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Ch 104: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (3/3)

Chapter 104: The hitman’s little koi 18 (part 3 of 3)

But Pei Lie still wrinkled his brows as he applied the medicine on the little koi. The resiliency of the demon race were very strong, so, the little koi was already fine. But Pei Lie had still repeatedly emphasized the importance of paying attention to safety very seriously. He sternly ordered him to never be this reckless next time. The little koi looked at his furrowed brows, and took the initiative to drop a kiss on it.

The sky outside the window had also cleared up after the rain. Th sun shined once more. Shining diagonally into the bed through the window, and casting light upon half of the youth’s body. Even if he looked somewhat pale, but by the sun’s bright rays, he seemed to have a brilliant luster instead. Pei Lie couldn’t help but feel as if he’s throat had dried up. The lust that had been suppressed before, started to stir once more. So, he took a deep breath then said: “Be good, go and take a nap, okay. We’ll be leaving tonight, so you might not be able to sleep at night.”

The little koi trusted him so much that he didn’t inquire about their intended destination, he also didn’t ask why he won’t sleep. But only reached out and pulled his hand like a child and said: “Then you should also sleep with me for a while.”

So, Pei Lie took off his shoes and clothes he wore then climbed on to the bed. The little koi climbed on top his body like a huge caterpillar. Then finally settled his head on his chest, and wrapped his arm around his waist, then closed his eyes in tranquility.

Pei Lie kept looking at the face of the little koi, until his breath evened out in his sleep. Looking at him this close, the bottom of his heart couldn’t help but melt. He was placed at the softest area in the bottom of his heart. The only soft place and clean corner in his entire body.

Pei Lie still had quite a lot of things he needed to do. So, he got out of bed after waiting for the little koi to fall into a deep sleep. The little koi slept for a full hour before waking up. After waking up, he unexpectedly volunteered to go into the kitchen to cook food.

In the beginning, Pei Lie, who still remembered that the little guy would always become spirited once he sees food, planned to make some delicious food to make up with him. But the little koi had unexpectedly insisted to make the food by himself, and didn’t allow his interference at all.

He intended to learn the fish ball noodle soup as well as the broccoli with pork made by Pei Lie. But the broccoli wasn’t available, and only onions were left. The stir-fried broccoli with pork was then converted to onion with pork. As he once again reviewed the entire sequence conscientiously, he then decided to make the noodles first.

But it didn’t take long before the little koi was staring at that ball of flour with a frown. He didn’t understand why Pei Lie could instantly make noodles with just a pat and knead when he was watching. Yet, he, who had been working at it for a long time, still couldn’t even manage to make a dough.

Truth be told, he had already mastered the cooking skill as early as in the little peach blossom world. It’s a pity, that all of it has been forgotten now. In the end, the noodles wasn’t made, only a pile of dough dumplings. Only because he couldn’t accept that statement of “You know nothing” said by F, that he decided to cook on a whim. After a moment of hesitation, he then cheerfully decided to make the fish ball noddle soup to a fish ball with dough dumpling soup. Tossing all the dough dumplings into the boiling pot. He then took advantage of the gap needed for it to boil to cut the onions and meat as quick as possible.

F had silently left early in the morning. As a friend, he could only advise up to a certain point, and was also unable to say any mean words to the little koi once anymore. But just left some words on the paper bag, hoping that they would take care of themselves. The bag contained the three identification document that Pei Lie asked F to bring. This was also the specific reason of why Pei Lie had rushed over to San Francisco. Prior to leaving Philadelphia, Pei Lie had used a secret code to get in touch with two people. One of which was Jones, while the other person was F. These three identities were all innocent white-collar workers in San Francisco. More importantly, they were not those that Pei Lie would normally use. Furthermore, these were the backups made by Jones long before, so the organization may not be able to find it for a short while.

Pei Lie also knew the urgency and danger of the situation. So, he hacked into the airline with a computer, and borrowed the new identity Jones gave him to immediately book a flight to leave for America tonight.

Pei Lie, who had finished packing the things came over and saw this scene. The youth appeared decent* as he stood there and prepared to chop the vegetables. His serious appearance was so beautiful, and looks just like an oil painting.

*Used as a praise only for something still being developed, not professional.

But the reality wasn’t as beautiful as a painting. On one side, the little koi almost cut his fingers twice while slicing the vegetables. On the other side, the water used to boil the noodles should also be lesser, and sure enough, a mushy smell soon spread. He even rubbed his eyes with the hand that handled the onion.

The consequence could be imagined.

The little koi, whose eyes were irritated by the onion kept shedding tears, finally gave up on cooking. Then went up to look for Pei Lie whilst feeling sad and depressed. The finicky little koi who originally didn’t know how to explain his own grievous nature, immediately said to Pei Lie: “I don’t want to cook anymore. My eyes hurt so much, wu wu wu……”

Pei Lie, who had actually expected this result at a much earlier time, remained very calm, as he wiped his tears away and gave it a gentle blow. He also hugged and coaxed him for quite some time. Before finally placing a kiss on his dainty face. He then rolled up his sleeves and went to deal with the aftermath.

The great hitman was truly capable. In a short time, a dish that made the mouth of the little koi water was quickly served. The little koi ate very happily, but Pei Lie slightly felt an inexplicable sense of anxiety, which continued to indistinctly spread. As a result of his absent-mindedness, a green pepper had ultimately been eaten, making him choke, that he even coughed repeatedly.

The little koi hurriedly gave him a cup of water. He even patted him in the back after handing it over and asked: “Do you feel a bit better now?”

Although the area he patted wasn’t correct. But the deep concern shown by his actions and that pair of large blinking eyes were very obvious, and was just like a lovely little wife. Making Pei Lie’s originally anxious mind calm down.

The scheduled flight departs at 10 o’clock in the evening. Pei Lie reached the airport at exactly 8 o’clock with the little koi. Everything was going very smoothly, from getting the tickets to the security check. But a mishap occurred when he went to the rest room with the little koi. — He unexpectedly lost sight of his figure in a single turn.

“Have you seen the youth who just went in a moment ago?!”

A man, who had just washed his hands and was about to leave was given a fright by Pei Lie, and quickly shook his head. Pei Lie took a deep breath. Holding on to a trace of luck, as he thought of going through all the cubicles. But the mobile phone he had with him suddenly rang at this moment.

The unfamiliar number being shown on the screen made Pei Lie’s vague premonition grow more heavy at once, but he still quickly pressed the answer button.

No one spoke at the other end. Only a stretch of emptiness and silence that made him feel suffocated. Even this blank stretch appeared somewhat intermittent, just like having a bad signal.

Pei Lie tried his best to suppress his uneasiness and continue to listen, a cry suddenly sounded from the receiver.

It was the voice of the little koi.

What’s more, that cry was clearly a cry of pain.

Raw word count: 4854

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