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Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 8.1

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Chapter 8.1 – His Jade Pendant

Liu Chengyi had never seen someone as brazen as Ling Rong.

After pretending to be a pig to eat tiger[i], and then beat them all until they now lie down on the floor, unexpectedly she secretly ordered a takeaway for herself. Yet, she only allowed them to continue lying on the ground to see her eat. They can see but cannot eat, it was a real torture to all of them.

A very awful torture.

Ling Rong also did not care about the environment here. She found a place and sat down against a wall, then opened the lid of the takeaway. The hot aroma of the meal suddenly filled the air in the alley.

The aroma naturally drifted into the nose of those lying on the ground. And almost immediately they can feel something gnawing in their stomach. Meanwhile, a few sounds that cannot be ignored can be clearly heard in the quiet alley. 

Ling Rong laughed, and she very kindly moved the lunchbox in her hands towards Liu Chengyi’s direction: “How? Do you want to eat? If you wish to eat, you can just ask someone to bring the item to me. As soon as I have the item, then you can return home and have your meal.” 

Liu Chengyi, this delinquent head, after being humiliated to this degree, turned his head to the opposite side of Ling Rong and replied: “Not hungry and I don’t want to eat.” 

But another loud and clear cry from a stomach very fast delivered a slap to his own face.

Ling Rong shook her head in pity: “If it’s like this then forget it. I’ll eat 1st. You can slowly keep on thinking about it over there.”

It had to be said that the takeaway ordered by Ling Rong was very good. A small box that was still steaming with heat, fully packed with white fluffy rice. While another box filled with the main dish had an aroma that assailed their nostril, braised chicken. It was not only accompanied by potato, black fungus, onion, and baby Chinese cabbage, these 4 vegetables but the chicken meat they gave was also big and succulent. No chicken bone can be seen at all. 

Ling Rong preferred to eat rice with soup or sauce. Therefore, she used the spoon that came with her takeaway to scoop some of the sauce and mixed it with her rice. The rich aroma of the sauce mixes with the white rice and paired with the creamy chicken meat, Ling Rong ate them 1 mouthful at a time followed by another. Her originally empty stomach finally felt satisfied.

They had already attended a whole morning of classes. School ends at 11.30am, right after school ends they had a fierce battle here and all physical strength had already been consumed. How can it be possible to not be hungry?

Looking at how Ling Rong delivered her lunch one spoonful after another into her stomach, Liu Chengyi eyeballs almost dropped out from its socket after all the staring. But presently, he was very hungry and his whole body was unbearably painful. As he wanted to take advantage when Ling Rong loosened her vigilance, he used the strength that he had accumulated to get up and run away. Unexpectedly, a leg appeared out of nowhere and tripped him, causing him to stumbled back onto the ground.

“Didn’t I say earlier that as long as the item that I wanted was delivered to me, then only you would be free to go. Why did you not understand the human language?” Ling Rong retracted back her stretched leg and stood up from the ground. Then she patted the back of her trousers


“Do you still have any other tricks?” Ling Rong looked at the time on her watch, “It’s 12.30pm now, there’s still plenty of time. I’m not in a hurry, so you can continue to think about it.”

All his moves were thwarted over and over again. No matter if it’s the psychological shock of being beaten or the hunger and physical pain on his body, all of these also made Liu Chengyi feel somewhat unbearable. As a result, Liu Chengyi finally compromised: “I will ask someone to bring the item over now, you remember to keep your words.” 


Liu Chengyi took out the mobile phone that was in his trousers, opened it and looked. Luckily the mobile phone was not broken during the fight earlier, he can’t help but rejoice for a moment.

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