Carefree Scholar Chapter 2

Translated by @gentpixel

Chapter 2: Fierce Mountain Thieves!

Looking at the Li family wretch with a dull expression, the old man stepped back and became more alert in his heart.

This is the kind of expression he had seen on widow Liu’s face, thinking that the other day the same was true of widow Liu in the eastern part of the village. When she woke up, she did not know who she was. She sat giggling in the yard all day. Once someone approached her, she immediately cried out, grabbing and biting people …

Later, the government officials said that widow Liu had lost her mind. They took the iron chain and locked her in the house. They also warned the villagers to take good care of her. If she ran out and hurt someone, they would be jointly and severally liable.

Yi Lee watched the old man’s face change for a second. He turned his head and saw two big, muscular men trotting towards him.

After a brief stupidity, Yi Lee did not hesitate to run away.

Is this a joke, he just heard clearly, the old man said that he was “crazy” … If he is caught, sometime he will be treated as an evil spirit invading into a body and be tied to a pillar under burning flames, etc …

Yi Lee, who has already died once, cherishes his life more than anyone else. At this moment, he is undoubtedly sprinting the fastest speed in his life.

Behind him, the old man and the two strong men stunned looking at Yi Lee, they’re so surprised that their chins almost fell.

No one expected that Yi Lee, who had no strength to even tie up chickens and had to take a rest every after two steps for a long time at ordinary times, could run so fast!

“It seems that this crazy person, really can’t be dealt with common sense …” The old man stroked his long beard, as he sighed that’s not a sigh, said.



Worried about being caught by the two big fellow and be brought back as mental derangement and be burned to death, Yi Lee galloped all the way. It was not until he completely can’t see the village and at the end of his line of sight he couldn’t see someone chasing did he stop. He landed on his butt, sitting on the ground.

His big mouth panting, feeling his whole body about to collapse.

After running at full speed for so long, he almost exhausted all his strength. If the two big fellow came after him now, Li Yee would not even have the strength to stand up and run away.

He also forced himself to believe, Yi Lee convinced himself that he had crossed worlds.

Although he don’t know what age and where he is, it is better than being burned under a bookshelf. At the very least, he is still alive.

After sitting on the ground and recovering a little physical strength, Yi Lee’s heart was troubled again.

There must be no going back to that room, not to mention there are only four walls, a table, a bed, and even nothing to eat. Maybe when he returns, the whole village will greet him with torches at the entrance of the village-then he can die again.

The difference is only where he is burned to death, but still burned to death nonetheless.

But not going back-where will he sleep at night?

Yi Lee, who has just arrived in this world, must first solve the problem of survival.


Just then, Yi Lee suddenly felt the ground shaking at his feet.

“What’s the matter, is there an earthquake?”

Yi Lee was miserable in his heart. He was almost burned to death when he first came here. Now he is hit by an earthquake. What evil did he do in his last life?

However, Yi Lee soon discovered that this was not an earthquake.

At the far end of his field of vision, a torrent of smoke billowed towards this side and stopped a few paces in front of Yi Lee’s horrified eyes.

“Cough! Ahem! “

Yi Lee was caught off guard and took a big breath of the smoke package, he was choked to tears.

Can’t they just slow down, he really want to scold a few words on who is so incompetent, he raised his head to look.

Above was a stunning woman dressed in a strong white dress that was looking down at him.

The distant Diane eyebrow puckered slightly, as if she were thinking about something. Looking at the extremely charming and pretty face, Yi Lee only felt his throat dry. Before he could speak, he only saw the woman nodding slightly, showing a satisfied expression on her face. She gave him a light glance and waved her hand lightly: “Tie him!”

In Yi Lee’s glazed eyes, the ferocious mountain thief behind the woman rolled over and dismounted, rushing up …



“Hey hey, it’s a scholar …”

“He looks handsome and worthy of our stronghold leader!”

“Dare I say, or our miss’ two eyes are good …”

“Shut up, everyone!”



Yi Lee’s hands were tied behind his back and he was lying on a horse. He was already getting dizzy on the bus in his last life. Obviously, he did not adapt to the transportation of this era. He was dizzy all the way, and his consciousness gradually blurred. From time to time, there was a man’s rough laughter in his ear, and his voice was noisy like a broken gong. Later, he heard a faint rebuke. Those voices were gone, and Yi Lee was completely unconscious.

When he woke up again, the first thing he saw when he opened his eyes was a pink bedstead. Yi Lee got up from the bed one by one and looked at everything around him warily.

There’s a carved empty bed bar, the quilt was sending out a faint fragrance, the room was feminine, simply put the wooden furniture, tables, chairs, cabinets are all girlish…

Mountain thief!

There are some fragments remaining in his mind, letting Yi Lee’s face change. Turning to look around for a moment, he found that there was no one else in the room except him.

Did he just dream?

Yi Lee’s heart suddenly came up with such a lucky idea.

The next moment, Yi Lee will understand this idea is a dream …

But-it hurt!

Yi Lee twisted his face over his lower abdomen and felt burning pain in his clothes. He couldn’t help inhaling. Yi Lee scolded in his heart. Not to mention those rude guys. It must have been this way while lying on horseback!

He also don’t know who invented this kind of clothes, layer by layer, Yi Lee took a good half-day of effort to unlock, looking down, his lower abdomen’s upward position was red.

At this time, Yi Lee was not in the mood to scold the culprits. He had to face up to his present situation.

It seems that he should have been caught somewhere by the mountain bandits. When he was lying on his horse, he vaguely heard those people saying words like “castellan” and “marriage” …

After Li Yi’s brain-opening association, the expression on his face suddenly became very frightened.


Looking down again, Yi Lee realized that he was not wearing the clothes he had worn in the morning. He did not know when he changed into a bright red robe. He was also wearing a bright red flower on his chest. It looked festive …

If you count the one on the top of his head with … pheasant hair? Peacock feathers? Anyway, hrle don’t know what kind of feather hat it is. It’s a well-designed costume TV show, the groom’s style!

His remaining consciousness, seems to have been helped to where he kneeled down and kowtowed …

After the fragmentary images flashed in his mind one by one, Yi Lee’s face turned pale.

He turned out to be robbed back as the wife of the village?

No, it’s “Husband” of the village!

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