Carefree Scholar Chapter 1

Translated by @gentpixel


Chapter 1: Handsome youth.

Eyelash shaking a few times, suddenly his eyes opened, Yi Lee woke up from a nightmare.

The first thing he did after sitting up from the bed was to look down at his body … His arms were still there, his legs were still there, and he had everything he needed. Fortunately, there were no missing parts.

Checking up and down again, and after a few more glances in his crotch, Yi Lee finally took a long sigh of relief.

Who knew that such a large provincial library have a bad fire control system. The weather was burning so he can’t stay at home, thus Yi Lee just wanted to go to the library to get air conditioning while also reading books to improve his knowledge. But unexpectedly, he actually fell asleep, but when he really can’t stand being hot all of a sudden, he woke up, but there is no one around.

All the places his eyes could see were flames, which had even spread to the bookshelf next to him. If he hadn’t woken up from the heat in a critical moment, tomorrow’s headline news might have been “xx Provincial Library Unexpected Fire, A Male Reader Died in the Fire While Taking a nap …”

Of course the first reaction of Yi Lee was to escape immediately, but just as he got up and ran to the fire escape, a huge bookshelf beside him fell down. His vision went black at that moment and Yi Lee lost consciousness …

Under such circumstances, he did not die, nor did he suffer any physical injuries. Yi Lee silently praised the uncle of the fire fighters in his heart for saving him.

So, this should be the hospital?

He don’t know which hospital it is, the bed board is so hard, lying on it makes him panic, and there is a faint musty smell in the air. He don’t know how long the sheets haven’t been washed … Yi Lee decided to make a bad comment on this hospital after leaving hospital, and the user experience is too poor.

Looking around, he saw a simple bed made of two wooden boards, a shabby and not presentable low quality table, on which stood several tattered thread-bound books … there was not even a TV. This hospital was really shabby and could … etc. What is that in the corner of the table, an oil lamp?

How is this a hospital … The f*ck?

Yi Lee, who has just woken up, is still a little slow in response. Until now, he realized that this place is not like a hospital.

He is also a patient at any rate. He’s treated like a patient in such a way that Yi Lee felt rage and jumped out of bed. He had no time to wear shoes and ran out barefoot.



Yi Lee stood by the clear stream flowing through his own door, with a puzzled expression on his face.

The stream was clear and the shadow of a young man reflected in the water, scaring away the fish that had been playing there.

The youth in the water has a knife-shaped eyebrows, rich and beautiful jade, fair skin, and a moon-white Confucian robe. His bun is pulled up high. The beautiful youth is reflected. He don’t know how many young women in love will like these kind of beautiful young men.

Even Yi Lee had to admit that this guy looks simply too good-looking. After standing there for half an hour, Yi Lee felt that he was on the verge of being overtaken by baiwan.

The problem is, this peerless beautiful youth, he doesn’t know of him !

This is not the most serious question in his mind right now.

What is more serious than this is that this guy is clearly his own shadow!

Yi Lee patted his face, the youth in the water also patted his face, Yi Lee frowned, the youth in the water’s beautiful eyebrows also wrinkled up. Yi Lee’s face changed, the youth’s face also changed …

“Ha ha, I know, this is a dream, I must be dreaming!”

Yi Lee laughed and slapped himself hard in the face. The burning pain made his tears almost flow out.

From Yi Lee’s side, a gray-haired old man saw this, he’s face was of shock looking at Yi Lee slapping himself while laughing. The expression on his face was very frightened.

“The Lee family wretch, unless all that reading made him stupid, then he must have gone crazy?”

Yi Lee does not have time to listen to the old man walking behind him now. In fact, he is still in a state of extreme shock. He did not see the old man either. He tried to slap himself a few times and did not wake up from his dream. Yi Lee finally collapsed on his legs by the river.

Soon after, Yi Lee was sitting by the river with his chin in one hand and his eyes staring blankly at the water.

At the moment, he is very much like a philosopher.

“Who am I?”

“Where do I come from?”

“Where am I going?”



One by one, complex and profound problems began to emerge in his mind. When he was about to think about “survival or destruction”, Yi Lee finally came to his senses.

From the 21st century, he has seen many novels and TV plays. After calming down and thinking for a while, he already has a guess in his heart that he still can’t believe.

However, before that, he has to confirm it.

Looking down again at the reflection in the water, what he saw was not the face he had seen for more than 20 years. How could Yi Lee have a strange feeling beyond words?

“Bah, gigolo!”

Looking at the young man in the water with disdain, he spat out a mouthful of saliva towards the water.

The old man behind Yi Lee saw this scene, and his face became more frightened.

This is the first time in his life that an old man has seen someone slap himself while laughing and even spat at his reflection in the water.

“The Lee family wretch child, is he really crazy?”

Yi Lee, who was looking for someone to ask about the situation, turned his head and saw an old man with white hair standing on the road behind him, looking at him with a very frightened look.

Yi Lee was happy in his heart, he finally saw another living!

With a self-righteous smile on his face, he walked slowly to the old man’s side and asked, “Sir, what year is it and where is this?”

Li Yee spoke, the old man’s face changed again.

Over and over, it seems that the Li family wretch had really gone crazy, he doesn’t even know himself. He is spouting nonsense, the old man didn’t know what he was saying.

Yi Lee saw the expression on the old man’s face and thought he didn’t hear it clearly. After all, the old man’s ears are old per say. He was just about to speak. But, he seemed to think of something. After a little thought, he asked again: “Dare I ask this old man … what year, what month, and where is this place?”

This time, the old man finally understood what Yi Lee said.

With a long sigh, the old man’s face had a very sorry expression.

It’s really unexpected that such a wakeful wretch child looks very handsome, but he is stupid in reading and even forget these things.

He thought that if he could succeed in his studies, he would still be able to bring glory to his family. Li Jiacun was also proud of himself. He married his granddaughter who did not leave the family. But now-alas, my God, what evil has this done!

Seeing two strong men carrying hoes coming from a distance, the old man beckoned to them and shouted: “Big Zhuang, you two brothers come here quickly. This Lee family wretched child is suffering from heart loss. Don’t let him run away, quickly catch him!”

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