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Ch 107: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/3)

Chapter 107: The top student’s little Desktop Pet 1 (part 2 of 3)

The gift box was originally located at the center of the screen, so when the little person fell like this, he fell down to the most bottom part of the screen. The little person, who appears to only be the size of a thumb, seemed to have been hurt by the fall. As he reached out his tiny hands to cover his bottom, while subconsciously pouting his lips. His eyes also became watery as if he would cry.

–This character’s design was too adorable, ah!!

Even the normally austere great top student couldn’t help express such emotions deep inside. If he were to use just one word to describe the other side’s appearance, that would be the word cute. The large eyes, small round face, and even the bare feet were very cute. The appearance of rubbing his bottom was even too cute to be legal. Gu Qiange also heard a very soft sounding voice come from his computer’s sound system:

“.…..wu, so painful ≧︿≦……”

However, the muffled to almost inaudible soft voice made Gu Qiange’s heart throb. Even though he was fully aware that the other side was simply a smart program, he still couldn’t help but want to ask him if there was anything wrong. So he uncontrollably asked: “You……”

But just as he had spoken a word, the little person, as if startled by the sudden sound, abruptly raised his head, then slightly widened his large eyes as he looked up at him.

Gu Qiange only noticed that those eyes were spiritually looking at him, and were so beautiful that it made him fascinated. For a while, he didn’t know what to do aside from staring at the other party, then conveniently seized the chance to size up the little person again. Not only was the little guy’s body small, his age also seems to be quite young. He was dressed in ancient clothing. Wearing a white wide-sleeved changpao, but without any footwear. He was undeniably a boy, but he had a long hair, that almost reached his ankles, and was simply tied at the back with the use of a silk ribbon.

Anyone who would be stared at by someone this much would feel uncomfortable. Not knowing if it was because of shyness or something else, the little person suddenly turned around and swiftly ran to the folder next to him. Hiding his entire body at the back of that folder, revealing just a small portion of his black hair ends.

Really so adorable.

The lips of the great top student couldn’t help but slightly quirk up. He initially thought of using the mouse to move the icon away, but still didn’t move it after a bit of thought. Patiently waiting for the other side to come out. After some time, the little person curiously poked his head out a little bit from the back of the icon for a look once more, as expected.

Gu Qiange moved the mouse pointer over, wanting to carefully drag him back to the middle of the screen. But his hand unexpectedly shook, and accidentally clicked on the little person’s chest.

“Hey, what do you think are you doing!”

The very soft voice sounded from the speaker once more, but this time was tinged with anger. The little person, who appeared to be very angry, left the back of the folder and furiously glared at him. Then vigorously waved his hand, and had unexpectedly slapped the mouse pointer to quite a distance.

How smart could this little guy be, to actually be able to slap the mouse pointer away? The great top student also widened his eyes in surprise. When his finger right-clicked the mouse button, an interface displaying the character’s information popped up.

Unfortunately, the majority of the information were useless.

The name is in a pending state, the gender is male, the age is the young age of a newborn. The personality was unknown, in the parenthesis it is stated that this needs to be explored by himself. The preferences and expertise were equally unknown. At present, the cleanliness is at 5 stars, the satiety is 3 stars, the health is 4 stars, the learning skill is 5 stars. The intimacy towards the owner, together with the degree of the Desktop Pet’s favorable impression towards the owner was also unknown. But a single note at the end states: The Desktop Pet in the young age phase are more fragile. So, the owner’s are asked to pay attention to it’s physical and mental health.

Contrary to expectations, these row of unknowns, had piqued the interest of the great top student to the highest point. The 3 words of young age phase had even made him feel a slight indescribable itch in his heart, –Nurturing is actually the very deep desire hidden in every men.

Gu Qiange closed the information panel, then raised his hand to stroke his chin with a mischievous intention, and said to the unhappy face of the little person: “Don’t be mad baby, I didn’t mean it. What name do you like? How about I give you the name of Baby Gu?”

The little person froze for a moment, then seemed to grow even more furious, that he even stamped his feet, “I have a name, my name is Shen Tong! Don’t call me baby!”

The little Shen Tong was actually feeling very depressed.

He would always fall asleep each time he transmigrates to a new world. But he felt something very off when he woke up this time. The feeling of the bed underneath him was also very strange. Upon opening his eyes, not only did he actually see floating icons, but all of which were also from a very familiar software.

Browser, folder, chat software, recycle bin……

The icons which were obviously supposed to just exist inside a computer, were successively suspended before his very eyes. Making Shen Tong feel very shocked, and even suspect that he still hadn’t woken up yet.

He couldn’t help but get out of bed and head out. But at this moment, the foot he lowered suddenly slip through, as he had actually stepped on an empty space, which resulted to him falling down head first.

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