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Ch 102: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/2)

Chapter 102: The hitman’s little koi 16 (part 2 of 2)

Pei Lie always felt that the food eaten outside was not as good as the food he personally prepares. Unfortunately, they had been braving the wind and dew these past few days, which simply gave him no chance to cook. By chance, the suite today happens to come with a kitchen, that he instantly decided to personally prepare dinner. The ingredients were bought from the hotel’s restaurant, making it quite convenient. But there were only two of them, and they also couldn’t eat much. The little koi who was placed by Pei Lie on the bar stool beside the workstation, sat there in a well-behaved manner and looked at him busily working. He even went to ask: “Do you want me to help?”

“No need.”

The great hitman brandished the knife in his hand, effortlessly cutting the ingredients in equal portions with the knife. This high-efficiency movements were similar to when he kills. His lofty stature when stationed inside the kitchen, made the entire kitchen appear smaller, “Do you feel bored waiting? Would you want me to bring you to the living room to watch TV?”

The little koi shook his head, “I’ll stay here to keep you company.”

Such a very simple and casual sentence, but this made Pei Lie feel warm inside. The shredded meat in the pan was already ready. He used one hand to stir-fry, while the other added the sliced broccoli into the pan. The sturdy arms exposed by the rolled up sleeves along with the skillful cooking maneuver were absolutely very irresistible.

The little koi also looked irresistible. Both his hands were still clasped around his little belly like before, in conjunction with those brilliant black eyes, made him appear just like a little hamster holding onto a sunflower seed. In a short time, Pei Lie had already made two stir-fried dishes which he plated. When he saw the appearance of the little koi upon turning around, he slightly paused for a moment.

It truly is so adorably heart aching.

The little koi who coincidentally turned his head around met Pei Lie’s eyes. When the two pair of eyes met, he noticed the very gentle and tender affections at the bottom of the man’s deep eyes. But his attention was quickly captivated by the appetizing dishes. Seeing that they were picked up by Pei Lie, he couldn’t help but call out: “Pei Lie……”

The great hitman loved the feeling of his name being called out by the youth. So, in order to hear a few more times, he deliberately by passed the little koi and went directly to the dining table with mean intentions.

The little koi truly became more anxious, as he repeatedly called out: “Pei Lie, Pei Lie, Pei Lie……”

The great hitman was very satisfied to hear this. Only then did he go back to carry the little koi to the dining table as well. The dinner’s content had two ordinary side dishes. The dishes were the stir-fried pork with broccoli and stir-fried tomato with scrambled eggs, in addition to the shrimp ball noodle soup that the little koi had eaten many times. The little koi took a sip of the noodle’s soup first. The incomparably delicious taste made his eyes shine brighter.

A familiar feeling unexpectedly appeared thereafter, that he couldn’t help but garbled while still keeping the noddles in his mouth: “I seemed to have eaten this before, –I have an impression of this taste!”

People cannot be remembered, but there would still be an impression on food? Pei Lie couldn’t help but raise his brow and asked: “What impression?”

The little koi swallowed the noodles in his mouth, then looked at Pei Lie, as he tilted his head and thought for a moment, “Well, it’s very warm, along with a sweet and happy feeling……”

His large eyes shone brightly, and were filled with Pei Lie’s figure.

Pei Lie suddenly felt an urge to give him a deep kiss.

A fire gently burned in his heart, and was both painful and gentle, and would only light upon the youth before him.

The little koi was carried by Pei Lie even when he was brushing his teeth, that he also felt that he was too pampered and spoiled. But when looking at Pei Lie who was carrying him, who, not only was unwilling to let him do anything, but also had a look like he was afraid of him being bumped into, gave him a bit of self-satisfaction and conceitedness in the end. So, not only did the feet of the little koi, who didn’t like to walk, not touch the ground, he even got used to having a small temper.

For example, when Pei Lie’s mouthwash caused a slight stinging sensation, he would glare at him with dissatisfaction. Another example, was when wringing the towel accidentally got his cuff wet, he would unreasonable wet Pei Lie’s sleeves as well, while inwardly thinking, who told him not to help him wring the towel properly?

While being carried on the way back to the bedroom to sleep by Pei Lie. The little koi unexpectedly gave Pei Lie a peck on his lips, he even extended his small tongue for a lick, then spoke with a hint of pride in his tone: “I have just brushed my teeth carefully, and even used a strawberry flavored toothpaste. –Isn’t it tasty?”

Just like a child, he needed to be praised each time he brushes his teeth. Pei Lie placed him on the bed, then tightly held him in his embrace and fiercely returned his kiss, with gentle nips and vigorously sucks. He only gave an answer after he had finally caused him to be lightheaded from the kiss: “Tasty.”

After autumn, the temperature at the very late night will become increasingly colder. The little koi who kept tossing and turning when sleeping in the water, was also the same on bed. Once asleep, he would roll over and kick the quilt off. Pei Lie would securely cover him very conscientiously, then hold him into his bosom. Gently patting him on the back in order to coax him to sleep.

But the little koi who closed his eyes and tried hard to sleep was still unable to fall asleep. He once again opened his eyes in the dark, “I want to hear a story.”

The great hitman who had never told a story froze for a moment, “How about I hum a song for you?”

The little koi flipped over and lay flat on his back, “Okay.”

Pei Lie’s hand that was patting his back subsequently moved to his little belly, as he hummed a very classic nursery rhyme. The low voice of the man sounded somewhat husky, the tone also had a hazy feeling, which made the little koi feel much at ease. The hand that contains calluses from guns gave the skin an itchy, warm and comfortable sensation.

Sleepiness finally descended upon the little koi, as his eyes slowly closed. Pei Lie silently looked at him for a long time before he finally stopped humming, and retracted the hand that was patting him.

But the hand had unexpectedly been pulled back by the little koi who had already fallen asleep.

–The pats are so comfortable that you aren’t allowed to stop patting!

The little koi had still not forgotten to half consciously supplement with his still closed eyes, the voice was very muffled because of drowsiness: “I’m not the one who wants to be patted, it’s the baby who wants it……”

The edge of Pei Lie’s lips couldn’t help but raise due to amusement. He continued to pat him, and hummed the nursery rhyme once more. After waiting for the little koi to fall into a deep sleep, only then did he get up from the bed.

Because someone has been waiting outside the bedroom door.

That person with a tall and lean figure had been here from when the little koi restrained Pei Lie’s hand before and didn’t allow him to leave, this was also the reason why Pei Lie stopped at that time. The expression of that man couldn’t be seen in the darkness. But the surprise and irony could be heard from his voice, “I never knew that you were capable of singing a lullaby to lull others to sleep.”

Pei Lie silently walked out the bedroom, and faintly responded: “There’s a lot more you don’t know, F.”

The information of the organization and the tasks assigned to the hitman are generally delivered by the intelligence agents. The intelligence agents can be said to be the hub of the organization. F is the intelligence agent who has cooperated with Pei Lie for six years, and can also be regarded as a friend Pei Lie can place his trust in.

Raw word count: 3276

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