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Ch 106: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (3/4)

Chapter 106: The hitman’s little koi 20 (part 3 of 4)

Pei Lie’s thoughts and consciousness went blank for a moment because of the little koi taking the shot. Then immediately supported the lower back of the little koi, and voiced as his body shook uncontrollably: “.…..Tong Tong?”

But the clammy blood which were shed at the beginning, had surprisingly continued to bleed without end. The pale complexion of the little koi had almost become transparent because of blood loss. He curled up in Pei Lie’s arms and gasped a few times before recovering a bit, before he subconsciously whispered to Pei Lie: “Pain……”

Pei Lie’s heart had almost went insane due to distress.

The perpetually ramrod straight back of the man bent down, as if being assailed by an unbearable pressure. He held his baby in his arms and raved on: “Tong Tong be good. Don’t be scared Tong Tong……”

“.……hmn, I’m not afraid,” The very obedient little koi responded to Pei Lie. But the pain was really too intense. Striking in burst which went beyond his tolerable level, making him unable to withhold his tears from spilling, as he repeated in a low voice: “Wu wu, hurts, it hurts so much……”


A very small teardrop hit the back of Pei Lie’s hand, but seemed to mercilessly corrode his heart like a corrosive sulfuric acid.

The little koi had forgotten about his passive skill. So, he didn’t know that his body would become weaker the more tears he shed. The rain which had already stopped began to fall outside again, falling even stronger than before. Pei Lie voice trembled as he tried to console him: “Don’t cry, don’t cry Tong Tong……”

The little koi had really stopped crying. Because he quickly lose the strength to cry in pain. The thought of thirst and sleep occupied his entire mind, making him want to close his eyes.

“Baby be good, hold on, don’t sleep……”

Pei Lie was so panicked that he couldn’t even breath. An agonizing pain drilled in his mind, as he seemed to hear his chest being crushed by a huge boulder. “He needs hemostatic drugs and medical treatment, –Are there any medicine and medical bandages on this plane?!”

The latter question was naturally directed to Miles. Pei Lie immediately looked up, then anxiously plead, pleading for the first time in his life, to Miles “Save him, please save him. I’ll do whatever you want……”

There were a few common hemostatic drugs in the plane, but no surgical knife to extract the bullet from the wound. Quite fortunately, the bullet directly penetrated the shoulder of the little koi. So, there was no need to dig through the wound to extract the bullet and make the youth suffer from another round of pain.

Miles was also worried about the injury of the little koi, but was more concerned in snatching him back.

Pei Lie, who refrained from making extra moves to avoid causing more harm to the little koi, finally enabled Miles to succeed. The little koi had nevertheless subconsciously struggled the moment he was held by Miles. But his actions were weakened due to the injury. His uneasiness could be heard from his faint calls: “Pei Lie, Pei Lie……”

Pei Lie couldn’t stop himself from tightly clenching his blood soaked hands, to try grasping onto something, but came up empty handed. A pain that seemed to tear through his flesh surged from his chest, constantly banging to and fro, till it gouged a huge hole in his chest. A lot of blood flowed out In the course of the little koi’s struggles, that the white sweater he wore had almost been completely dyed with red. Making Miles feel so anxious and worried, that the emotion in his eyes began to change back and forth, as if two sides were vying over the body’s control.

But a gloomy gaze eventually settled the moment Pei Lie took a step forward. He even pointed a gun at the nape of the youth in his arms, “I advise you not to move.”

Pei Lie could only stay still. He’s well aware how fast Miles can fire a gun, he also didn’t dare to gamble whether a lunatic like him would act on it. Those two injured hitmen quickly got up as well, then pointed their guns to Pei Lie once more.

The little koi was already so weak that he could barely maintain his human form. Fish scales had already started to faintly emerge on his eyelids, both legs were also showing signs of turning back to a fishtail. But he still struggled in Miles’ arms, using the last bit of his strength to intermittently cry out Pei Lie’s name. Similar to a haughty and agitated kitten, which can only be obediently treated once it reaches the side of it’s trusted owner.

Pei Lie’s mouth was already bleeding due to his gnashing, but that dark pair of eyes recovered a bit of calmness. But hidden in that calmness was a raging Armageddon.

He turned around, then swiftly darted into the pilot’s cockpit without warning.

No one expected him to give up on the little koi and suddenly turn around. But in the next second, their expression changed one after another. Only a bang could be heard from the cockpit, followed by the high-pitched alarm resounding inside the plane’s cabin. The plane that had already risen to the sky immediately began to shake and jolt.

— Pei Lie had deftly broken the pilot’s neck, then smashed the plane’s control panel and the levers at the same time, with swift and fierce movements.

The plane quickly spiraled out of control in almost at the next instant. They didn’t even had the time to say anything, as the plane quickly lost it’s course under the torrential downpour.

The two hitmen, who quickly rushed into the cockpit in an attempt to remedy the situation, no longer paid any attention to Pei Lie anymore. Only Miles continued to stare at him, filled with murderous air as he bellowed: “Have you gone mad?! If this plane crashes, Tong Tong will also die!”

Pei Lie had indeed gone mad.

His madness was even more dreadful than a real lunatic like Miles. He was already very desperate now. But his gaze became more tranquil, as he said: “It doesn’t matter. All of you can be buried with him.”

Miles felt the taste of fear for the first time, not for his own safety, but for the youth in his arms. The kind of fear that made him want to dismember Pei Lie a thousand times. In the meantime, the fuselage of the plane had surged violently, the people and the things in the cabin subsequently began to lose their gravity. The pungent smell of smoke reeked in the cabin. The plane autonomously inverted and had even accelerated to the maximum. The resulting overload far exceeded the maximum overload capacity the structure of the plane could withstand.

A breach had thus appeared in the plane’s airframe. The loud roar made the ears of the two people buzz. The process of the fall wasn’t clear, the only thing Pei Lie knew was that the little koi had finally returned to his arms once more. Under the propensity of velocity and pressure, his body which was sucked out from the breach in the plane directly fell into the deep ice-cold sea.

The land of San Francisco is surrounded by the sea on three sides. When destroying the control panel of the plane, Pei Lie had already figured out that they were currently flying over the sea. He didn’t consider whether he could survive or not. But only thought that since the youth was a koi demon, he would surely survive if he returns to the sea he instinctively favors.

But Pei Lie, who was able to open his eyes again after a brief loss of consciousness, unexpectedly found himself lying on the coast in good condition.

Half of his body was submerged in water, while the upper half laid on the sandy shore, and was constantly being pushed to the shore by the rise and fall of the tide. Alongside a yell that reached his ears, Pei Lie could vaguely see a figure of a young woman, who, in all likelihood should be an ordinary person living or playing along the coast, urgently asking him if there was anything wrong.

His brain at this moment hadn’t completely cleared yet. Only his instinctive reaction as a hitman quickly allowed him to sit up, as he subconsciously asked in a hoarse voice: “Did you save me? Have you seen Tong Tong?”

His thoroughly drenched clothes completely delineated the contours of his fit and muscular body. The faintly warm sunshine radiated the sharp edges of his face. Making Pei Lie’s handsome appearance become more dazzling. The face of the young lady couldn’t help but turn pink, as she mumbled a yes.

But Pei Lie, who had regained his clarity looked at his waist and arms.

His body didn’t have a trace of injury at all. Even the burns he incurred at the back of his hand during the plane crash had disappeared without a trace. The person who saved him should be no one else other than the little koi. Pei Lie endured the sharp rolling pain in his heart as he stood up without a word, and rushed straight into the sea.

“Where are you going?” The young woman hurried gave chase, but couldn’t move any farther because of the seawater, and could only inquire in a loud voice: “Did something important fall into the sea?”

His heart fell into the sea, along with the only person he would ever love.

Pei Lie turned a deaf ear on her call and plunged back into the water, trying to locate the figure of the little koi. That young woman standing at the distance continued to shout out: “Hey, you should hurry back up. Even if it’s important, but nothing is more important than life, ah!”

She even continued to righteously lie: “I saved your life, so you’re not allowed to seek death again!”

Pei Lie, who knew that the other person had just happened to pass by, was too preoccupied to expose her lies. Even if those passerby had seen the whole incident in great detail, and no matter how greatly moved they were for them to express their sympathy. But they would just be moved on the surface. These people were not involved in it after all. So, they would never be able to truly understand the feelings of the individuals involved.

That kind of gaping pain that makes you wish for death.

Several hours later, Pei Lie, who completely exhausted his strength, finally ran aground the shore along with the waves. It was nearly noon, with clear and sunny skies, shining upon everything. But his dark eyes remained dim. His entire being was like a dark shadow at the opposite end of the bright sun, and seemed to be trapped in hell.

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