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BOSS Transmigrates as a Little Cutie C11.2

Translated by @xercia
Proofread by @lynn

BOSS Transmigrates as a Little Cutie

 Several patriarchs couldn’t help but shake their heads and sigh as they watched the flying bullets.

  Technology in this world has continuously developed, but ancient martial arts have been declining? Why? Because the ancient martial warriors are still unable to block blazing weapons.

  No one saw who it was that stuffed the gun in Lin Yuhao’s hand, but everyone knew that Qingyun, this brilliant and talented warrior, was really a fleeting existence.

   Some people secretly sighed that it’s such a pity, while others were secretly elated.

   However, standing in the very center of the crisis, Qingyun did not dodge, but instead sneered, his face full of ridicule.

  Only his hand was seen raised, stretching out two fingers, then turned to the side and accurately pinched the rapidly rotating bullet!

   Lin Yuhao’s pupils contracted, his eyes filled with disbelief.

   An uproar rose within the venue. Qingyun was standing on the platform, so his every move was projected onto the huge screen behind him. But no one understood exactly how he managed to catch the bullet.

    “You … You pinch me! Are they filming a movie?” A man was stunned and yanked the sleeves of the person next to him, only to find that the person also had a face filled with bewilderment.

    “What’s the situation? This gun is real right? The bullet a real bullet?”

    No one understood why. To them, the bullet seemed to have just obediently fallen into his hand.

    Not only were the audience confused, but He Lao, who had been clamoring to become his apprentice, quieted down, squatting on the ground and looking up at Qingyun.

    “First…First Heaven?” Patriarch Gu at this moment looked as though he had Parkinson’s disease at this moment, shaking every part of his body, even his hair, causing the stool underneath him to creak noisily.

Whether it be light buoyant footsteps, or avoiding blazing weapons, all of this has now been explained! Qing Yun actually reached First Heaven…

   What did he do before? Actually wanted to make his granddaughter snag a First Heaven’s target? Patriarch Gu shivered.

   By default, it was known in the ancient martial arts world that blocking blazing weapons was only something that can be achieved by a First Heaven. Everyone snapped out of it, and looked at Qingyun either with frantic enthusiasm or in horror.

    Nie Chenyuan walked to Qingyun, his eyes sweeping him from head to toe, then relaxed. Although he knew that with Qingyun’s cultivation, it was not a problem for him to avoid bullets, his heart couldn’t help but tighten at that moment.

   Qingyun looked back and kissed him, threw the bullet at him, and the two walked down side by side.

   Looking at the intimate back of the two currently, no one dared to say that Qingyun was greedy for fame and wealth, or his motives impure.

   What a joke, Qingyun was a First Heaven warrior. Which clan wouldn’t provide for him, and what kind of wealth would he be vying for in the Nie clan? Then there was borrowing Nie Chenyuan’s hand to get revenge for his father, did Qingyun, who had more than enough to sweep across the ancient martial world, really need it?

   After drinking a few sips of hot tea, the few patriarchs in the private room finally managed to calm down. Patriarch Gu endured it again and again, but still couldn’t help pointing and yelling at Nie Songping: “You are really such an old treacherous bastard, actually hiding a First Heaven within your home, and still acting pitiful to fool all of us!”

   “Yes, yes, yes.” Nie Songping chuckled twice, lightly begging for mercy, but secretly clenched the armrest of the chair to stabilize his almost slipped body.**

**TN: So Nie Songping’s attitude was light as a cloud as he ‘begged’ for mercy, treating the ‘begging’ as though it was nothing. However, his body almost slipped off the chair in shock and he was clenching the armrest as a way to hide that.

    He only knew that Qingyun was a complete Pre-Heaven, he didn’t even know when he broke through to First Heaven. Looks like the family had unknowingly gained a First Heaven granddaughter-in-law, no, grandson-in-law, he also felt helpless …

    The ancient martial arts gathering ended very early, but when Nie Chenyuan returned to the Nie residence, it was already late into the night. The lights in Qingyun’s house had already been turned off.

   He unbuttoned his collar and walked upstairs. The sudden appearance of a First Heaven really was too much of a sensation. These people wouldn’t dare to harass Qingyun, and his sneaky grandfather slipped away early. So Nie Chenyuan had no choice but to stay and deal with this group of people together with Mother Lin and Lin Yuhao.

    This didn’t count as anything, it just so happened that He Lao somehow accidentally managed to guess that Nie Chenyuan also managed to reach First Heaven, so it took a lot of thought to fool him.

    Just as he stepped on the last step and was about to go to Qingyun’s room, he looked up and saw the old butler standing respectfully at the corner, reaching out to block his way.

    “Uncle Chen, why are you still here so late?” Nie Chenyuan frowned.

    Steward Chen respectfully smiled  at him, and said, “The master has ordered, the young master must be monitored, and must not let you disturb Mr. Qing’s rest.”


Nie Chenyuan gritted his teeth, who is his real grandson?

    Qingyun noticed some movements by the window, and slowly opened his eyes in the darkness only to see Nie Chenyuan crawling in through the window. He reached out to turn on the light and looked at Nie Chenyuan with a frown. “How come you’re coming in from there?”

   A breeze blew in from outside the window, Qingyun could smell the faint scent of wine from Nie chenyuan’s body,, his eyes immediately flashed unpleasantly: “Go out, wash thoroughly and then come back.”

    Already having guessed his reaction earlier, Nie Chenyuan neatly took off his clothes and threw them out the window. He has been the “bedroom guard***” for more than a week, not to mention how the end of the ancient martial arts gathering has delayed him all the way till the middle of the night. How could he possibly still bear it?.

***TN: 独守空闺 – guarding the bedroom alone – looks like someone’s thirsty ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    As he stripped, he suddenly chuckled, with a face full of nostalgia and indulgence , “When we first met, you even helped take off my clothes. Now I can only do it myself.”

   Hearing this, Qingyun’s eyes flashed a smile, but then he raised his chin proudly: “Oh, I remember you driving me away at first?”

 Nie Chenyuan hurriedly rushed over asking for mercy.

  Qingyun rolled his eyes unbearably, got out of bed, opened the door of the bathroom, and pushed him forward: “Wash well, cleanly wash.”

   Nie Chenyuan hugged him, bringing him into the bathroom together: “Then you supervise me, we can wash together.”

   Before long, the steam in the bathroom intensified, bits of ambiguous moaning sounded followed by a groan and the sound of splashing water, a room of pleasure.

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