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Boundless Sky Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Kung Fu world, men’s romance!

The weather at the beginning of May has already felt a little hot and dry, and staying in the house makes people feel a little breathless.

Rubbing his dizzy forehead, Cheng Hao gently coughed, he opened his eyes and sat up from the bed.

“Brother Chen, are you awake?”

A cry of surprise sounded from the room with a slightly awed man’s voice.

Suddenly hearing the voice of a stranger, Cheng Hao froze, his eyes looked along the direction of the voice. At the door, a thin man wearing thick gold rimmed glasses, wearing a style some old suit, is bowing with a flattering smile to his view.

This man is a little familiar!

Cheng Hao’s mind flashed this thought, but he did not ask “who are you” and other words. Instead, he took a deep look at the man quietly and then asked, “What is it?”

Although his voice was hoarse, Cheng Hao breathed a sigh of relief. He was sure that the voice still belonged to him.

“Brother Chen, the small gangs in the whole Shanghai have been basically cleaned up, and the only one that can compete with our hammers is the crocodile gang. It is said that the crocodile gang has been recruiting and buying horses recently, and has even bought a new batch of arms, which seems to have the intention to get rid of us hammers!”

Brother Chen? The hammers? Crocodile gang? Gold rimmed glasses man?

Rubbing his forehead and pondering for a moment, Cheng Hao basically determined that the world he was in at this time should be the world of the movie Kung Fu. And his identity at this time, should be the movie’s Ax gang leader, Chen elder brother!

“It’s not urgent at the moment. I’m a little hungry. Go down and get something to eat first. We’ll talk over dinner later!”

“Well, Brother Chen, please wait a moment. I’ll do what you told me!”

After the man bowed and left, Cheng Hao stood up, put on the suit on the clothes rack beside the wooden bed, and then watched the scene inside the house while wearing a tie.

The room is very large and spacious. Besides the clean and tidy living room, there are six bedrooms, kitchen and toilet. The furniture is all mahogany furniture. Antiques such as vases, calligraphy and painting are everywhere in the room. He can see that the elder brother Chen before was a person who likes to be arty.

Walking to the front of the mirror, Cheng Hao carefully looked at the person in the mirror, his brows wrinkled up.

The thin cheeks, the yellow face, the thick beard on the lips and the black stains on the teeth, the person in the mirror, and the elder brother Chen in the movie are no different.

“The voice has not changed, but why has the appearance changed? Is it soul crossing? “

Between his soliloquise, Cheng Hao carefully looked at his body, especially the right arm that has a copper red birthmark, his face slightly relaxed.

“It’s really my body. Even the birthmark hasn’t changed!”

While speaking, Cheng Hao focused his mind on his left eye. After feeling feverish in his left eye, he looked into the mirror again.

This time, the figure in the mirror was no longer Chen’s elder brother’s face, but Cheng Hao’s original face.

Not to mention the knife-shaped eyebrows, it is also characterized by regular facial features, delicate and pretty with a tinge of handsomeness. Though he’s just a little pale, he looks like he was qi and blood deficient.

There’s a few wisps of white hair between his temples. This discovery made Cheng Hao’s face flustered for the first time.

“Does the right eye’s crossing function cost Life Essence?”

[original Shou Yan § literal Translations life coins/money]

Sitting on a mahogany chair, Cheng Hao carefully recalled the ins and outs of some things, contemplating the next plan.

He was originally just an ordinary person in China, with a pair of parents who were busy with their careers all day and seldom met each other, and a sister who was living in senior high school.

After graduating from an ordinary university, he found a civilian job with a monthly salary of 3,000 in a third-tier city. Everything is ordinary. If there is no accident, he should, like most people, find a girl who is not a nuisance to start a family and lead an ordinary but stable life.

However, all this was changed by chance.

On his way off to work as usual, he happen to glance at a simple looking mirror on the roadside. Since then, his life has changed.

The mysterious mirror turned into a golden light and sank into his eyes. At first, he didn’t feel much, but after returning to his narrow rented house, his eyes began to ache violently. The pain that seemed to extend into his soul directly made him faint.

When he woke up, he found himself in this strange but familiar movie world.

At this time, Cheng Hao, sitting in this strange house, recalled the past while sorting out some more information in his mind since he was awake. The vertigo in his mind did not completely disappear until the information was completely sorted out.

The amount of information is not large, it can be said to be very simple.

After his eyes were fused with the mysterious and unsophisticated mirror, two skills, or two avatar, were added to his eyes.

The left eye has the function of perspective, but this statement is not exact, because apart from perspective, the left eye also has the ability to see through falsehood. Just now Cheng Hao saw his true face in the mirror through his left eye, which is the ability to display what’s hidden.

As for the avatar of the right eye, it is a bit scary to say, but it can actually cross the plane of time and space!

“So, before I came to this movie world, I was in a coma. I unconsciously exerted the right eye avatar, and because I was in a coma at that time, the process may have some accident, so I got Chen Elder Brother’s identity instead.”

After pondering over the causes and consequences, Cheng Hao stood up and concentrated his spirit in his right eye. He wanted to give it a try. This avatar that passes through the plane of space and time, he wants to see it.

His right eye flashes golden light. With the emergence of golden light, in the field of vision of Cheng Hao, the originally empty vanity, had more colorful and all kinds of light spots, and in the package of countless light spots, flashed all kinds of mysterious luster runes.

Tens of thousands of mysterious runes were condensed in Cheng Hao’s right eye observation. Finally, a simple and unsophisticated light gate with colorful light appeared in the void of the room.

Cheng Hao had a feeling that as long as he thought and moved, he could walk through the light gate and return to his original world. However, he did not do so. He suppressed his impulse to go home and cancelled his right eye avatar.

“Crossing needs to consume Life Essence. Now that I have come to this movie world with kung fu, don’t I just waste Life Essence by going back without doing anything?”

Kung fu, Jianghu. This is a man’s romance, even if you can’t learn any true stories here, it is also very good for Cheng Hao to master the eye avatars and witness the charm of kung fu.

PS brackets [translator] is me translator speaking or noting like the one below.

[Jianghu is the community of martial artists in wuxia stories and, more recently, outlaw societies like the Triads. – From google]


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