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Becoming the Male Lead’s White Moonlight [Quick Transmigration] – Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Translated by Awe [ @ialls ] at foxaholic.com

Proofread by Java

In the remote alley, a few curses and taunts were heard from time to time. Occasionally, a few people happened to pass by but they just glanced and quickly walked away. They were afraid to stay for a second from fear of getting involved. 

At the first glance, people knew that this was the scene of juvenile fights or bullying. In a straight alley, five or six teenagers dressed in non-mainstream clothes surrounded a thin and weak teenager. 

Although these bad teenagers didn’t have any weapons in their hands, people didn’t dare to approach them because of their fierce eyes and strong bodies. They choose to be worldly-wise and play safe. They didn’t want to poke one’s nose into other people’s business

 They could only express a silent apology to the besieged boy. 

But there was only one exception to this group of extremely fierce and strong teenagers. This young boy was Ling Rong.

Among a group of tall men of 170cm (5’6ft), Ling Rong who’s 165cm (5’4ft) seemed to be a lot shorter. His appearance was unlike the other teenagers’ strong stature. This teenager named Ling Rong looked too thin. His limbs and waist were like girls, without any manliness. 

 If you had to use another way to describe him, it was ‘killing Matt’[1].

The boy’s dyed yellow hair looked a little messy, and the length covered half of his face, which made him look more peculiar. 

Ling Rong’s face looked yellowish. It was for the purpose of being cool and fierce. His upper body has a black T-shirt with a skull printed on it, and his lower body has a pair of jeans with holes that became popular in the recent years. He looked like a bad little gangster at first sight.

Listening to the system’s description of her appearance, Ling Rong was somehow dumbfounded. 

Yes, just now, a soul has been changed in this body. Her name was also Ling Rong, but the core had become another person.

However, what made Ling Rong even more speechless at this moment was the scene in front of her.

“Qin Zhaoyang, I’m warning you. You better settle down at school. Don’t think I don’t dare to pick on you because your surname is Qin. Chaomu is my little brother. If I ever find out that you’re bullying him, I have to let you have a bad life!”
After such words came out of the mouth of the bad young leader, Ling Rong can feel his situation getting worse.

In order to retrieve the lost memory, she signed a treaty with the system. As long as the tasks of saving the male lead in all worlds are completed, she can be resurrected and retrieve the memory back.

 However, when the system bounded her, there was an unexpected mistake. This was due to her indistinguishable appearance and coupled with Ling Rong dressing in men’s clothing at the beginning. So, the system misidentified her as a male. She was forced to decide the role she will wear in the later world.

Nevertheless, the system eventually gave a remedy. She got the role to be dressed as a man and look like a man in other people’s eyes.

Don’t look down on such a difference. Now, Ling Rong didn’t have to change her gender. Instead, she became a woman disguised as a man.

 So now, she was cross-dressed as a bad killing Matt boy. The target of bullying was the male lead she need to save!

Ling Rong felt that she should brace herself mentally before she breaks down.

Although she was only a small follower in the bad boy group. Ling Rong fully believed that with the extraordinary memory of the male lead Qin Zhaoyang, he will definitely not forget her face, this same bully’s face.

She had always been a small person in the background. She has never done anything bad.

In this way, she can still save the male lead if the male lead didn’t hate her in his heart. It was a lot of tolerance on his side.

There was no other way, the task still had to be done. She had to solve this even if it was difficult.     

Thinking about it this way, she looked up at the teenager who was surrounded by several teenagers. This was the first male lead she’ll rescue– Qin Zhaoyang

The boy had a good face. It was a pity that his handsome face looked gloomy because of the long suffering and being bullied. So it may not be pleasant in other people’s eyes.

Although the boy was thin and weak, his exposed arms are much thicker than the ‘fake boy’ Ling Rong. His height also occupied an absolute advantage, which is seven or eight centimeters higher than her.

It was just that his name[2] was obviously very different from what he looked like. This reminded Ling Rong of the plot that had just been passed on to her by the system.

Every world Ling Rong transmigrating to was a book. Since it was a book, it must have a plot and a protagonist.

Qin Zhaoyang, as the only protagonist in this book, he should have a halo and luck of the male lead. Unfortunately, other characters with golden fingers suddenly appeared. The male lead aura was suppressed. It caused the male lead to decline in tragic fate.  

In the book, the imperial capital had two major first-rate powerful families. The first one was the Qin Family, and the other one was the Huo Family. The Qin Family and the Huo Family were connected through marriage. The heir of the Qin Family, Qin Yi was married to the Huo Family’s little daughter, Huo Qiao. They had Qin Zhaoyang as their only son.

Because Huo Jun, Huo family’s eldest son, isn’t an ambitious person, Huo’s parents gave the Huo family to Huo Qiao, the younger daughter with more ability and ambition. This means that Qin Zhaoyang, the only son of Qin Huo, and his wife would have been the only heir of the two giant families if there were no accidents. 

But a woman appeared broke all this. Chen Yanyan who could not even be considered as cannon fodder girl was suddenly reborn.

Chen Yanyan was a little bit of an actress and also a little bit of an online star in her last life. However, the prosperity of the entertainment industry attracted her eyes. When her acting career seemed hopeless, she chose not to continue to improve her career and decided to marry into a rich family.

At a drinking party, she got in contact with an investor who had a family. She became the third party in his family. She originally planned to have an upper position with a child. However, the main wife of the investor was not easy to deal with. After knowing that her husband had an affair, the main wife immediately asked someone to investigate and directly posted it on the Internet. This made Chen Yanyan’s reputation sink, and she became infamous all over the Internet.

The investor didn’t love Chen Yanyan, nor did he want to help her rise to the top. Naturally, he quickly abandoned her and returned to his family. Without the backing and reputation, Chen Yanyan was quickly hidden by the company. She even had to pay a large amount of liquidated damages.

 Destitute and poor, she suddenly found out that she was pregnant with the investor’s child. She wanted to give birth to the child secretly by herself and take the child to the investor’s place. However, she died in the hospital in the end because of the difficult childbirth and excessive bleeding.

Then, she was reborn again and went back in time. However in this life she didn’t suck up to the investor.

This time, she learned the lesson from her previous life for quick success. She didn’t choose investors to climb up to short-sightedly. With the advantage of rebirth, she won a lot of resources that will be needed in the future. She had acting skills and a good face too. Soon, she became the youngest movie queen in the entertainment circle and gained millions of fans.

However, getting another life did not change a person’s habit engraved in their bones, such as the obsession of wanting to marry into a powerful family.

This time, Chen Yanyan’s standards had been raised a lot. She took fancy on first-class Qin family.

At a high-class banquet, Chen Yanyan was invited as a film queen to attend the dinner party. She successfully got in touch with Qin Yi, the current head of the Qin family. The two of them hit it off immediately.

 At that time, Qin Yi was already married to the Huo Qiao, Huo’s family daughter for two years. His wife was even pregnant with his child.

 However, Qin Yi always felt that he and Huo Qiao were married for business with no feelings at all. Only a gentle and understanding woman like Chen Yanyan was his true love.

When a man encounters the so-called “true love”, his mind becomes clouded. So, he started to chase after Chen Yanyan. Soon, Huo Qiao discovered that her husband was having an affair. She gave birth prematurely. Her weak son, Qin Zhaoyang was born. At the same time, her body was not as good as before because of this childbirth.

 Huo Qiao was a real high-class and well-educated lady. She can’t do such a thing as abusing the mistress with any kind of vulgar behavior, and she also had no way to stop her husband from being derailed.

At first, she thought about divorce. But thinking about her young son and how she still loved this man, Huo Qiao endured and tolerated it. Until when Qin Zhaoyang was five years old. Chen Yanyan led a boy who was only a few months younger than her son to the door of the Qin family.  

 Huo Qiao finally fell into depression. Coupled with her physical condition that has deteriorated in recent years, she died of massive bleeding that night. 

Qin Zhaoyang became a child without a mother. 

 Not long after Huo Qiao’s funeral, Qin Yi quickly married Chen Yanyan. He officially brought her and her son back to the Qin family and announced Qin Chaomu as his youngest son. 

 A child without a mother was like a root grass[3]. Although Qin Zhaoyang’s appearance in the Qin family was a good thing, his stepmother and his younger stepbrother sneered at him behind his back. Qin Zhaoyang gradually began to close himself up.

 At the beginning, Huo family should have taken away Qin Zhaoyang as soon as possible. Due to the sudden death of Huo Qiao, coupled with what his son-in-law did, the old master of Huo family was admitted to the hospital in a fit of anger. Huo Jun was dissatisfied with Huo family being controlled by his younger sister, so he deliberately lied about his nephew’s situation in the Qin family and deceived to the old master that Qin Zhaoyang had a good life.  

 Old master Huo was already weak in the hospital. He never thought that his son would deceived him for the company. This is why he didn’t take Qin Zhaoyang back to the Huo family house.  

The Huo family temporarily left it to Huo Jun to take care of Qin Zhaoyang. Thus, he became nouveau riche. The more the Huo family was in his hands, the more the Huo family’s situation got worse. A few years later, the Huo family had lost its grand status due to them not being managed the same way as in Huo Qiao’s hands. If old master Huo was not in charge, the Huo family would have fallen out of the first-class it once was in. 

 The old master Huo’s health became better after five years of care when he found out that Huo Jun had lied to him. Qin Zhaoyang was ten years old and had experienced the darkest five years of his life in the Qin family. So when he was taken back to the Huo family, Qin Zhaoyang could not get close to anyone and was immersed in his own small world.

In school, Qin Zhaoyang was often compared with his younger stepbrother, Qin Chaomu. Different from Qin Zhaoyang’s gloomy image, Qin Chaomu is known as the sunshine youth in his school. Under the guidance of his mother, Qin Chaomu intentionally or unintentionally spread that he was the Qin family’s legitimate son while Qin Zhaoyang was the mistress child’s, an illegitimate son. 

In this way, Qin Zhaoyang became an unwelcomed existence from primary school to high school. In high school, Qin Chaomu, the school grass[4], was welcomed by the whole school. Qin Chaomu was especially assigned to main class due to his good grades.

Qin Zhaoyang had been closed to himself all the year round. He clearly had a better brain and performance than anyone else, but he never wanted to show it. He was willing to be an ordinary student in an ordinary class. He was often bullied and humiliated by Qin Chaomu’s school friends.

In the second year of high school, the school bully robbed Qin Zhaoyang’s only memory of his mother. They lied to him and told him to go to the school roof. In the process of the dispute, Qin Zhaoyang was accidentally pushed down off the six-storey tall building and died.


[1] killing Matt is a direct translation from the raw. 杀马特/Shā mǎ tè/ killing Matt actually a Chinese subculture of young urban migrants, usually of low education, with exaggerated hairstyles, heavy make-up, flamboyant costumes, piercings etc (loanword from “smart”))

[2] His name Zhaoyang means Morning Sun probably depicted that he’s a cheerful person

[3] Root grass referring to how grass don’t exactly receive love and attention, and they are instead trampled without care

[4] 校草/xiàocǎo/school grass is the most handsome boy in school