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Ch 106: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/4)

Chapter 106: The hitman’s little koi 20 (part 2 of 4)

The groggy little koi, who had also became clear-headed at this moment, immediately wanted to utilize his spiritual energy to force Miles away. But his arm suddenly lost strength, –Miles had actually pressed the back of his neck, and placed his lips against the two gunshot wounds that penetrated his chest.

The healing skill was activated once again, and Miles was instantly ‘Revive with full HP’. But the vitality of the little koi declined inch by inch at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Miles in reality was also taking a huge gamble with fate.

Even if he had personally witnessed the process of the little koi healing Pei Lie’s shoulder, but no one would actually dare to believe this kind of thing. When the gunshot wound had been magically healed after being kissed by the little koi, the experienced and knowledgeable Miles had also missed a breath in surprise. That he didn’t even notice the sudden paling face and weakening body of the little koi.

Miles injury was actually very serious. Although both bullets had missed his heart, but both were critical shots. The more serious the injuries were, the more spiritual energy would need to be used by the little koi. The two successive uses of the skill in such a short interval made him so worn out, to the extent where he couldn’t even stand firm.

However, the healing process of only three seconds felt as long as a century for Pei Lie. Pei Lie’s eyes instantly turned crimson, as the killing intent in his body spiked. The voice sounding like a roar of a raging and frenzied lion resounded: “Let him go!!”

Miles, on the contrary, reached out his hand in confidence, and gently wiped the blood on the lips of the little koi.

Because he knew that Pei Lie would never dare to move rashly, and was also incapable of taking indiscriminate actions. Because of the presence of the two top hitmen inside. The one on the right, had quickly aimed his gun at Pei Lie’s temple the moment Pei Lie jumped in. The one on the left stood with a gun pointing to the back of the little koi. On top of that, the bullets in Pei Lie’s gun had already been used up.

The blood on the youth’s lips added a thrilling glamour to the whitish to almost deathly pale face of his. While the slightly knitted brows and the long fluttering eyelashes revealed more of an attractiveness and frailty that greatly enamors people. Miles, who saw this felt his heart skip a beat. He couldn’t resist replacing his hand with his tongue, licking it carefully, before finally kissing it uncontrollably.

The more he kissed the more fascinated he became. As if tasting some sort of delicious delicacy that he couldn’t bear to part with. The little koi shook his head in an attempt to avoid him. But due to the weakness on his hands and feet, he was instead pressed tighter by Miles, and could make a shallow nasal sound similar to a soft moan. Miles heart raced faster and faster with this incredible feeling of love and infatuation, that he even wished to swallow the youth in his belly.

On the other hand, Pei Lie’s state of mind was on the brink of collapse because of this scene.

The little koi is his life, yet his lifeline is now being wantonly bullied and humiliated in another man’s grasp, trapped in his arms and being forcefully kissed. He was obviously very near, yet was unable to do anything. Even a normally coward person would find such a scene difficult to accept. Pei Lie’s blue veins violently bulged inch by inch. The violent heaving of his chest, in combination with the blood splashes on his face, made him look just like a terrifying demon.

After which, despite the dangers of being killed, he bent down, then broke the wrist of the hitman on the left, who was pointing a gun at the little koi with a thunderous force!

His speed, which was brought to the limit, was so fast, that neither of the two hitmen was able to react. After the gun of that man fell, Pei Lie then turned around, and hit the temple of the man standing on the right. The swift and sharp movements was just like a spring-tension radio transmitter.

Just hearing the fist whiz through the air, which seems to contain a force sufficient enough to blast away the rocks, directly knocked the opponent to the ground. But the whistling of a bullet following the swift punch, and had almost synchronized with it.

The shot was fired by Miles.

This was a life and death situation, but Pei Lie, who couldn’t attend to two things at the same time, no longer had any time to dodge. More importantly, Miles, whose marksmanship wasn’t inferior to Pei Lie, had aimed at the other side’s heart with exceptional precision!

The bang of the gun immediately echoed throughout the entire cabin. But Pei Lie had actually remained unscathed.

When Miles had raised the gun, the little koi used every bit of his strength to lunge towards Pei Lie. In less than a second, a bullet pierced through the youth’s left shoulder. Intense pain spread throughout his body, so intense that he couldn’t even utter a sound.

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