Home Novel Ch 103: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (1/2)

Ch 103: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (1/2)

Chapter 103: The hitman’s little koi 17 (part 1 of 2)

The news F brought was exactly like what Pei Lie had previously thought of. A problem occurred within the organization, a rebellion had been waged against the ‘general’. The killers that launched a surprise attack on Pei Lie at that time were really not under the directives of the ‘general’. F briefly talked about the current situation, then tried to persuade Pei Lie to stand on the side of the ‘general’ afterwards. But was rejected by Pei Lie without a second thought: “I’m already determined to quit this line of work.”

Both people preferred to be in the darkness. So, there were no lights in the living room, aside from the light from the very faint moonlight shinning through the window. F looked at the corner where Pei Lie was standing with this faint light. His face was obscured, but the contentment and gentleness exuding from his tall and slender figure could be seen.

This must never be the state Pei Lie can have, nor is it the state the number one hitman should have. In F’s impression, Pei Lie was similar to an invincible blade, with unrivaled sharpness and coldness like frost. But had now been placed in a sheath, covering all the sharp edges. F frowned: “Just for that person sleeping inside the room?”

The ‘sheath’ was still asleep, and had not been awakened by the sound of their voices at all. Pei Lie shook his head, “No, it’s for myself.”

“Do you think that our line of work is child’s play? That you can quit when you say you want to?” F couldn’t avoid but have a slight increase in the tempo of his speech, “Once you join the organization, irregardless of whether you join a side or not, there’s no way you can stay uninvolved. If you agree, you can get the generous conditions set by the ‘general’. If not, you will have to face the pursuit of two different forces. Just how certain are you to be able to escape from this in one piece?”

In reality, Pei Lie actually has a clearer and more comprehensive understanding than F imagines. At this time, accepting to join the team was indeed the comparatively easy choice. The bargaining chips the general put forward were truly tempting. But in the long run, you will only sink deeper and deeper once you tread into this muddy water. More importantly, he had already secretly vowed to never leave the little koi’s side anymore.

Perhaps, from the perspective of the outsider, the little koi, who would irregularly lose his memory every several days can’t leave him. But in reality, he was the one who was inseparable from the little koi. The little koi without memories was carefree and at ease. On the contrary, Pei Lie, who remembers everything couldn’t bear the pain of losing the other for even a moment.

F, who knew of Pei Lie’s character, sensibly stopped his words of persuasion. But only felt very incredulous, “Do you really like him that much?”

The great hitman didn’t answer this question, but lowered his head to look at his hand instead. That pair of beautiful and slender hands can be considered as perfect. But the people it has killed could no longer be counted with just ten fingers.

“I always thought that I didn’t deserve anything……” Pei Lie’s voice was so low, almost inaudible, “But never thought that I could be fortunate enough to also meet such a person……”

So he would never let go no matter what happens.

The little koi still slept very soundly when Pei Lie returned to the bedroom. Only his sleeping position has changed to lying on his stomach. The quilt had been completely kicked away as well. So, the originally low body temperature feels colder to the touch. Pei Lie hurriedly got back to bed to cover his waist, then took him in his embrace to slowly warm him up.

Maybe because the movements were a little big. In response, the little koi hummed twice in his sleep, which sounds similar to the coquettish purrs of a kitty.

A warm bed, his lover in his embrace, intermingling breaths, and interconnecting heartbeats. Pei Lie never knew he could feel this much happiness before meeting the little koi. Just by looking at him can give his heart the greatest satisfaction.

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