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Ch 104: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/3)

Chapter 104: The hitman’s little koi 18 (part 2 of 3)

The little koi, who was still upset with him immediately began to struggle, “Don’t touch me, let me down!”

Pei Lie never said a word. But the constantly tightening force on his arm exposed his unspoken anger. His breathing didn’t sound as stable as usual as well, which even made the little koi feel as if he had been frightened.

But it was still impossible for the great hitman to unleash his anger on the little koi, even when his emotions state were raging mad. At most, he would be as cold and silent as this moment.

Pei Lie finally brought him back to the hotel’s bedroom with overwhelming force. The little koi got onto the bed as soon as he went in the room, then covered his whole body with the quilt.

Pei Lie’s mood had already calmed down. He gently took a seat on the bedside, and tried to pull the quilt away. But the little koi firmly held onto the quilt from the inside, that the pull had actually been unable to make a difference. He also didn’t dare to pull too hard. He then softened his voice as much as possible to coax that small lump on the quilt: “Baby be good. Don’t hide away. Come out, alright?”

That little lump on the quilt shook his head unwillingly.

“Doesn’t your foot hurt? Can you let me apply medicine on it?”

The head continued to shake.

“Aside from your foot, is there any other uncomfortable areas?”

Shakes head twice.

“Do you feel dizzy? Did you bump your head when you fell down?”

Still shake the head.

“Tong Tong,” Pei Lie paused somewhat helplessly, “……do you really not want to talk with me anymore?”

The little koi didn’t shake his head this time, but hadn’t utter a sound either.

Pei Lie heaved a sigh, then stood up. The most important matter right now was to deal with the injury on the leg of the little koi after all, so he decided to get some medication first.

The medicine kit was still inside the car, so he hurriedly left the room, and ran to the parking area as quick as possible. The parking lot is an open space, located at the side of the hotel’s entrance, and was not too far off. Pei Lie had just taken out the medicine kit there, when he suddenly felt a drop of water hit the tip of his nose.

He looked up, and suddenly realized that it was actually raining.

The sky had obviously been sunny and cloudless just a while ago, but the rain started to fall in a blink of an eye. Pei Lie slightly faltered for a moment, as his chest instantly felt tight. In the next moment, he immediately broke into a run, and rushed into the room without a second thought. Feeling so panicked, that he even nearly forgot to take along the medicine kit.

After running back to the little koi’s side, he hurriedly gathered the youth along with the quilt into his arms, and spoke in an equally anxious tone of voice: “Tong Tong, Tong Tong, be good, don’t cry……”

The little koi was given a slight shock.

Pei Lie seemed to treat him similar to a fragile baby. The tone can even be considered to be especially gentle, as he continued to coax him with a bit of anxiousness: “Be good, ah. Stop crying alright?…… If you’re angry, you can hit me or bite me a few times, in order for you to vent your anger……”

Saying so, he immediately stretched his arm before the mouth of the little koi for him to bite. The little koi finally looked up, and started speaking with a slight nasal sound: “……I didn’t cry.”

In reality, he really did secretly shed tears, when he thought Pei Lie had left because he didn’t want him anymore. Combined with the leg injury and pain on his feet, the grievances in his heart continued to accumulate, that a tear suddenly fell, dripping past his cheek, and was nimbly absorbed by the owner’s collar in the end. Feeling embarrassed, he hurriedly wiped all the tear marks on his eyes and cheek clean.

Pei Lie who didn’t find any traces of tear on the youth’s face, felt a slight sense of relief and continued to say: “I just saw the rain falling outside a moment ago……”

The little koi, who didn’t have any memory, was completely unaware of the connection between the rain and his tears. But the rain last time still remained fresh in Pei Lie’s memory. Pei Lie didn’t explain much, but only placed a light kiss on the youth’s forehead, “Don’t cry Tong Tong.”

Because he will be distressed when he cries. No matter how formidable the walls in his heart is, it would still be unable to stand up against the tears of his beloved. Just a single tear can completely break it down.

“I won’t care about you,” The little koi sniffed, “Didn’t you hate me? Wouldn’t you rather believe the words of that mean person than listen to my explanation? So why bother about me!”

Mentioning this part, he couldn’t help but take a bite on the arm placed before him, but also couldn’t bear to use force. Just like a unweaned kitten grinding it’s teeth. Pei Lie, who had just faintly understood the reason why the little koi ran away, immediately berated himself inwardly. His eyes which were looking at the little koi couldn’t help become even gentler, as he sincerely asked for forgiveness: “I was wrong. Can Tong Tong forgive me?”

Truth be told, the temper of the little koi had already cooled down when Pei Lie had very anxiously coax him not to cry. But he still refused to release his bite. The great hitman continued to persist: “I love you so much, how would I be willing to hate you? Since I can’t stop caring about you, how about you keep me in check? I will listen to you from now on. I’ll do whatever you ask of me to do.”

The little koi finally loosened the hold of his tiny canine on the other’s arm, and arrogantly issued his order: “I don’t like that person. So, you aren’t allowed talk to him in the future without my permission!”

The great hitman looked at the pair of shallow crescent-shaped teeth marks on his arm, and felt that it was so lovely. He readily agreed with the other’s view and echoed in agreement: “Alright.”

The little koi didn’t forget to bring up all the unfinished vindication before: “He also said that I am unworthy of you. Claiming that I can’t do anything!”

“Oh,” The great hitman continued to go along his words: “So he really was the mean one, ah!”

“En!!” The little koi fervently nodded at once, so fervent that he almost twisted his neck.

Pei Lie couldn’t help raising the corner of his lips to expose a faint smile.

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