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BOSS Transmigrates as a Little Cutie C12.1

Translated by @xercia
Proofread by @lynn

BOSS Transmigrates as a Little Cutie

These days, the ancient martial arts forum exploded. Several popular posts on the forum were related to Qingyun.

The first one was news that a First Heaven martial artist has appeared in the ancient martial arts world. The second one was a little different from the usual style used in this forum, the topic of the post being “What a Big White Lotus”.

   The poster didn’t say anything, just edited two videos, one was Lin Yuhao furiously scolding Qing Haolin and praising Mother Lin, and the other was a 70s romance movie on the screen. It was even accompanied by several flushed expressions of the audience below, vividly describing the face slapping spectacle on the scene.

    As soon as this post went up, it became hot. After all, not everyone went to watch the ancient martial arts gathering, but rather many more rubbernecking people were still immersed in Lin Yuhao’s lies. Everyone expressed one by one that this world was really scary. You mustn’t stand behind the wrong team otherwise you could get slapped accidentally.

   Of course, it was also exposed that Mother Lin knew of Lin Yuhao’s intention to kill Qingyun. In addition to a group of followers who worship military power, Qingyun had more maternal fans. Lin Yuhao, this former star in the ancient martial arts world, was now infamous on the Internet.

    Nie Chenyuan’s relationship with Qingyun was even more celebrated. People who once said that Qingyun had sold his body to avenge his father were all ridiculed so much by their peers, they couldn’t lift their heads.

   Qingyun sold his body? Now it is more credible to say that Nie Chenyuan actually profited off this First Heaven Qingyun. But the strength of the two should not be underestimated, thus such remarks were rare.

   Qingyun came out from the inside wearing a tailored white suit, watching Nie Chenyuan coldly swiping his phone, and couldn’t help but ask: “What’s wrong?”

Nie Chenyuan looked up, abruptly unable to move his eyes.

   This was Qingyun’s first time wearing a suit. Usually, Qingyun always wore white loose practice garbs. Currently, the upper body of the suit immediately outlined his figure more impeccable, even more so that arc of his waistline. Seeing this, Nie Chenyuan’s mouth became dry.

   He tossed his phone, stood up and hooked Qingyun’s waistline, pressed him entirely onto the full-length mirror to kiss him. Although his actions seemed fierce, they were actually gentle and thoughtful, making sure Qingyun didn’t feel any sort of discomfort.

   Of course, this was the result of Qingyun’s training. In the middle of being affectionate, his neck would suddenly be pinched and thrown off the bed, or just as they were french kissing, he would suddenly get punched in his lower abdomen. Nie Chenyuan had encountered no small amount of these things. Over time, he learned to be good, knowing that Qingyun must be served comfortably.

    Panting through his lips breathlessly, Nie Chenyuan lowered his head and lightly bit his lips before watching Qingyun pretending to be aggrieved, “Today is to obviously celebrate my victory, why are they all paying attention to you?”

   Since Qingyun went up on behalf of the Nie family, in accordance with the rules, Nie Chenyuan was still the final champion. Past champions had to host a celebration banquet, this banquet was even livelier since no one from the major clans was going to be absent.

    The guests also brought two congratulatory gifts, one to celebrate Nie Chenyuan’s victory, and one to be specifically handed over to Qingyun to celebrate his promotion.

   “What? You don’t want to?” Qingyun casted a sidelong glance at him. At this point, his eyes were slightly red, his coldness having receded, bringing out some charm that could captivate one’s soul.

   This look caused Nie Chenyuan to barely hold himself back.

   He forced himself not to kiss any more, but slightly withdrew his body and panted quietly: “Of course I don’t want to, I wish I could meticulously hide you, not show a single bit to those outsiders.”

   Looking at those Internet posts about clamoring to have Qingyun’s monkeys¹, Nie Chenyuan wished that he could climb through the ethernet cord and bite all these delusional people to death

¹TN: babies

He lowered his head and gently kissed Qingyun’s forehead, saying softly, “I’m going to go change, it’ll be time soon.”

 He couldn’t break his perfect plan because he couldn’t hold himself back right now. Nie Chenyuan forcefully loosened his arm around Qingyun and turned to walk inside.

   Seeing his repressed look, Qingyun raised his eyebrows unexpectedly. How come this kid seems so restrained today? 

   Nie Chenyuan changed his clothes, then both of them walked together to the living room. The guests should have pretty much all arrived , they could hear continuous streams of congratulations from the hallway.

  As Qingyun walked, he suddenly paused, and fell one step behind Nie Chenyuan, then continued to keep up after a second or two.

   “What’s wrong?” Nie Chenyuan lowered his head and asked.

 “It’s nothing.”

   Just now in Qingyun’s soul, a huge amount of energy suddenly poured in. This energy not only repaired the injuries he had previously sustained from running away from the Heavenly Dao, but also directly raised his soul by one level.

    Seemed like Qingyun didn’t guess incorrectly. What he had vaguely thought previously was not reality. He had suspicions long ago, why did the Heavenly Dao have a protagonist to control the direction of the world? Looked like it just turned out to be all about plundering.

    Qingyun destroyed the protagonist Lin Yuhao’s upgrade route, and thus naturally robbed this world of its energy. He looked towards the vacant space, this was his game with the Heavenly Dao.

   Lin Yuhao was sentenced to life imprisonment for intentional homicide, and Zhang Jingguo, who provided him with the murder weapon, was relieved of his title as Chairman of the Ancient Martial Arts Association, and was also sentenced to prison as an accomplice. Mother Lin was deprived of the property that originally belonged to Qing Haolin due to marriage fraud and was sentenced to ten years in prison, returning everything back to Qingyun.

   Qingyun’s mission in this world has been completed. If he wanted to leave, he could leave immediately.

   He glanced sideways at that bit of expectation hidden within Nie Chenyuan’s eyes. His heart jolted, faintly guessing what he was going to do today. His eyes briefly flashed a tendril of tenderness.

   Forget it, he was not short on time, so why not accompany him in this life.

   In the living room, Nie Chenyuan requested to part with Qingyun, walked into a corner, and grabbed a disciple asking, “Where are the flowers? Have they been prepared?”

  “No problem! Everything’s ready, we were afraid Mr. Qing would find out so they’ve been placed in the back.”²

²TN: 怕被卿先生所以都放在后面 <- I think the author missed two words in the raw but I’m pretty sure it’s missing the words 发现 (finding out)

   Nie Chenyuan nodded solemnly. He touched the square box in his pocket, and drew in a breath of air to relieve his tension.

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