Carefree Scholar Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Not the same world!

The young man hit the willow beside him with one blow, and the trunk with the thickness of an adult’s arm shook violently, leaving the leaves falling.

“B*tch, how dare you do this to me!”

Under the dim light of night, the man’s face was purplish red and his veins stood out suddenly and violently on his forehead. He was ferocious and horrible.

The middle-aged woman next to him sighed and said: “Yi has been stubborn since childhood, no one can change what she has decided … Tomorrow I will ask Second Uncle to say, her old man’s words should have some effect.”

“If still not, then this matter, just forget about it …, I think Ruyi that wench, if you…”

The middle-aged woman said, referring to the name, as if thinking of something, her face suddenly changed a little unnatural, she dry coughed twice, and she stopped talking.

Hearing the word “Ruyi”, the young man’s mind also came up with a charming face no less beautiful than that of the beautiful woman just now. His heart was slightly moved unintentionally, but the impulse lasted only for a moment, and immediately vanished. His face turned pale and he stopped thinking about the matter.

“If I had known earlier, this matter should have been worked out slowly. Yi is not getting younger, she will get married eventually. If several people are combined to exert pressure on her, it may not be impossible.” The middle-aged woman’s face was full of chagrin: “Who knows, if the pressure is tight, she would do such things, sending people down the mountain to rob the village” husband “,a woman … This is simply insulting to women’s virtue!”

At the thought of the disheveled white face lying on Liu Ruyi’s boudoir bed just now, the young man’s face showed the color of cruelty, and soon disappeared in the dim light of night.




A shrill scream suddenly sounded from the door—–the man frowned slightly and slowly opened his eyes.

Yi Lee had another nightmare that was very long, very real and frightening.

Looking around, it was still an antique building, the decoration of the bedside is of that a girl’s heart, and that familiar fragrance.

Well, it’s not a dream.

An inexplicable evil wind blew, and Yi Lee couldn’t help shivering. The habit of sleeping naked and kicking the quilt is not good. He quickly picked up the clothes next to him and put on the one that looks like underwear. Actually, it is no different from the crotch cloth-let’s just call it underwear.

By the way, how to wear this robe?

The big red groom’s robe was only took off yesterday with great effort. After wrapping it in the morning, it was discovered that the shape of the dress was very strange. Yi Lee did not know how to put it on.

A small head poked through the door.

Dressed in a double bun, the timid young girl trotted in and said in a low voice, “Uncle, the handmaiden is waiting on you to change clothes …”

It’s been his long time habit of sleeping naked so…

Now that he have accepted the reality, Yi Lee also simply and generously stood up, stretched out his hands, and let the little blushing girl help him put on the robe.

In this era, there is naturally no full-length mirror, not even a mirror in the real sense. Yi Lee held up a small copper mirror and looked up and down several times. The long white gown just fitted her well. Although his bun was a little messy, but his small white face was very handsome, with fair skin, nose and eyes. He stood in front of the mirror and came with a faint bookish air.

The 15-or 16-year-old girl stood aside, her eyes secretly glancing at the handsome uncle that her young lady had just robbed yesterday, and her face suddenly became redder.

“The son-in-law is really pretty …, much better than the second aunt’s nephew …”

Just when Yi Lee was “looking at the mirror and feeling sorry for himself”, she seemed to think of something. The little maid ran out quickly, and in a short time she ran in with a thick stack of books.

“Gu … , the miss said … said if you want to read, the handmaiden is here to get what you needed …”

The only wooden table in the room died bravely last night. The little girl ran in and looked around for a moment. Finally, she put the book in her arms on a low stool beside her and said breathlessly.

There is still a big difference between ancient and modern characters. Yi Lee glanced at the top book and knew by reading the name that it was definitely not simplified characters.

This made him even more determined not to follow the crooked path of imperial examinations. There are so many ‘good’ things like this. There is no need for hard work or struggle. He can live a life of caring for the aged at home. When the weather is fine, he could go to his mountain top and tour l. What could be more pleasant than this?

He picked up a book, opened the first page, then Yi Lee only felt a “bang” exploding in his mind, his brain went blank.

His consciousness at present was fuzzy. Whilst this, Yi Lee can see where it all started again. The antique room is gone and the beautiful little girl around is gone. The only things here at present is rows of familiar bookshelves, Li Yi looked up to see rows upon rows of numbered books.

“I’m back again?”

Standing in the familiar and unfamiliar provincial library, Yi Lee muttered to himself.

However, then, his consciousness was once again submerged by a miscellaneous piece of information.

In the room, the little maid looked at Yi Lee who was holding books studying them carefully. The admiring light appeared in her beautiful big eyes as she quietly closed the door and withdrew.

“Jing Guo zhi”! “

Moments later, Yi Lee stood in the room, holding this book called “JingGuoZhi”. Every word in the book was deeply engraved in his mind, while the words that were very uncommon to him before had become very familiar.

“What kind of magic is this?” Yi Lee’s face was glazed and the heavy books fell to the ground.

Fortunately, there have been enough strange things in the past two days. Yi Lee collapsed on the ground. He confirmed that the contents of the book had been seared into his mind and his mind moved. The scene just now appeared in front of him again.

At this time, there was another row beside the bookshelf he had just stood on, but there was only one book on the newly added bookshelf.

Yi Lee’s eyes swept away, it’s “JingGuoZhi”, isn’t it?


Although Yi Lee is an engineering dog and his poor historical background is outrageous, he also knows that China has not had a national title of “King” for 5,000 years.

What is this place?

Why is the provincial library in his mind?

What a fucking world this is!

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