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Ch 106: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (1/4)

Chapter 106: The hitman’s little koi 20 (part 1 of 4)

The little koi, who had certainly forgotten Arthur, slightly opened his large eyes and asked with a frown: “Do you know me?”

“No,” Arthur shook his head, “This is the first time I’ve seen you.”

His gaze seemed to never stray away from the youth’s face. Looking at the youth unblinkingly and almost greedily as he continued to say: “Arthur has seen you many times and has a deep impression. Perhaps under the influence of that hypocrite, I now actually believe in love at first sight……”

These words not only sounded a bit confusing, but this scornful way of proclaiming himself as a hypocrite, was also unlike a normal person’s behavior. A tremor in Arthur’s voice even appeared at the end of the syllable, with a hint of nervousness and excitement in his tone, “This is truly a very wondrous feeling. So that’s why he keeps thinking about you. It really makes me excited and thrilled like never before…….”

The actual situation was just as Pei Lie had believed, the other party was really different from the previous Arthur. To be more accurate, he is his second personality.

The second personality took a deep breath, and seemed to be having a hard time in extricating himself from his excitement. He reached a hand out to the little koi, and introduced himself: “I am Miles.”

But Pei Lie, whose expression grew alarmed because of this brief words of introduction, pulled the little koi behind him afterwards, blocking him from reaching back to Miles’ hand.

In reality, the little koi didn’t have any intention to take hold of the other person’s hand in the first place. His head was still feeling groggy due to the drug’s effect, in addition to having knocked his head when he fell off the ramp. While massaging his aching temples, he also stuck his little head out from the crook of Pei Lie’s arm, and glared at Miles as he said: “I don’t care about what you’re called. But you made that man inject a drug on me, and even caused me to fall down. You’d better stay away from me or I’ll beat you up first.”

Miles slightly felt uncomfortable due to the apparent disgust in the youth’s expression, yet also felt that the incensed appearance of the other party looks so adorable. Pei Lie’s focus was on the word inject: “What did you inject in Tong Tong?!”

Pei Lie was so anxious that he felt like taking the little koi for a whole body scan. Because the name Miles wasn’t unheard of to Pei Lie. — The other person can be regarded as the only individual in the organization who has about the same strength as Pei Lie, but is even more inconspicuous and secretive than Pei Lie.

Even though he had done quite a lot of exploits that had been published in the newspaper in huge cases, but not a single person had ever found his information. The reason why he could not join Pei Lie at the top of the organization’s strength evaluation list was not due to the issue in strength. But because he couldn’t control his emotions, and couldn’t be satisfied with just simple kills.

He would sometimes resemble a mad man, killing people based on his mood, in addition to being irritable. If he is in a good mood, he would give up on his target, even if the other is already within his reach. In a bad mood, the innocent passerby as well as the old, young and women can all become his target, and would suffer from ruthless tortures before dying.

The hitmen completely relies on the information sent by the intelligence agents to execute their respective tasks, so crossing paths with other hitmen would be very hard. As a result of this, Pei Lie had never seen Miles in person. At this moment, Pei Lie, who just realized the reason of the other person’s moodiness, first thought of protecting and keeping the little koi away from this lunatic.

Miles, whose outstretched hand was left hanging all alone, soon retracted it after a long while, then said: “It’s just a common knock-out drug.”

He said this entirely for the little koi to hear. For fear that the youth would dislike himself even more, he also supplemented: “It will only make people lethargic and weak for 5 to 6 hours. Without any other side effects.”

Pei Lie didn’t believe him at all, and continued to worry about the state of the little koi. The grip he had on his gun subconsciously tightened, “Did you come here as a lobbyist for the ‘general’?”

“He isn’t worthy enough to make me come as his lobbyist,” Miles expression expressed his obvious disdain towards the general, “–I’m hear to lead you to the bright path. The ‘general’ is already old and is no longer fit to lead an entire organization. We have an adage in China that goes, a fine bird chooses a tree to nest in. If you’re willing to stand in my side, I’ll be willing to designate half of the management’s authority to you. What do you think?”

Miles even had a smile on his face, looking very magnanimous. Like a missionary giving charity and what not to the other people, but was actually the most malicious fiend.

“I don’t think so.” Pei Lie gave a very direct refusal, “I don’t want to join anyone’s side, let alone be a dog that will have to obey others my entire life.”

Miles seemed to have expected this answer much earlier, as there was no change in his expression. But just raised his brow, as he unhurriedly said: “I think that this word dog, describes you very well. Maybe I can also play a little game that a dog like you is fond of. But I want you to know, I have no intention of persuading you just like F did. if you disagree–”

Without finishing his sentence, his killing intent suddenly spiked. His wrist ruthlessly strike towards Pei Lie’s waist like blade!

The exceptionally aggressive attack made Pei Lie subconsciously move to the side in haste. But the opponent had unexpectedly seized this moment to charge at the little koi, who was near him with unimaginable speed. He seized the youth’s hand and dragged him up the ramp way.

His goal right from the start was the little koi.

The incessantly remorseful Pei Lie hurriedly gave chase to catch up while firing two shots at Miles, firing the two remaining bullets in his gun.

The bullets aggressively and swiftly sliced through the wind. But Miles didn’t take cover, and was harshly hit. But just narrowly missed his heart which would have instantly taken his life.

Pei Lie didn’t think Miles would actually be so unwilling to let the little koi go in such a critical juncture.

The power of a short-ranged shot bears more strength than a long-ranged shot. The bullet that hit his chest almost pierced through his back, the other had even hit his liver. Blood gushed out like a fountain, drenching a large expanse of the dark windbreaker he wore, dripping on the ground along the hem of his clothes. A streak of blood had even flowed out from the corner of his mouth. The thick scent of blood made the little koi feel more uncomfortable.

It wasn’t like Miles couldn’t escape, but he had already reached the plane’s door. The area below his feet was high and narrow. Dodging the bullets would require him to stop on his tracks. So he chose to continue moving forward without a second thought and brought the little koi into the plane’s cabin.

The pilot under him had already started the engine at a much earlier time, the ramp sounded as it automatically retracted. The taxing plane started to pick up speed at the next moment. Pei Lie’s pupil immediately contracted. Just as the door was about to close, he swiftly grabbed on to the bottom plate with both hands, and swiftly jumped in with the help of his powerful arms.

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