Carefree Scholar Chapter 4

Chapter 4: My wife is a mountain thief!

Looking at the young man, pointing to himself, a face of bitter hatred is like picking his peaches, Yi Lee’s heart is very depressed.

Dude, do we know each other?

Don’t put on such a face as soon th first time we meet, as if he has been staring at his peach for a long time and was picked by himself, its not ripe!

The beautiful woman ignored the young man and looked at the woman with a thick barrel around her waist. She turned to Yi Lee and said, “Dear sir, I’d like to introduce you. This is your second aunt.”

“”Husband “!

Hearing the call of the stunning beauty, the young man’s face suddenly changed, with a cold and complete eyes as he looked at Yi Lee, seeing his eyes, Yi Lee felt a chill.

“Such as instrument, you can’t …” The young man was about to speak, but seeing the woman with her face cold, he could only slap uselessly on the mahogany high table. The woman also did so…

“Why, do I have to tell you anything?”


In Yi Lee’s horrified eyes, the wooden table, which looked very strong, was instantly torn apart and turned into debris.

The cups, dishes and other porcelain on the table were smashed together.

Seeing this scene, Yi Lee’s expression gradually became dull, and his outlook on life, world outlook and values were somewhat subverted. A woman could do that?!

At this time, there was only one thought in his mind.

Is this f*ck shooting a martial arts drama?

Thinking of himself attempting to flee, Yi Lee couldn’t help but quiver, silently he moved a little towards the end of the bed.

Yi Lee was not the only one who shivered with him, but also the woman who was very “strong”.

“I don’t know, second aunt do you have any advice?” The woman clapped her hands casually, looked at her and said faintly.

“You, you are a girl, how can you make such, such shame …”The middle-aged woman’s face was red, but she saw the woman’s hand lift up again, and she can’t help but quiver, hurriedly she pulled the young man and ran out of the room.

A handbreadth can smash even a wooden table. If it falls on her, it will certainly kill her.

The hurried footsteps were heard and the room soon quieted down.

“I don’t know the name of my husband yet?”

“Lee … Yi Lee.” Yi Lee took a deep breath and said.

Moments later, the sweet but not emotional voice reached Yi Lee’s ear again.

“It’s getting late,” Husband “Sleep early …”

Then with lightweight footsteps, she faded away. After hearing the door shutting, Yi Lee looked up and saw a faint shadow outside the door for a few seconds before a voice came.

“I’m … Liu Ruyi.”



After the woman left, there was no sound in the room except for some unknown insect.

Yi Lee gawked at the shabby roof. After a long time, he gave a long sigh and lay flat on the bed, but his eyes were not closed.

Although he is very tired now, Yi Lee’s nerves are not big enough to go through so many things, and he can’t fall asleep without sorting things …

It started with the library fire, then with a strange crossing or transmigration, then he was almost caught and burned by an old man who he didn’t know, he narrowly escaped, but was then captured by a mountain thief and became a “Husband” in the village. He don’t know what will happen tomorrow …

Yi Lee felt that if his experience could be written into a book, it would be very popular, but now he would not dare to write it even if he had ten times the courage. He had this strange idea in his mind. If he was known by others, he would never boast of his big brain and his fantastic ideas. He would have to be baked on the fire sometime if that’s the case …

Forget it, he just won’t think about it, he’s tired physically and mentally.

The top priority is to find out what dynasty and where this is before making any other plans.

His mind is empty and he have no memory of these things. He have nothing left for himself except the body of this gigolo. Yi Lee has a lot of resentment.

However, how to say again, through the head, one can always have a heroic aura?

With so much knowledge leading the world for hundreds of thousands of years in his head, and relying on his own intelligence, he is still afraid of not doing well?

It’s always easy to be a high official, isn’t it?

When the time comes, he will lead a few dog legs. He will be fine. He will flirt with good women in the street and lead a very natural and unrestrained life. He should be content ….

Lowering his head, he wanted to think, a moment later, Yi Lee eyes were moist.

Imperial examination?

He is an engineering student, so he can’t write eight-part essays, he can’t recite the four books and five classics, and his major is out of line. The imperial examination will definitely not work.

Making gunpowder?

Although in later generations, the formula of gunpowder can be easily found on the Internet, but who the f*ck is that idle to go and check better yet memorise that?

Advanced scientific knowledge?

Astronomical geography, biological engineering, these things even if in Yi Lee’s heart they are very clear, he can’t explain it to this world. Before crossing, he even could not persuade his mother to change the idea of letting him immediately date, let alone delusion to change the ancients.

It is estimated that he will be more likely to be turned into roast meat.

Yi Lee sadly discovered that he seemed to be unable to change anything.

Just in the morning, he was still worrying about what to eat later. There was not a grain of rice in his family. The real family was completely destitute … Yi Lee doubted that the original owner of this body was starved to death.

It may be because he is not in the mood. He is not hungry now, but he has to face the problem of lack of food.

Looking up at the ruined roof, Yi Lee sighed leisurely.

He somehow also have to worry about food and clothing, now, even the village is a no go …


Suddenly, a carp in Yi Lee tumbled out of bed.


Isn’t this the place now? Although it is a bit crude, it is much better than his previous house.


What a joke, do mountain thieves will lack food? Since the beautiful woman wanted his help, she would not starve himself.


Well, he don’t have to be old to date, he don’t have to buy a house and he don’t have to buy a car. Plus with his nominal wife’s looks the later generations of big stars wouldn’t be able to compete, so thinking about it, being the village “Husband”, seems … Is not a bad thing?

He don’t have to work like a dog every day. He don’t have to pinch his fingers when he go home to calculate how many years it will take for him to buy a house of his own.


His wife is the mountain thief castellan, the whole mountain is mine!

Thinking up to here, Yi Lee was suddenly enlightened.

What is the official residence?

Feng Hou worships the phase, which is boring!

I am a man who wants to be a mountain thief king.

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