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Ch 107: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (3/3)

Chapter 107: The top student’s little Desktop Pet 1 (part 3 of 3)

Just as he was rubbing his aching bottom, he unexpectedly heard the sound of a voice. But as he followed and quickly looked up to the direction of the voice, he eventually saw a familiar face.

The other person’s facial outline bears a striking resemblance to Han Ying, but was just a bit younger than Han Ying. Even if he had a serious and unsympathetic gaze, but it still lacked Han Ying’s bloodthirstiness and fierceness.

But he couldn’t feel happy in seeing ‘Han Ying’ show up at all.

— Why is the other person’s face so huge! In his view point, it was simply as tall as a building!! Just a single brow was nearly as long as his body!!!

I must have not woken up yet. Shen Tong closed his eyes and tried going back to sleep once more. But felt the gaze of that person looking at him grow more and more heated, just like searchlights, making him feel very uncomfortable. Turning his head to the side, he saw a folder on the left. He swiftly ran to the back of the folder, then anxiously called out the system in his mind.

“This is the penalty,” The supervising white floccule immediately stated, “This is the penalty for not having completed the mainline task three of ‘staying in character’ in the previous world.”

Thinking back to the things in the previous world, Shen Tong felt so ashamed to see other people, and deeply felt that he was too stupid when he lost both his memory and IQ at the same time. The persistent Pei Lie still remained very patient and seriously coaxed him like a little baby after each time he lost his memories, and had even tricked him into believing that he was pregnant several times, but he had actually still believed in him. That he couldn’t help but wish to find someone to knock him to a block of tofu to kill himself every time he remembers this incident.

“That isn’t my fault,” Shen Tong argued strongly, “Who told you to not only neglect to quickly remind me when I lose my memory, but also be nowhere to be found. Except for the first three times, you no longer reappeared in the later times-……”

“That’s because you were too stupid that I could no longer bear to look straight.” The white floccule mercilessly cut him off, and began to talk about the general situation of this world, “The host in this world is a Desktop Pet that can log in on computers and mobile phones. Because this is a punishment world. So, the skills of the host in this world needs to be uncovered by himself. — But, since you have successfully reached the Lv6 Demon Emperor period, the primordial spirit is now powerful enough to cause various changes and resurrect from the dead. So, no additional skills are needed to cope with various predicaments.”

Even though he constantly lost his memories in the world of the little koi, but he could automatically absorb the essence of heaven and earth through cultivation, and was able to cultivate faster due to a blessing in disguise of a pure mind. His cultivation had already reached the peak of LV5 Demon King period, as early as the year when he sank to the seafloor to recuperate from his injuries after the plane crash.

The white floccule then started to talk of the mainline tasks, that were similar to the several worlds in the past. Which were the ‘Devotional practice’, ‘Acquisition of the people’s goodwill’, as well as the ‘Staying in character’ which makes Shen Tong feel frustrated each time.

“Ding–, the mainline task three “Staying in character” has been activated. The existence of the Desktop Pet is entirely for the owner’s service. So the host needs to obtain the wholehearted love of the owner, by helping the owner do all things to the best of your ability, such as daily acts of cuteness, daily weather forecast, cleaning the trash in the computer, and so on. Doing the best of your abilities to make the owner happy and satisfied-.….. ”

“Why is it like this, ah?” Before the white floccule could finish his words, Shen Tong couldn’t help but object: “It should be the owner, who is responsible for making the pet happy and satisfied!”

The conversation Shen Tong carried out with the system were done in his mind. So, the great top student, who only saw the little guy suddenly become daze in the screen, couldn’t help but poke his little face with the mouse, while calling the name that the other party provided a while ago: “.…..Tong Tong?”

The little person immediately reacted and became unhappy again, “Hey! You’re not allowed to indiscriminately touch my face!”

The pointer was slapped away by him once again, but Gu Qiange only felt that his spirited expression and ruffled appearance were too cute to handle. Unexpectedly feeling mischievous, he shifted it a bit to the little guy’s waist.

Then to the little feet, armpit…… and all the other ticklish places of a person.

The little guy was really ticklish, that even the strength to slap the pointer away was gone. He even tried to anxiously flee left and right in chaos, to try avoiding Gu Qiange’s assault.

“Wu, wu, wu, you’re really a big jerk!”

Unfortunately, someone’s legs were too short, so how could he be able to contend with the speed of the pointer? Since he couldn’t escape, the primordial spirit that had advanced to the Demon Emperor period had actually split into many little people who looks exactly like him in the places he passed by. Eventually filling up the entire screen, and crawling all over the screen.

The great top student, who had always been quick with his reflexes, was shaken up for the first time in his life.

Because the lethality of this little person was really so strong, that the filled screen was simply bursting with cuteness. Making the person who saw this feel excited and dazzled, in addition to the madly beating heart. That he simply didn’t know which one he should point to.

Suddenly recalling the satiety which only had three stars. Gu Qiange wittily asked: “Are you hungry Tong Tong?”

Then immediately right-click to look for the feeding panel, and started to read the names of the dishes inside, “There are steamed buns, lean meat congee, shrimp ball noodle soup, boiled pork slices…… Tell me, what do you want to eat?”

The satiety that had dropped to two stars due to the previous strenuous activity naturally made Shen Tong hungry. But stubbornly held back because of anger. Laying flat at the bottom of the screen, and refusing to acknowledge the other’s existence.

“If you don’t answer, then I’ll just go ahead and pick the steamed buns.”

Gu Qiange deliberately chose the worst one, and stated that he was going to click the steam bun icon. The other side finally couldn’t help but voice out in protest: “I don’t want to eat such tasteless steam buns!”

Along with this sentence, the little people all over the screen disappeared, leaving behind that one, who was fuming at the bottom of the screen, “I want to eat the fish ball noodle soup!”

Gu Qiange’s lip quirked a bit, and quickly clicked the fish ball noodle soup. The steaming noodles instantly appeared before Shen Tong. The very large bowl, was almost sufficient enough for him to bury his face in. Not only did the exotic aroma assail his nostrils, it was also very mouthwatering.

Shen Tong immediately set aside the previous things, and picked up the chopsticks to seriously eat his meal. The great top student only thought that the little guy looks especially cute even when eating. The blissful and happy face, bright shinning eyes, the chomping sound made when biting the fish ball in half, and the bulging cheeks as he conscientiously chewed.

After the great top student returned to his senses, only then did he realize that he had actually senselessly spent a long time just watching the other side eat his meal. Shen Tong, on the other hand, had quickly eaten more than half the bowl of noodles, and was rubbing his little round and bulging belly in satisfaction, while comfortably leaning on the folder’s icon without any intention to move, and had even let out a very tiny yawn.

“Are you sleepy?” Gu Qiange looked at the time on the desktop, it was already 10:30 in the evening, “But you need to take a bath first before going to bed, ah.”

Raw word count: 4428

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