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Ch 106: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (4/4)

Chapter 106: The hitman’s little koi 20 (part 4 of 4)

This sparsely populated coastal village welcomed a new resident from this day.

He had a tall and handsome appearance, but had a personality similar to a reticent and eccentric person, and would hardly talk to other people. He doesn’t even make contact with people, but would only ride a yacht out to sea day after day, then dive in the sea to look for his little koi.

In a blink of an eye, nearly a year had passed by with Pei Lie’s life like this.

He had almost searched through all the nearby seas, which can be regarded as the largest ocean with over a hundred million square kilometers. It’s area was truly very vast, that he could only search a little part of it even if he exhausted his entire life.

The boundless gray smoke and cold rainy night, the loud crashing sound and scattered wreckage of the plane, that pale to almost transparent face as well as the long hair scattered in the water, along with that thick smell of blood and a never-ending ocean. All of these fragmentary fragments forms an inescapable nightmare. Leaving Pei Lie with no place to escape to every late night when he can’t sleep.

His distress would surge even more up to the point where he would toss and turn restlessly during the rainy days, and wonder if his little koi was crying. Maybe he had accidentally slammed onto something. Or maybe it was fear and helplessness due to losing his memories again. But could do nothing other than silently wrap his arms around his tail and cry all by himself. However, he couldn’t do anything, aside from masochistically standing under the rain, and only felt that the wind all around him was ice-cold.

A year had unwittingly passed by. The culprit of the incident in that year actually reappeared in front of Pei Lie. His face appeared to have just recovered from a serious illness. Pale and thin, and seemed to have almost degenerated. Both legs seemed to have a problem, as he walks extremely slow. He even had a nurse and bodyguard beside him.

Pei Lie could instinctively tell that the person in front of him was Arthur and not Miles.

The other party said: “……Miles is already dead. To be precise, he had completely disappeared after the plane crash.”

Even if Miles had been a hitman, but Arthur, who had been in the air force before, naturally knew how to save himself after a plane crash. He floated in the Pacific Ocean for nearly three days, and was eventually rescued by relying on the hidden signal transmitter installed in his watch. But both legs had been seriously injured. It took him a whole year just to stand up again. But not only could it no longer return to before, he couldn’t even stand for long periods.

The second personality that tormented him for no less than 20 years had finally disappeared by itself, but with the cost of losing the youth he love and adores. This sort of outcome was equally unbearable. The feeling of guilt, along with the pain of loss made Arthur suffer from insomnia the whole day. His entire world seemed to grow dim, losing it’s due color and luster, only leaving an empty gray.

Miles had already disappeared, and Arthur had practically turned to a waste. Pei Lie didn’t take Arthur’s life in the end, nor did he exact any revenge on him.

Because he knows that living is sometimes more painful than death.

The things in the world are very unpredictable. Unexpected incidents can arise abruptly. In many cases, pleasant surprises can come out of the blue as well.

This day was just like every other Wednesday afternoon. Pei Lie would dive deep underwater to look for his little koi as usual. But unexpectedly saw the other side’s figure as he was about to surface.

Everything happened just like their first encounter. While the other fishes fled, the little golden koi with a little round head and gorgeous fins swam towards him, and directly went in front of Pei Lie’s face. His tiny eyes were wide with curiosity.

His whole world has returned.

All the surrounding sounds seemed to have faded away, only this calm and silent gaze was left. Pei Lie strenuously suppressed his wildly beating heart as he tremblingly extended his hand towards the little koi. The little koi inquisitively touched the hand with his mouth. Then cheerfully blew a string of tiny bubbles towards him.

“Glub lub……”. oo…○°o。…

“glub lub glub lub……” °o…o○…o○°…

Pei Lie scooped the little koi that kept blowing bubbles in his palm, as the wetness in his eyes silently disappeared into the sea.

He soon surfaced with a huge splash together with his baby.

The little koi that was transferred into the crystal tank swam around the beautiful tank with satisfaction. His large swaying tail came to a standstill as he unexpectedly drifted to sleep. Pei Lie foolishly kept looking at him for a long, long time with his still madly beating heart. He only returned to his senses when the sky had already darkened. He then rushed to the kitchen to prepare the food the little koi likes to eat.

Unfortunately, the little koi wasn’t able to eat it at all.

Because it never changed to it’s human form, even the mermaid form did not appear. It continuously slept in it’s prototype, and would occasionally toss and turn. Changing to that kind of bizarre sleeping position with it’s tiny belly face up, and would later flutter it’s tiny pectoral fin to flip itself back.

Pei Lie knew that the little koi was still in a slightly weakened state, and required time to slowly recover. Even though he was still worried, but his heart had finally settled down. He could patiently wait for the little koi to get better without contempt or impatience. He would feel no bitterness even if he needs to guard him for his whole life.

The meals were also made more conscientiously. He persisted on making the food the little koi likes to eat everyday. Waiting for that day when the little koi wake up to eat.

Until the 6th day of waiting, when Pei Lie, who was inside the kitchen, unexpectedly heard the sounds of water from the courtyard. His hand holding the ladle suddenly froze. He immediately headed towards the courtyard. His steps grew faster and faster. A strong sense of nervousness unexpectedly appeared.

He finally caught sight of the youth swimming in the pool in his mermaid form afterwards.

The little guy had unknowingly ran over here from the bedroom. The path was full of water trails. Pei Lie only felt that a faintly discernible fresh fragrance seemed to be in the air. He subconsciously wiped his hands on his clothes, then spread both arms out, and fixedly looked at the youth with a deep-seated gaze: “Tong Tong, be good, swim over and have a meal.”

The little koi, who looked back at Pei Lie with a bit of cautiousness, didn’t move.

Pei Lie, who was also waiting at the edge of the pool with arms wide open, didn’t move.

The gentle early summer glow shined upon a person and fish. The little koi hesitated for a moment. The cautiousness in his gaze eventually dissipated little by little, as he made up his mind and swam towards Pei Lie.

Swimming faster and faster. The little koi also had no idea what he was anxious about. He then exerted a bit of force on his large tail, and bent his body, then directly leaped out of the water afterwards.


Following the splashing sounds of water, the youth was subsequently caught in a firm embrace by the man. He closely pressed his head on that man’s chest, with an ear over his heart, in order to hear the lub dub lub dub sounds of his heartbeat.

Pei Lie, who steadily held the dripping wet mermaid that just came out of the water in a firm embrace, placed a kiss on his forehead like a reward, then said in a gentle voice: “Such an good baby..”

The youth, who smelt a familiar scent on him, closed his eyes a bit shyly. But the tip of the golden-bright tail was stealthily raised up high at the back.

“.…..who are you?”

The youth tilted his head to ask, while eating the delicious fish ball noodle soup very contentedly. The clear and pleasant sounding voice was like gentle running water, and seemed capable of washing away all the scars accumulated over the years.

“En, I’m your husband.”

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