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Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 8.3

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Chapter 8.3 – His Jade Pendant

In the early morning of the second day, Qin Zhaoyang had no idea why he came to school earlier than usual. Usually, he will silently read a book when he reached early, but today he broke this habit for he only sat there motionlessly and lost in thoughts. The aura around him was colder than normal.

When it was 7am, Ling Rong stepped into the classroom again. Once she appeared, she immediately attracted Qin Zhaoyang’s full attention. 

After he checked her person from top to bottom and didn’t see any wound, Qin Zhaoyang couldn’t help but felt somewhat annoyed. He felt that all his worries about her since yesterday were wasted for nothing.

Ling Rong naturally noticed the small movements made by Qin Zhaoyang. Once she sat down, she moved closer to him and giggled: “What? Are you worried about me?”

Qin Zhaoyang who felt he had wasted his affection continued to remain silent and didn’t even give Ling Rong a look.

“Really not worried? Yesterday I was hit on the hand, and until now it was still painful.” Ling Rong randomly threw her schoolbag down. Her whole person lay down on the school desk naturally and rubbed her hand while making a painful cry. At the same time, she also quietly observed Qin Zhaoyang’s expressions.

“You’re hurt?!” When he heard the sound of her drawing breath through her gritted teeth, Qin Zhaoyang stood up all of a sudden and faced her. He cannot continue to pretend to be indifferent.

“Hee hee, I’m okay. It’s just that my fist punched too much yesterday so my hand is a bit painful today.” Ling Rong grinned at Qin Zhaoyang reactions. She spread out both her hands and let him see. Both her hands’ skin colour was different from her face which was dark yellowish while both her arms were tender, fair and clear, like a girl’s arm. Qin Zhaoyang was momentarily lost.


Qin Zhaoyang returned to his seat and decided to maintain his silence when he realized he was deceived by Ling Rong again. He really looked like a fool. This yellow head was obviously in very good condition.

“Ai, are you angry with me? Please don’t, it’s not my intention to purposely deceived you.” Taking advantage of the time before the teacher comes in, Ling Rong suddenly took something out from her pocket and dangled it before Qin Zhaoyang’s face to curry favour with him: “Here, can you see what is this?”

The long red string was hooked on Ling Rong’s slim fingers. In front of QIn Zhaoyang’s face, the first-rate jade carving pendant was just like this swinging to the left and right without warning. The familiar pendant suddenly made him frozen on the spot.

A pair of dark black eyes stared at the jade pendant. Qin Zhaoyang cautiously extended his hands and caught hold of the item with both his hands. The originally ice-cold jade was warm, it seems like it had been in the pocket for quite a while and this warmth came from that person.

“You actually…….really got it back.” Qin Zhaoyang suddenly did not know what he should say. He recalled the time more than 10 years ago before his mother passed away, the scene when she handed over the jade pendant to him. Then the scene was quickly replaced with the time yesterday when Ling Rong made that solemn vow to bring back his jade pendant.

Ling Rang proudly said: “Since I’ve promised you, so of course I will definitely be able to do it. How was it? I’m a good friend, right? I’m a good brother, right?”

Brother? Qin Zhaoyang can’t help but think about Qin Zhaomu, his true blood brother. But then he felt that using that word that described Qin Chaoumu was an insult to him. 

Looking at Ling Rong’s pair of glistening eyes, a new thought came out from the bottom of Qin Zhaoyang’s heart. Perhaps, he can really try and let Ling Rong be his friend.

The news that Ling Rong had returned back to school was very fast spread to the other classes.

“Rou-jie, I heard that kid Ling Rong had returned to school. It was him that injured Yi-ge and the others at noon yesterday and also forced Yi-ge to take back the jade pendant that he had given you.” On the day the news of Ling Rong returned back to school, there were already a few followers of Liu Chengyi that reported it back to Chen Xuerou and complained. 

Chen Xuerou who was already very upset about the jade pendant that was taken away. And now she became even angrier because Ling Rong unexpectedly dared to hurt her boyfriend. The school flower who had always been protected and pampered was unable to endure this anger. And thus, she took several followers and prepared to go find Ling Rong to settle their accounts.

Here is inside the school. Therefore, she did not believe Ling Rong would dare to bully her in front of so many people.

“Go! I want to see who this Ling Rong is!”

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