Certificate of Conformity 22

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Face-Slapping The Entertainment Circle’s Bigshot (6)

In order to verify his thoughts, Chen Heng didn’t return to his room after he finished taking a bath but rather draped a bathrobe on and knocked on the door of Su Jue’s room.

Merely a few seconds after, the door in front of him opened.

“What’s the matter?” Somewhat shrinking his body uneasily, the youth lowered his head and his messy hair covered up his eyes.

Chen Heng leaned on the doorframe with both of his hands placed naturally by his side. He also didn’t tie the bathrobe’s strap. The black bathrobe’s sides were opened widely exposing a flexible and firm chest. His body’s skin color wasn’t white, it was a healthy and sexy bronze with an evident texture that had a strong sense of power and domination.

There was a strong smell of male hormones in the air, along with the fragrance of the shower gel, it mixed into an intoxicating and bewitching atmosphere.

“I can’t sleep alone.” Dark eyes tightly locked on Su Jue’s face and the man’s voice was deep, “Tonight, can you accompany me?”

Before his words fell, across from him, he saw Su Jue trembling all over and almost incredulously, he raised his head. His pair of glittering crystal eyes were stunned. Helpless. Nervous. He had no idea what to do. The youth bit down on his lower lip and lowered his head again. His white and delicate earlobes were quietly stained red.

Chen Heng thought that the boy was unwilling. His lips curved into a beguiling smile.

Straightening up, he suddenly approached the other person. With his warm fingers, he lightly caressed the youth’s cool petal-like lips. Gently rubbing them, he felt the exquisite touch on his fingertips.

“Don’t turn me down.” His voice was deep and pleasant. Magnetic and attractive.

These seductive techniques were learned from the books of the previous world.

Su Jue felt his body slowly begin to heat up. The deep and magnetic voice was like a feather that scratched his heart. It was soft and ticklish, and gave him a burst of shivers.

He couldn’t help but swallow a gulp. Suddenly, he felt a little thirsty. He stretched out the tip of his tongue to moisten his lips but he inadvertently touched the man’s finger on his lips.

As soon as his finger touched the soft wet object, Chen Heng quickly retracted his finger as if he had been electrocuted.

He didn’t like that feeling very much.

It was like being wrapped around a snake’s tongue- wet and sticky.

Aware of the youth’s stiff body, Chen Heng quickly realized that his reaction seemed a bit too extreme. He consciously relaxed his body, stretched out a heel and shut the door behind him with a ‘pa!’ .

Inside the closed room, both Su Jue and him were the only ones there.

They were shrouded by a dim light which added a trace of ambiguousness in the hazy atmosphere to the room.

Chen Heng gently pushed the youth’s slightly thin body which led the boy to retreat backwards. Him, on the other hand, was like a predator, step by step closing in on the youth. When the youth’s legs hit the bedside, Chen Heng seized the opportunity and pushed him causing the youth’s beautiful white body to silently fall on the bed.

Because of the action, the snow-white bathrobe he was wearing scattered open. The warm light of the wall lamp reflected on the enticing marble white skin. Su Jue softly blinked. His eyes were tinged red and were gradually covered with a misty layer of tears.

Petal lips slightly parted. Swallowing his words, he gazed at the tall man. He felt very hot and thirsty. When he opened his mouth, his voice was hoarse and his breaths showed full of desire, “Didn’t you say that you’ll wait until I was twenty…I…”

He didn’t say the second part of the sentence. His snow-white cheeks had long been stained red.

Chen Heng towered over Su Jue as he laid against the bed. When Chen Heng looked down, his dark green eyes didn’t have the least bit of lust in them.

The youth’s skin was tender and flawless, white with a crystal-like transparency. It was the most perfect skin he had ever seen. Right now, the milky white skin seemed to be coated in a layer of powder. White and soft like dough, looking as if it would be broken with a light gentle pinch.

Chen Heng couldn’t help but be distracted. He wondered if stripping of Su Jue’s skin when he became an adult would make it become a valuable piece of art worthy of being in a collection. He then quickly regained his senses and looked down. The youth’s wet doe-like eyes were gazing at him quietly. There was an undisguised longing and desire in the depths of those eyes. His body had already reacted and there was the outline of a tent straining at his trousers clearly showcasing his desire.

This is interesting.

According to the plot, the original host’s first time with Su Jue was done under half-forced, half-seductive circumstances orchestrated by the original host. Originally, Su Jue did not have any desire for the original host so it was the original host who took the initiative to incite Su Jue. After arousing Su Ju’s sexual desire, he directly topped Su Jue’s body. Later, when Su Jue became aware of the feel of sex, he kept the * relationship with the original owner. But it was only to use the original host’s body to vent, not love.

Now however, he hasn’t done anything yet but Su Jue is already hard.

Chen Heng curled his lips and smiled. He took advantage of the situation and bent down. His upper body was now looming over the youth. When he was about to kiss the other’s lips, he froze.

He pensively looked at the youth under him who had shut his eyes. Chen Heng thought that even if Su Jue’s acting skills were really good, shouldn’t it be impossible for him to actually control his arousal?

The original host was not that good looking. Although he had thick eyebrows and big eyes, he still had a somewhat ferocious appearance and was like a gangster. However you thought of it, it wasn’t the type that was popular with people. Besides, according to the plot’s development, Su Jue will later on choose Meng Changfeng who has a normal sense of aesthetic. So why was he aroused with the original owner now?

He originally thought Su Jue’s repeated proposals of sleeping together was just a way for him to advance by retreating[1]. Apparently, it seems that he was serious.

Suddenly, he had no more interest in continuing to test it out.

Chen Heng insipidly glanced at the lips and was about to get up before Su Jue all of a sudden caught his waist and pulled him down.

In the next moment, the two bodies are tightly close to each other.

His lower body was pressed against a hard and hot object. Realizing what was happening, Chen Heng’s eyes became fierce in an instant. He had not even opened his mouth to speak when Su Jue’s voice muddle-headedly asked: “Why did you stop?”


Not finding any strangeness in the man’s eyes, Su Jue continued shyly: “I’m glad that you came to my room to find me.”


Seeing that Chen Heng was silent, he licked his mouth, “I’m already an adult.” Pausing, he glanced, dazed, and slowly said: “If you can’t help it, I…I don’t mind.”

Of course, he understood what Su Jue meant by he doesn’t mind. Unfortunately, he had no intentions of sleeping with Su Jue. Even if Su Jue was the shou, he still was not interested.

But he still needed to maintain appearances.

The corner of his lips raised to form a smile. Gently, he reached out a hand to brush some hairs sticking out of Su Jue’s temples. With a tender gaze, “I’m sorry. I lost control earlier.”

He firmly pried the youth’s hands away from his waist. The man got up and stood by the bed. With his back turned to Su Jue, he said, “I said I won’t touch you until you’re twenty years old. That is my promise to you, and I’ll keep that promise.”

Having said that, he didn’t hesitate to open the door and walk out.

As the blush on his face faded, Su Jue stared blankly at the ceiling. He moved his fingers to gently touch his lips.

He was just about to kiss him.

A part of his body was screaming wildly, wanting to enter that warm body, wanting to taste the man’s body and ruthlessly make him cry. Su Jue looked at the void with a miserable smile. Sure enough, he was crazy ba. Unexpectedly, he had developed uncontrollable and inappropriate feelings towards his patron.

In the end, what was wrong with him?

Meanwhile, Chen Heng, who had went back into his room, couldn’t help but anxiously smoke a cigarette.

His experiment earlier proved that this Su Jue was indeed abnormal. His body’s reactions could not be faked. He could really feel Su Jue’s desire towards him. Did this mean that the world’s circumstances had already deviated without his knowledge?

His mind had inadvertently remembered the words Qi Wei had said—-

We’ll meet again in another way.

In another way. Chen Heng thought over the meaning of those words and there was a glint in his eyes.

Is it possible for Qi Wei to be in someone else’s body to approach him?

To be precise, is Su Jue– Qi Wei?

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[1]以退为进 Idiom: literally means One step back today, two steps forward tomorrow.

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