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Boundless Sky Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Not hard-hearted, stand still!

“Brother Chen, the food and drinks are ready. Do you want to eat outside or in the room?”

Cheng Hao thinking about the next plan, was greeted by an ingratiating smile of four eyes aka the gold rimmed glasses man prior. He knocked at the door and came in, slightly bent. He bowed his head and waited for Cheng Hao’s command.

“Eat inside, you also stay. Accompany me to drink some wine, the two of us have a good chat about the next action!”

Cheng Hao smiled and motioned for four eyes to sit down. Although this guy looks a bit obscene, he is actually a talented person with great versatility and ability. At this stage, Cheng Hao still needs to rely on him to complete many things. Some actions to buy off people’s hearts still need to be done.

“Okay … okay, Brother Chen, please sit down first!”

Hearing that Chen Ge, who has always been moody and even neurotic, kept him for lunch, his eyes suddenly felt flattered. He, who has always been fluent in eloquence, even stammered excitedly.

[Ge=Elder Brother/brother]

It’s absolutely the only way to get to stay for a common meal, especially for a ruthless character like Chen Ge who eats alone. This is the first time he invited someone to accompany him.

He happily ran to the front of Cheng Hao, he pulled the chair open for him. Seeing Cheng Hao sit down, four eyes just walked to the door, somewhat triumphant and gave a command outside.

“Ah Fu, serve the dishes, add a pair of bowl chopsticks, Chen elder brother let me accompany for lunch!”

Outside the door, a strong man with a full face and a black suit half revealing his chest took one look at his eyes in surprise, then turned and waved. At dayton time, several younger brothers dressed in black suits, carrying wine and dishes, walked into Cheng Hao’s room carefully.

“Elder Brother Chen, the food is a bit urgent. There are only four dishes and one soup. If you don’t think it is enough, I will order the chef to make more for you?” After seeing the wine and dishes on the table and the glasses and chopsticks placed, four eyes carefully looked up at Cheng Hao.

“No, that’s enough!” After casually glancing at the food on the table, Cheng Hao motioned with his hand, motioned for four eyes to sit down, and then looked up at the strong man outside.

“Ah Fu, close the door. Today I am talking with the military adviser about important issues. No one is allowed to come in without my permission!”

“Yes, Brother Chen!”

The strong man named Ah Fu glanced at his eyes with a serious look, then walked out of the door and shut the door tightly.

“Four eyes, how long have you been with me?”

After Ah Fu left, Cheng Hao was not polite either. He asked casually while eating vegetables.

“Brother Chen, since you founded the Hammers two years ago, I’ve been following you all around. My loyalty must be clear to you, brother Chen. If you have anything to say, just say it.”

Four eyes watching, while carefully filling Cheng Hao’s glass with wine. As it’s his first time eating alone with the boss, his heart is still very nervous.

“Then I won’t beat around the bush. What do you think the hammers should do next to monopolize the Shanghai beach and become the order setter of the Shanghai beach underground world?”

Cheng Hao was indeed a little hungry, gulping down the food and even having no time to lift his head when talking, which also made his tense eyes relax a little.

“Brother Chen, the form is already obvious. Only the crocodile gang has prevented our hammers from unifying Shanghai. As long as they are eliminated, the rest of the small miscellaneous fish are not worth mentioning at all!”

“I know this point naturally, and you go on to say, how can we get rid of the crocodile gang?”

“This … elder brother Chen, I tell you the truth, don’t be angry, but it is really a little difficult.”

“As a military adviser, you naturally have to tell the truth and say what you think in your heart!” Cheng Hao put down his chopsticks and looked at him with deep eyes. The four-eyed military adviser, who was somewhat funny in the movie, seemed much more restrained in this real world and did not have any sense of happiness.

Four eyes swallowed and considered the words, “Brother Chen, the crocodile gang is not under our control in terms of territory and manpower, and they have recently bought a batch of new weapons. If we really want to fight, we do not have the advantage!”

“And … this Shanghai beach is now a Japanese colony. Although it is nominally managed by Wang Jingwei’s national government, everyone knows who the real owner is here. We just started a little fight before, and the Japanese military might be too lazy to take a reason. But if two big gangs are fighting in the street and make too much noise and attract the attention of the Japanese, then there will be a lot of trouble! “

“Well … the Japanese are really a problem!”

Cheng Hao gulped down the wine in the cup and rubbed his forehead. This is Shanghai Beach in the 1940s. Although there is no Japanese figure in the movie, as long as people familiar with this period of history know, Shanghai Beach at this time has been occupied by Japanese troops and governed by the pseudo-national government set up by Wang Jingwei.

In Shanghai today, the powerful green gang and the Hong Gang forces had already split apart. Some people left Shanghai unwilling to be traitors, while others stayed behind and joined the Wang puppet government and became traitors.

It is because of the lack of the constraints of the two major gangs, green gang and Hong Gang, that small gangs like the Hammers and Crocodiles have room to rise.

The underground black forces exist in any country, and the Japanese are not surprised at this. As long as the noise is not too loud, they are generally too lazy to take a reason. However, as Four Eyes said, if the Hammers and Crocodile Gang go to war on a large scale in the street, the noise is too much. It is estimated that Japan’s military system will have to intervene.

“It seems that we still have to follow the method in the movie and directly slay the leader of the crocodile gang, otherwise the large-scale warfare will attract the attention of the Japanese military, and there will be big trouble!”

Cheng Hao has some regrets. In fact, in his opinion, these gangsters have few good things to be spared. It is better to fight a fire and die. However, after learning of the existence of the Japanese, he changed his mind. An ax gang that fully controls the underground forces in Shanghai Beach is more beneficial to him!

“Four eyes, I remember that the boss of the crocodile gang recently found another mistress. She seems pretty, doesn’t she?”

“Yes, elder brother Chen, do you want to …” Four eyes revealed a pair of expression that men all know, a face of lewdness.

“Want your sister!” Cheng Hao coldly hummed.

“Four eyes, you go to contact the East City Police Department, let them find a reason casually and put the woman in the police station for a day. With crocodile gang’s eldest brother’s goat virtue, he will personally go to VIP, I mean, do you understand?”

“I see, elder brother Chen is trying to capture the king first. The crocodile gang leader has always been confined to his own territory. This time, as long as he is willing to go out, we will have a chance!”

Four eyes as a strategist is really smart, Cheng Hao satisfactorily nodded, “don’t loathe to give up money, as long as it is done, the whole Shanghai beach is ours!”


After four eyes left in a relaxed mood, Cheng Hao called Ah Fu in.

“Ah Fu, gather the brothers in the gang and wait for orders at any time. Tonight, I want the crocodile gang to be removed!”

Walking out of the door side by side with Ah Fu, Cheng Hao looked up at the bright sun at noon, vaguely excited in his heart, feeling like he was the boss. In fact … it was quite good!


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