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Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 8.2

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Chapter 8.2 – His Jade Pendant

He first made a call to his girlfriend, Chen Xuerou. He tried his best to persuade his girlfriend and promised that he will still give her an even better necklace next time. Only then, Chen Xuerou reluctantly promised to return the jade pendant. It’s impossible for Ling Rong to let him go just from this 1 phone call, therefore he made another call to 1 of his followers. He asked the follower to fetch the item from his girlfriend and bring it over to where they were right now. After 30minutes, the jade pendant finally reached Ling Rong’s hand.

“Now, you can let us go already, right?” Liu Chengyi anxiously asked.

“Sure, you guys can scram now. However, you guys better remember that from this moment onwards, don’t ever go and find trouble with Qin Zhaoyang, otherwise….” Ling Rong dangled the jade pendant in front of her but what came out from her mouth was only threatening words.

Liu Chengyi clenched his teeth. With a sour look on his face, he quickly dragged his beaten body away from the alley. When the rest of his followers saw that Ling Rong did not deliberately stop Liu Chengyi, they also quickly followed after their leader and fled in defeat. 

At 2.30pm, the 1st class for the afternoon session had officially begun, but Qin Zhaoyang did not see his newly appointed deskmate appear on time. It had only been half a day since she moved over but without the unpleasant yellow head by his side, he unexpectedly felt somewhat not used to it. 

Was she late? This person was a good for nothing student who never follows good examples, being late is very normal for her.

But…… What if this was not the reason? Qin Zhaoyang was unable to forget the scene in the afternoon where Ling Rong was taken away by Liu Chengyi’s group.

He once again turned absent-minded in the class. Qin Zhaoyang suddenly heard the gossip from a female student sitting in front who just came back from outside. She was gossiping with her deskmate.

“Did you know? I just heard that the bully from Class 15 took leave from afternoon classes. His followers who came and took Ling Rong away earlier also did the same. Do you think the reason Ling Rong did not appear for the afternoon class was also the same as them?”

The deskmate quietly glanced at the empty seat behind her. Instead, she noticed Qin Zhaoyang expressions that looked as if he had received a fright. She then quickly looked away.

The gossipy female student felt strange why her deskmate did not answer her. As a result, she continued with her conjecture: “That Liu Chengyi was the type of person who even dared to bring a knife to school. Sometimes back, there seemed to be someone who was not happy with him and wanted to fight with him for the position of Chen Xuerou’s boyfriend. In the end, without saying anything, Liu Chengyi directly threw the knife out onto the table. It scared that man so much that he didn’t even dare to put up a fight and directly gave up on the spot. This time for Ling Rong, he won’t end up in the hospital right………..” 

[TN: I’m using ‘she’ for Ling Rong in the narration, but speakers who don’t know Ling Rong was a female will be using ‘he’]

The deskmate who was still a little bit scared of Qin Zhaoyang’s gaze quickly pulled the sleeve of the female student to stop her from speaking anymore.

The female student did not understand, but she thought that this matter was truly irrelevant to them. Therefore she dropped the subject and dully flipped the book on her table while waiting for the class to start.

But the phrase “end up in the hospital” was taken to heart by Qin Zhaoyang. He distractedly looked at the empty seat by his side for quite a while, his heart was filled with mixed feelings.

However, in reality, Liu Chengyi and his group did indeed apply for a leave of absence to recuperate at home and they’re also scared of losing their face if they came out and meet people. On the other hand, Ling Rong was merely feeling too tired after using this body to fight for the first time. Therefore, she went home and took a nap. When she didn’t wake up by 2pm, Mother Ling who saw her baby daughter sleeping so soundly became softhearted and straightaway helped her to apply for half day leave from her class teacher. She wants her baby daughter to rest properly. 

At this moment, Qin Zhaoyang had no idea about this. This is only a beautiful misunderstanding.

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