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BOSS Transmigrates as a Little Cutie C11.1

Translated by @xercia
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BOSS Transmigrates as a Little Cutie

Disregarding the tea stain on his face, Nie Songping looked up at the screen.

  Qingyun continued to look at Mother Lin with a kind of nostalgic and understanding eyes, but a jade-like palm was ruthlessly inserted into Lin Yuhao’s Dantian.

   “This … is he cr*ppled?” The patriarch of the Wang family pursed his lips.

 “Not only that …” Patriarch Gu stared at the screen with eyes, “You can see that the palm of his hand is full of spirit force. He has clearly ruined Lin Yuhao’s meridian joints. Now not only is his cultivation destroyed, he can only be a cr*pple… “

 As these words came out, several old foxes in the room, who already had one foot in the grave, looked at Qingyun’s face that held what could be called a gentle expression, and felt their hearts chill. So young, with such high cultivation, yet so cruel!

 This child named Qingyun really made them feel ashamed of themselves.

Nie Chenyuan listened to the restless exclamations below, but laughed gloriously. Qingyun saw through things extremely thoroughly. Naturally, he was not the kind of person who was touched by a few words, thus going easy on someone*.

*TN: 放虎归山 – returning the tiger to the mountain. Basically letting someone off easily thus leaving behind a possible calamity for the future

   Seeing as how the competition was over, he picked up his cell phone and made a call.

  “Mom, I’m disappointed in you too.”

Qingyun looked at the crumbling Mother Lin under the ring and said mercilessly.

Mother Lin felt faint. She finally understood that the current Qingyun was no longer the Qingyun who had been at her mercy. Lin Yuhao has already become cr*ppled, so what would be the point of her abandoning her family for the second time? Might as well have stayed as Lady Qing in the first place!

    “Qingyun, you’re too vicious, so what if your cultivation is at such a high level, it is still inconspicuous for the ancient martial arts world!”

    One person stood up from the audience and accused Qingyun, “Your father got what he deserved for his crimes. Where do you get the gall to avenge him?”

   Several echoed this person, but more were still shocked by Qingyun’s powerful force, not daring to utter a word.

    At this moment, the huge screen that was broadcasting the battlefield situation on the field suddenly flashed, then black and white pictures similar to the movies of the 70s and 80s appeared.

    Mother Lin looked up to see the two figures on the screen, suddenly her legs weakened and sat on the ground: “Impossible … Qing residence was already ruined …”

    On the screen, a cute and pretty woman with short ear-length hair was swung around by an elegant man. As the woman smiled she suddenly burst into tears, but her face was still full of happiness.

    She embraced the man’s neck and softly said, “Hao Lin, thank you for freeing me from that terrible family. I simply can’t recall the painful life I had before. He beat me, and forced me to give birth …”

    “What kind of situation is this? How come a movie is being shown?” The discussion from audience clearly showed puzzlement

   “This man seems a little familiar?” A warrior about fifty years old frowned.  Suddenly, as though remembering something, he pointed in surprise  at the screen, “This man is Qing Haolin! Qing Haolin in his youth!”

    Since this man was Qing Haolin, then this woman …

    Everyone turned to look at the screen, and then looked at the Mother Lin under the stage, suddenly all was clear.

    The screen evidently showed Mother Lin and Qing Haolin when they were young. Lin Mu whispered a lot about the “tragic life” in the past, but was interrupted by Qing Haolin. Finally with Qing Haolin on one knee proposing, it ended with Mother Lin shyly agreeing.

    This was the exact video tape that Qingyun had found in the Qing residence. Obviously, Qing Haolin secretly recorded his proposal to keep as a memory. Eighteen years later, both husband and wife had forgotten about the video. Playing it now was extremely ironic.

    The audience inexplicably watched a love movie from the 1970s. At the beginning, they couldn’t figure out what was going on, but when they heard what the woman said in the video, they were suddenly hit with realization, looking unbelievably at Mother Lin who had softly fallen on the ground.

The video can be fake, but the young Mother Lin and Qing Hao Lin couldn’t be fake.

  If Lin Yuhao hadn’t said those words before then so be it, but someone just had to make a “Preliminary Recap.”  Now seeing an entirely different scene, people thought it was laughable.

    What Qing Hao Lin forcefully snatched, and Mother Lin bearing the humiliation. Qing Hao Lin was just an unlucky man who married a black lotus who abandoned her family for two consecutive times!

    Suddenly, Lin Yuhao’s previous incident of destroying Qingyun’s Dantian was also explained. Clearly it was meant to kill.

    Then they thought of Lin Yuhao’s startling success which originated from the martial arts of the Qing family, everyone’s eyes looked at Mother Lin as though looking at a black widow. Abandoning her family, and swallowing her husband’s property.  In the end actually blamed and accused her husband and son while standing on high morality. This woman could be labeled as a poisonous woman.

   “No, no, no! He forced me to film this, I was forced!” Mother Lin raised her face and explained to the people around her, only to find the faces of those who were persuaded by her were full of scorn.

    Ignoring how anyone would have had the thought to record a video in those days, if this was really recorded by Qing Haolin, why didn’t he take this out to explain when he was referred to as a malignant tumor in the ancient martial arts world by Lin Yuhao three years ago?

   Currently, the people who previously applauded Lin Yuhao and Mother Lin felt their faces flush with embarrassment. Patriarch Wang who had openly commended Mother Lin as a “wonder woman” felt his old face even more flushed, as if he had been slapped hundreds of times. Viciously staring at Mother Lin with his lips pursed, “There is actually such a brazen woman in the world …”


The weak sound of Lin Yuhao’s gritted teeth suddenly sounded out. He was lying on a stretcher with a handgun in his hand pointing at Qing Yun, his eyes filled with madness.

    Nie Chenyuan’s breathing slowed, he shattered the tempered glass in front of him with a kick and jumped out of the private room on the second floor.

    However, he was still one step too late, a “bang” sounded out of the gun, and the bullet blasted towards Qing Yun who was still on the platform. A laugh tore through Lin Yuhao’s throat, filled with maliciousness.

 Everyone in the private room stood up and looked in shock at the gun in Lin Yuhao’s hand.

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