Carefree Scholar Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Mountain Thieves’

In the long history, Yi Lee was unable to find any familiar elements related to memory. One by one, he had never heard the name of a nation, some strange memorabilia, and the wheel of history that began to wander from time to time.

No, where is this deviation, this is clearly two carriages heading for different directions.

Actually … Overhead!

This thought that all the historical development tracks were under his own control, and maybe he could hold a huge thigh, and then he could make a great success. Now, all this has become a dream.

The only thing that comforted him a little was that the passer-by still had welfare. After all, his head was filled with books and materials from a whole provincial library. Although most of the knowledge was useless in this world, he was very satisfied with one function.

Yi Lee has found that any book he touches with his hand can appear in his mind in the first place, and he can also master the contents of the book in a very short time and his memory is very firm.

[TN: I would pay a dollar for this, no matter how broke I AM, I WOULD SAVE JUST FOR THIS!!!!!]

In this way, at least the words of this world are not difficult for him.

Although he didn’t want to go to the imperial examination, Yi Lee didn’t want to be an illiterate, or else he would have lost his white face.

At the very least, he can do the right thing by reciting poems and hooking up with young girls … Of course, these things can only be considered at the moment, otherwise his fate may be the same as that of the wooden table.

The round face with some baby fat of the maid duly appeared in front of Yi Lee.

“Uncle, it’s time for dinner.”

He didn’t feel anything just now. But when the little maid was standing in front of him with the tray, Yi Lee felt hungry. It seemed that he hadn’t eaten anything since yesterday morning. When he looked over, he was dumbfounded.

On top of the tray, a porcelain bowl stood alone.

There is porridge in the bowl, only the bottom has some rice grains and it can be counted, and the thin ones can even reflect Yi Lee’s Zhang Jun face.

“Do you … usually eat this?” Yi Lee looked at the little maid, not sure about it.

The little maid nodded and completely shattered Yi Lee’s hope.

He thought he could live a happy life without worries about food and clothing from now on, but now it seems that even the mountain thief family has no surplus of food.



Facts have proved that gruel is also food. For Yi Lee, who has his chest pressed against his back, it is not gruel but life!

He don’t know whether it is an illusion, but Yi Lee actually think this is the best porridge he drank in his life …

A little while later, the porridge in the bowl had bottomed out. Yi Lee put down the bowl and looked eagerly at the little maid.

The girl blushed a little when he looked at her. She took a step back and said in a waxy voice, “No, uncle …”

Yi Lee smelled something wrong about the girls response, his face changed. The life here, and his imagination is different!

It seems that the idea of providing for the aged should be changed from now on. At the very least, the problem of food should be solved first. As a qualified food, Yi Lee feels that he will go crazy after drinking such gruel all day.

[so I guess he wants more and at the same time not gruel]

After eating a bowl of gruel, at least he feel less hungry and Yi Lee’s spirit is a little better.

“Miss!” With Yi Lee’s absence of mind, the little girl inadvertently looked back and suddenly the door opened.

Yi Lee subconsciously looked back and saw a very beautiful girl in a strong white dress coming in from the outside.

At the sight of this young girl, Yi Lee’s face suddenly changed. He could not help but take two steps back. He looked at her warily and said, “What do you … what do you want?”

The girl’s face is charming and pretty. Compared with the beautiful woman Yi Lee met last night, she has a white strong suit and a more exquisite figure. Seeing Yi Lee’s movements and expressions, the girl looked at him with a faint disdain.

How could Yi Lee not forget that this woman was the one sitting on a horse, waving at those ferocious mountain bandits, and then-his tragic life began.

Until now, the position of his lower abdomen is still slightly painful.

He’s in this current situation, all thanks to this demonic girl.

Though… If it weren’t for her, Yi Lee, should still be playing tag with the old man and the big guys, or he could be somewhere in the wild…

Compared to now, not only he has a place to live, have porridge to drink, have a beautiful wife, and servant girl, so for this girl, Yi Lee should actually … Thank her?

So thinking about it, Yi Lee think he should be ‘too’ rude.

Now, he only wants to be a quiet melon eater, and after he gets rid of food worries, he can retire and live on several hills.

Yi Lee was still daydreaming, when he saw the woman named Liu Ruyi, who was also his nominal wife, coming in with an old man with rickets and gray hair.

The old man was wearing plain clothes, his body looked weak and tight, his face was covered with wrinkles, and he looked kind. At this time, he was half squinting at him.

Yi Lee kept sufficient vigilance against the old man in his heart. In his view, any kind-hearted old man may be a madman who calls someone to come and catch him on the fire the next moment.

He was almost killed by the old guy he met before. His idea cannot be changed in a short period of time.

“Ahem … Ahem …” The old man looked at it for a long time. His cloudy eyes finally showed a satisfied look and nodded. “Good reader, good reader …”

“This handsome appearance is much better than that of the distant nephew of the second husband’s mother-in-law and aunt. Gee, I am a scholar still … we are short of scholars in the stockade.” The old man seemed quite satisfied with Yi Lee’s first impression, mumbling: “What’s the good of killing all day long? It’s gross, gross … In those days, your grandfather were also educated, but this group of unwillingly poor guys did not inherit the skills of his old man’s house …”

The girl in the white dress looked at the old man proudly and said, “Of course, I am the who chose him.”

“Good, good!”

The old man burst out laughing and motioned with his hand, saying: “Mr. Qin of the school broke his leg a few months ago, and he may not be able to stand up any more. the little guys are making noise in the stockade all day long, and the old man is tired of looking at them. At the right moment, we don’t have any idle people in the stockade. It’s better to let him go to the school to be a teacher. The little guys in the province are always hanging around in front of me.”

“Listen to your second uncle.” The woman called Liu Ruyi said softly.

Standing in the same spot, Yi Lee had a feeling of being treated as air, and his sense of being was extremely low.

This matter is related to himself. Yet, he made such a hasty decision without asking himself if he have any opinions.


He is ready to retire. Who wants to do such a boring thing?

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