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Ch 103: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/2)

Chapter 103: The hitman’s little koi 17 (part 2 of 2)

The sky had already brightened before 6. But the little koi didn’t wake up and still continued to sleep even past 7. Pei Lie bowed down and peppered his rosy sleeping face with several kisses, that he finally opened his eyes due to the disturbance.

That sleepy pair of eyes were languid, hazy, and dewy-eyed. But it closed again in the next second, obviously reluctant to get up.

Pei Lie offensively peppered him with kisses once more, “Tong Tong, get up, it’s time to eat.”

The little koi dawdling in bed had a rare lack of interest in eating for once. He shrank back to the quilt while muttering with closed eyes: “I don’t want to eat. I still want to sleep.”

“It’s not good for the health to skip breakfast,” Pei Lie forcefully fished the other out from the quilt, “Be good, quickly get up.”

The cold air instantly assaulted the little koi from all directions after the quilt had been removed. He immediately became unhappy, and actually began to struggle hard with his hands and feet, in addition to the uptight expression on his little face. He childishly shouted, “I don’t want to get up, I don’t want to get up! I still want to sleep!”

The great indomitable hitman, who would take the initiative to surrender every time he faces the little koi, could only release his hold and pacify him: “Okay, okay. There’s no need to get up if you don’t want to get up. I will just bring breakfast over to you, alright?”

The little koi who had wrapped himself back in the quilt once more nodded in satisfaction, but heard an unfamiliar voice speak at this time.

“Hey. I say, Pei, are you actually raising a lover or a child?”

The unexpected arrival of an unfamiliar voice made the little koi freeze for a moment. Then, after noticing the obvious ridiculing notion in the words of the other person, his scales couldn’t help but bristle in anger at once. He even set aside his irritability in the morning, and swiftly sat up with a whoosh, then angrily glared towards the direction of the voice.

It’s a pity that F had already been driven away by the exceptionally piercing chilliness in Pei Lie’s eyes.

The clothes the little koi wore for the night was very flimsy and loose, which clearly exposed his collarbone and chest area. The strong possessive desire of the great hitman would naturally not allow the other people to have a look. Pei Lie found a turtleneck sweater for the little koi, then also took a headband, to help him simply hold his hair away from his face. Hidden in the headband is a positioning chip, only half the size of a fingernail, which can help him quickly determine the position of the little koi when needed.

The little koi who had completely waken up also felt that his previous manner of dawdling in bed was a bit embarrassing. He couldn’t help justifying himself while raising his hand to pull and hide in Pei Lie’s sleeve: “That, I didn’t want to dawdle in bed, it’s……”

“It’s the baby who wants to dawdle in bed. Am I right?”

The eyes of the little koi instantly brightened as he nodded, “That’s right.”

In any case, it’s alright to push all the misdeeds to the little baby. Pei Lie rubbed the little koi’s head, and purposefully said: “The little baby is not good at all, we should just abandon him.”

“.…..ah?” The little koi couldn’t help but widen his large eyes. His line of thought unexpectedly took a sudden leap in a different direction, “Do you have another lover? It must be that person outside who just ridiculed me a while ago!”

F, who was outside, was still striving hard to take in the very unconventional affectionate version of Pei Lie. But didn’t know that a more difficult matter to take in was about to follow. He only saw the very stunning and beautiful youth suddenly run up to him with quick steps, and declared to him in an imposing manner: “You can’t seduce my wife. Stay away from him!”

F had seen a myriad of people. But he had to admit that the other side definitely had the best looks over all the men and women he had seen in his entire life. He then received a shock due to the title of wife all of a sudden, that he couldn’t resist but take a glance at Pei Lie.

It’s difficult to imagine, that a person with such a tall and strong physique would actually be the one to be pushed down……

Pei Lie, who simply didn’t care about him, just went to serve the little koi his food. The oat porridge was scooped up, then blown carefully to cool down. Even the sandwiches were cut into small pieces, he even wished to feed it to him one by one. The onlooker F, who had almost been frozen with shock, only felt that this kind of Pei Lie was very unbearable to the eyes.

The little koi, who noticed that F’s gaze was always aimed at his side, mistakenly thought that he wanted his cup of pudding. He couldn’t resist protecting his food by covering it with a plate, and even glared at him very coldly.

F: ……

I don’t want to eat your pudding, thank you. Moreover, don’t make such a cold expression with oats stuck at the corner of your mouth, alright? There’s not a bit of lethality, on the contrary, it looks cute and stupid……

F eventually took advantage of the time Pei Lie went into the kitchen to clean up, and found the opportunity to talk to the little koi alone. He then spoke with contempt and disdain: “Pei, who was originally one of the most outstanding individuals in the organization, has now been reduced to serving others as a babysitter. Your existence is a complete hindrance to him. You definitely don’t deserve him. In your opinion, apart from your good looks, what else can you do?”

He wants to let the youth take the initiative to go away. That’s the reason why he spoke such heavy words. People with strong mental resilience might not be able to repeatedly bear such remarks, let alone a youth who looks very frail and sensitive. But to his surprise, the youth only frowned, then continued to look at him with a clear and airy gaze. This demeanor made F somewhat sit up in attention.

The next action of the little koi caused him an even greater shock. He only saw the youth reach out and tap his chest with his palm, with an unexpectedly powerful force that made him incapable of putting up a resistance.

A muffled bang then echoed, F’s upped body directly slammed against the wall. He felt a great and intense pain coming from his chest and back at the same time, as he uncontrollably slid down from the wall. The little koi immediately took advantage of this opportunity to pursue and attack. He started to beat him up haphazardly, and angrily gave a reply to the question asked a while ago: “I can also beat others!”

The agile and vigorous F had unexpectedly been stupidly beaten for a short while. Fortunately, the little koi did not put into use his spiritual energy while beating him. Otherwise, he would not only end up with such a simple bloody nose and swollen face.

Raw word count: 2555

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