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Ch 107: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (1/3)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: MC’s name change from CHEN ->SHEN

Chapter 107: The top student’s little Desktop Pet 1 (part 1 of 3)

A poet once said: The farthest distance in this world, is the distance between an underachiever and a top student.

However, there are also two kinds of top students. One reads at every given moment and studies hard, while the other hardly seems to study apart from class time. The former can be regarded as the usual top student, while the latter is said to be the true genius. From a perspective of a true genius, learning was as simple as eating and drinking, which would naturally improve without wasting much effort. That even the usual top students would be left in the dust.

The 4th city’s well-renowned National key high school has a true genius.

In ordinary days, you can see him neglecting his duties more than anyone else, but his exam scores would still be agonizingly several times higher than yours. More importantly, this true genius, is also handsome and good at sports. Causing all the female students to be smitten with this Mr. Perfect, who could simply make people angry by constantly comparing themselves to him.

As a matter of fact, this great top student, who had specially applied to the teacher to sit in the last row alone because of being too tall, was playing with his mobile phone in class again. The several male students seating at the second to the last row turned their head to look at him at the corner of their eyes, and couldn’t restrain from sighing. They couldn’t help but secretly think of that phrase of the Yuan dynasty in their textbooks which says: Earth, you do not differentiate between good and evil, how are you the earth; the heavens, with how unjust you are, you are not fit to be the heavens.

Nonetheless, Gu Qiange looked at at his mobile phone with knitted brows, as if faced with the greatest problem in his entire life.

This matter all started from yesterday evening.

Nothing strange happened at first last night. Gu Qiange went back home at the end of school just like before. After having eaten his meal, he returned to his bedroom, then powered on his computer, making use of an autoplay on that online game he frequently plays to level up, while simultaneously opening up a small window to continue to study and test the computer program code he hadn’t completed before.

Playing and creating games are the common hobbies of every guy. Although Gu Qiange was just getting started from the latter. Just as he was concentrating on checking which character wasn’t right and had lead to the occurrence of a BUG, the icon on the lower right of his screen suddenly popped up to indicate the arrival of a new email.

Because the sender came from a well-known game company he registered an online game account in, the great top student agreeably clicked it open.

“Greetings dear user, our company has developed a new smart Desktop Pet. At present, five username across the country were selected for early trial. Congratulations to you becoming one of the trial users. Please follow the following instructions in order to raise the Desktop Pet from infancy to adulthood. Then fill in the trial experience after the Desktop Pet had fully grown……”

Things like this Desktop Pet, are only something Gu Qiange had heard of but had never seen. But it should probably be virtually similar to the Virtual Pets in QQ. So, he reluctantly continued to read with patience.

As if hearing Gu Qiange’s inner voice, the next sentence of the email read: “This Desktop Pet is entirely different with those low-end Virtual Pets. Having very impressive functions, such as conversion to different voices, built-in encyclopedia, and can even answer academic questions. Because of the smart Destop Pet having a soul, he can interact with the owner through dialogues, games and such. Just like a human being, he also needs to eat, bathe and rest, in addition to having real emotions such as the four primary types of human emotions and other feelings…… There are still plenty of other surprises waiting for you to discover.”

The great top student couldn’t help raise his brow. But since a rare to come by strong curiosity of his had already been stoked, the entire email was silently read to the end.

“After downloading the program file in the exe format from the email, you will receive your smart Desktop Pet. This program is compatible with the systems of the computer and mobile phone. Not only can it be used in the computer, it can also be transferred to the mobile phone by logging in with a registered account. But the two cannot be logged in at the same time. Please take proper care of your Desktop Pet, in order to cultivate a uniquely perfect little sprite exclusive to you! Looking forward to your kind treatment and feedback, we wish you a pleasant experience!”

The main content ends here. As expected, an attachment called little sprite.exe was included, with a size that was just a bit over 2 mb. Gu Qiange pointed on the download button, then installed it into the computer with a doubtful attitude.

During the time he was about to open it, the great top student habitually doubted it for a second. Then after thinking that the important things inside the computer had already backed up anyway, so it wouldn’t matter even if it was some new type of Trojan horse virus. At worst, he could just re-install the system or buy a new computer.

So, he decisively double-clicked the mouse button, to start the program.

The expected virus did not appear. Only a beautiful gift box could be seen gradually appearing in the center of the screen, which also emitted a faint golden light. Gu Qiange moved the mouse over and clicked it. The gift box instantly opened up then gradually vanished from sight. A very small person directly fell headfirst from out of the gift box.

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