Carefree Scholar Chapter 3

Translated by @gentpixel

Chapter 3: Yali Village.


Before crossing over, Yi Lee was in a world where crossing elements were very popular.

The novels and film and television works are scrambling to incorporate this element into them. The popularity is so high that children as young as eight years old and women as old as eighty probably know what transmigration means.

Once Yi Lee, also thought that if one day he also crossed, if in the peace and prosperity, then he must be born in the house of officials, if in troubled times, then he needs to rise up, occupy a hill, and make self-reliance as king. But reality is cruel, he got caught with a bunch of ‘younger’ brothers into here …

Facts have proved that when you come out and mix, you always have to pay back.

Yi Lee is just an average person, yet this kind of thing is happened to him.

What scares Yi Lee even more is that if he heard it correctly, those people said that it was their “castellan” who wanted to marry …

Li Yee’s lips turned pale at the thought of some terrible possibility.

Is their castellan, actually like men?

Yi Lee has long heard that homosexuality, especially male homosexuality, was very popular in ancient times and was also euphemistically called “the good of Longyang”. For Yi Lee, who would rather die than bend, this was one of the most difficult things to accept.

Yi Lee’s heart was cold, he had a little feeling, fortunately he found that there is no discomfort in a certain part of his body. He breathed a long sigh of relief.

His chastity is still there.

Carefully looking at his dress, Yi Lee paused, and was lost in thought.

What he is wearing is obviously the groom’s clothes … Is he really ready to accept his fate?

If it’s an acceptance, he knows he can’t … not even if it’s only a small acceptance!

He can’t be any more straight than he is now-a pure straight man!

A man should stand tall and be indomitable.

As Yi Lee’s thoughts drifted away, the wooden door of the room creaked and closed softly.

To Li Yee, this sound was like a devil coming from hell. His whole person shrank inside the wooden bed. He did not even dare to look up.

What worries him most is that when he looks up, he sees a big and thick fellow, with a full face of cross-section, revealing his chest hair and a face of little shyness, saying to him: “Husband, let’s quickly complete the marriage!”

“Ahhh, disgusting …” Yi Lee couldn’t help shuddering, never want to go up.

The footsteps are light, as it gets closer, Yi Lee can already smell a faint fragrance, the fragrance is very familiar, and the taste on the sheets is exactly the same as the fragrance.

“Forget it, the big deal is a death, since I already died once I’ll at least try to dissuade him!” Yi Lee looked up with a face of grief and indignation. He was about to speak when he saw the figure in the room. His mouth was half open and his eyes widened suddenly. What he wanted to say was stuck in his throat.

A skin that coagulates fat, if the eyes are colchicine, a nose that is quite upturned, her lips are moist, and her teeth are like jade …

The ancients always liked to use such words to describe beautiful women. Yi Lee always thought that this was just a literary exaggeration, and in popular terms it was just bragging.

The skin is like coagulated fat and eyes that are like autumn waters-the ancients seemed to dare to use any words. Who can’t boast?

Moreover, according to their aesthetic standards, the so-called beautiful women still have to hold reservations in the eyes of modern people.

Yi Lee once saw pictures of concubines of Qing emperors’ harem on the Internet. It was a horrible thing to see. It is said that the concubines were still selected from among the ten million beautiful women in Qian. Yi Lee doubted whether the emperors would have any psychological barriers over time …

But when the woman stood in front of him, Yi Lee felt that any words of praise could not be used too much on her.

She just stood there quietly, her white skirt curled up, her hair like a cloud, she’s slender and graceful, Yi Lee’s visual estimation of her height is at least about one seventy, if it weren’t for her body being a little weak, this woman alone is enough to make Yi Lee lift his head dumbly.

[I don’t know the height as the mtl is messed it up so..]

“You’re awake.”

The woman’s faint voice seemed to come from the clouds, clear and beautiful.

This is obviously nonsense.

Yi Lee wanted to say, “Are you blind?” but his words were swallowed up again.

He is afraid of being beaten.

People under the eaves, had to bow, the gentleman can stretch, humiliation, hardships …, in his heart he could only say words to comfort himself, Yi Lee facing his humiliation nodded his head.

Just at that moment, he even had the impulse to stun this beautiful woman and run away.

Although this body is a little weak, but against a weak woman, Yi Lee is still very confident.

But he is worried that as soon as he changes, a group of mountain bandits will rush in from the outside, just like today during the day.

The burning pain on his lower abdomen has not been eliminated. Li Yee does not want to suffer another such devastation.

“You can rest assured that I will not hurt you.” The woman seemed to see Yi Lee’s mind and her lips were slightly red. Then Yi Lee heard the sweet voice again.

If the opposite is a fierce mountain thief, Yi Lee may be very happy to hear this sentence, but “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you” this sentence came from a weak woman’s mouth, Yi Lee can’t help but feel a kind of personality insult.

For a man, how can he bear …

Forget it, insult is insult, but it is better than seeing those mountain bandits again … If it is this kind of damage, Yi Lee can still accept it.

“During this period, you will stay in the stockade with peace of mind. If you want to read, let me know and I will send someone to fetch it for you.” The woman looked at Yi Lee and said faintly, “In the days to come, in front of outsiders, you and I will be husband and wife. You can go anywhere around the stockade. After a period of time, when the time comes, I will let you go.”

“Husband … husband and wife?”

Yi Lee stood there, until this time he realized that all along, he seems to have made a mistake.

Is it possible that what those people said about the “castellan” was the peerless beauty in front of him?

In a flash, the image of the five big and three thick rough men conceived in Yi Lee’s mind is gradually blurred and replaced by a beautiful and incomparable face. The graceful woman bowed and blessed him and whispered: “Husband, my body is polite …”

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Don’t think too much, it’s just a clap of the door.

The voice suddenly brought Yi Lee back from fantasy to reality. Then he saw what seemed to be the impact on the wooden latch. A woman with a barrel waist and a young man in his early twenties burst in through the door.

“Ruyi, who is he?”

Seeing him sitting on the bed, with his clothes halved, the man’s face suddenly changed, as he blurted out.

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