Black Bellied President Dotes on Wife – Ch69.1

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Chapter 69 – A seed of doubt (Part 1)

Xie Zhuojun clearly remembered that at that time, he had just woken up from his coma, and most of his body functions were still in a state of slumber. Although two experienced nurses were invited at home to massage him professionally every day, he hadn’t moved for more than two years. His body was stiff and his muscles were weak. He couldn’t even walk, let alone wear clothes or eat.

Shangguan Ning had accompanied him all the time. She patiently helped him to rehabilitate by practicing his recovery movements again and again. And when he was in pain and wanted to give up, she would encourage him to go on and even praise him when he made even the slightest progress.

In order to make him happy, she would run all over A city to buy him models of all the Aston Martin models he liked. She would also smile all the time while pushing his wheelchair around. No matter how bad-tempered he was or how violent he got, she would always tolerate him and forgive him…

She also never cared about her appearance. She always went out wearing a plain T-shirt and a pair of jeans. She wouldn’t wear the most luxurious and expensive clothes like Xiao Xue, buy the latest shoes and bags, use the best brands of perfume and cosmetics, and go out wearing layers of exquisite makeup, yet, she would nonetheless look bright and radiant all the time.

She spent all her time taking care of him, buying him clothes and shoes from luxury brands she herself was reluctant to wear, and constantly sent him gifts. At that time, as long as he said a simple “Thank you”, she would be satisfied and happy all day.

Four years later, she had completely changed. She became cool and beautiful. Wearing Jing Sheng’s uniform, a white shirt and a black skirt, her body looked all the more distinguished and elegant. She also became sharp-tongued, and easily transitioned between speaking in a mild tone and mercilessly sharp words.

She was no longer the shy little girl who would only look at him.

“Xiao Ning, you have changed.”

Xie Zhuojun’s tone became lower and sounded somewhat sad.

Shangguan Ning wanted to leave, but when she heard his words, she instantly stopped and looking at him like he was an idiot: “Xie Zhuojun, do you want me to foolishly follow you around like in the past? You ignored our engagement and slept with other women. Should I wish you happiness and then die old and lonely?

“Xiao Ning, I… That’s not what I meant. I also hope you have a good life! ” Xie Zhuojun raised his head and explained uneasily.

Remembering the past, he felt embarrassed in front of Shangguan Ning.

He hoped that Shangguan Ning would also find her other half so that he and Xiao Xue could be relieved of their guilty conscience.

Thinking of Shangguan Ning’s other half, he suddenly remembered the cold man he saw with her that day.

“Xiao Ning, who was the man with you at the seaside that day? He… He doesn’t look like a good person. Stay away from him. Don’t be deceived by him!”

“Whoever I meet with doesn’t concern you!” She didn’t know if it was because she married Jing Yichen, but Shangguan Ning didn’t like it when people talked badly of him.

Xie Zhuojun thought that she was reluctant to admit her mistake and was being stubborn. He sighed, and still advised her: “You shouldn’t let your emotions affect your decisions. Matters of the heart cannot be forced, if you’re only doing this kind of thing to annoy me, it’s not worth it. You also shouldn’t casually follow him just because he’s wealthy, it’s important for girls to protect themselves.”

Shangguan Ning was thoroughly annoyed by Xie Zhuojun!

“Xie Zhuojun, you’re too narcissistic. Could it be the entire world’s women have to revolve around you?”

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