Chengyi did not need to guess also know what was stored in the box.

This bastard, Ling Rong, unexpectedly ordered takeaway behind his back?!

“Ah, my takeaway has arrived.” Without caring for the people on the ground, Ling Rong straightaway went to the alley entrance to get her food.

She was not so stupid to starved together with those people on the ground.

The takeaway brother almost threw the takeaway that he just took out onto the ground when he saw a yellow head with killer-Matt looked walking towards him. In conformance to his professional spirit, he still asked in his trembling voice: “May I ask, are you Ling Rong? This is the braised chicken with rice that you ordered.”

When the food came, Ling Rong naturally replied very happily: “Yes, I’m Ling Rong. It’s really hard for you to come so far. You don’t need to care about those things on the ground, just pretend that you didn’t see them.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll give you a 5 stars rate.”

“Oh…..oh.” In this kind of situation, the takeaway brother also did not dare to stay too long. The fight between the bad boys was something that he didn’t even dare to meddle in. He quickly ran away in his small electric scooter. To tell the truth, even after he sent the takeaway to the next customer, his inner heart nevertheless still felt stupefied.

Who was he? Where was he? He was just a delivery guy, he didn’t know anything else!

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