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Ch 101: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (3/3)

Chapter 101: The hitman’s little koi 15 (part 3 of 3)

After dealing with it completely, Pei Lie hurriedly rushed over to the little koi. He meticulously looked over his body as he anxiously asked him whether there was anything wrong. The little koi could see the nervousness, anxiety, as well as the strong taste of love in Pei Lie’s eyes. He clearly couldn’t comprehend these, but his heart was fiercely moved.

He couldn’t help but say: “My feet hurts.”

Pei Lie hurriedly crouched down once more to let the little koi climb on his back, and asked: “Is it very painful?”

The little koi nodded, then said again: “I’m thirsty.”

“I originally bought a blueberry juice a while ago, but lost it when I was looking for you,” Pei Lie consolingly said: “Be good. Rest assured, I’ll quickly bring you to buy it again.”

The little koi wasn’t in a hurry, but had narrowed his large eyes in satisfaction instead. After receiving the answer he wanted, his heart inexplicably fell back in place as well. Only then did he ask Pei Lie: “Who are you?”

As expected, he forgot once again.

Even if Pei Lie already had mental preparations, he still felt a bit of helplessness. But spoke in a tone that couldn’t even be more petting: “Has the little fool forgotten again?”

The little koi had opened his mouth in grievance, but hadn’t utter a sound.

“My name is Pei Lie. Your husband.” The following words Pei Lie spoke of were filled with righteousness and conviction, he even showed the tattoo on his heart to the other side, “Look, this is your name Tong Tong.”


Maybe due to the reason that the two things that were just asked were answered satisfactorily. The acceptance of the little koi was faster than the last time, that he didn’t even call it into question, and only spoke again after a short while: “I’m a man, you should be the one to call me husband.”

“I’m also a man. So, we take turns in using this title,” Pei Lie who was fully aware of the little koi’s lost of memory spoke with mean intentions: “and I have already called you this before, don’t you remember? So today is your turn to call me this.”

The little koi who didn’t have any memory couldn’t find the reason to refute, that he couldn’t help but frown a bit in annoyance. His dainty appearance while seriously thinking about this issue was so adorable. Making Pei Lie lament in his heart. No wonder why people in this world would like Tong Tong this much! Because a lover’s innocent child-like expression would truly be very irresistible to his sweetheart.

The character of the little koi could be easily satisfied as long as there were plenty to eat and drink, and losing his memory could be seen as some kind of purification. The thoughts of a person without memories is purer than a normal person. So, the thoughts of the little koi also became simpler. Just a chicken feet could make him nibble happily for a long time. Before getting on the car, Pei Lie had already taken the little koi for a meal in the restaurant. In spite of that, he still eagerly ate two pieces of chicken feet, half a bag of potato chips, in addition to a gelatin dessert and various kinds of small snacks on the front passenger seat. He only stopped reluctantly when his little belly was about to burst, he opened his pair of small oily hands and searched for a tissue.

Although Pei Lie was driving, but his attention was on the little koi the entire time. So, he was able to immediately hand him a tissue in time. The little koi wiped his hands clean, then turned around and saw the corner of Pei Lie’s lip curl up. Thinking that he might have been laughing at his capacity to eat, he unhappily asked: “Hey. What are you laughing at?”

Pei Lie didn’t answer, but touched the tiny belly of the little koi with his free hand, and helped him rub it a little bit. The temperature of the man’s palm was very warm, the force was also just right, causing the little koi to feel quite comfortable. That he quickly forgot the issue just a moment ago, and couldn’t resist humming and rubbing against Pei Lie’s body like a pleased kitty.

His lower half was still sitting on the front passenger seat, but his upper half had been ensconced in Pei Lie’s embrace, the waist was therefore suspended in the middle. The shirt had rolled up, exposing the delicate white belly.

For fear that he might catch a cold, Pei Lie immediately said: “Tong Tong be good. The temperature at night is colder, so cover your stomach.”

The stuffed little koi didn’t want to move at all, “I’m not cold.”

Pei Lie took a glance on his slightly bulging little belly, and purposely said: “You’re not cold, but the baby in your stomach will be cold.”

Not knowing that Pei Lie played a trick on him, the little koi’s eyes immediately opened widely. He knew that he might not really be an ordinary human from the strange and dense spiritual energy he could sense in his body, but never thought that he had changed to the point where he could actually conceive a baby. His complexion immediately changed: “.…..ah? ……baby?”

“That’s right,” Seeing that the little koi took this seriously, the great hitman had installed this even more instead, then made a show of being very much in earnest and proceeded to say: “The baby in your stomach is still too little, what if he freezes?”

The little koi looked down at his little belly which was had been rubbed for quite a while, yet didn’t show any signs of reduction, with a ghastly and shocked look.

Pei Lie who actually found more and more advantages of the little koi’s lost of memory, felt that he was so cute and adorable that he could even be tricked as he pleases. In spite of that, the little koi still didn’t make any move to cover his stomach. So, Pei Lie could only reach out while driving, and carefully covered his body with a jacket, then asked in a quiet voice: “What’s the matter? Does Tong Tong not want our baby? The baby will be deeply hurt if he hears this.”


The little koi opened his mouth, but only spoke a word before stopping. Pei Lie knew that he was having an internal struggle. He also didn’t rush him, but very patiently waited at the side, while softly stroking his long hair over and over again like appeasing a startled kitten.

The action of the great hitman was so gentle, that it also helped in pacifying the little koi’s emotions a little bit. At dusk, the beautiful setting sun dipped over. Coating the person’s body with bright-gold, just like an overlaying layer of gold. Even though this kind of beautiful ambiance was truly very suitable for making romantic advances, but the little koi, who strove to digest the issue about having a baby for quite a long time, finally spoke again.

Pei Lie was truly looking forward for his reaction in his heart. But the first brief statement of his caused Pei Lie to be in between tears and laughter: “——since I have a baby, then I’m not at fault for eating too much just a moment ago. It’s not me who wants to eat, it’s the baby who wants to eat.”

The look of the little koi who finally found an excuse for his gluttony became bold and confident. Pei Lie really couldn’t stop himself from laughing, and rubbed the head of the little koi, “En, you’re not at fault.”

The little koi nodded with satisfaction, and compliantly sat back on his seat. Unfortunately, he wasn’t honest for so long as he became greedy once more. He couldn’t resist leaning back and turn over the fondant in the snack bag, and conscientiously said the moment Pei Lie looked over: “It’s not me who wants to eat sweets, it’ the baby who wants to eat!”

“Yes, yes, you’re right.” Pei Lie smiled and agreed with his words. While silently thinking, Isn’t the other already his big baby? Even if this baby isn’t aware how much he is being spoiled.

As the day gradually turned to night, the car speedily entered the suburb. Pei Lie took his big baby and checked into a comparatively luxurious resort type of hotel.

Raw word count: 4132

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