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Ch 108: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (1/2)

Chapter 108: The top student’s little Desktop Pet 2 (part 1 of 2)

Shen Tong actually loves taking baths very much, and would lazily soak in a warm bubble bath after eating, feeling the utmost comfort. But in spite of this, Gu Qiange had already left a bad impression on him. Because of that, he felt uneasy hearing these two words instead, and looked at him with a vigilant gaze.

Gu Qiange truly had the intention of taking liberties with the little guy. The thought of stripping naked this tiny little person until his white face turns red with embarrassment, made his heart have a little indescribable excitement. But the little guy’s vigilant gaze were like a bucket of cold water, inexpressibly extinguishing all of his bad intentions.

Gu Qiange was also surprised to know that the emotions of the other side could actually have this much influence in him. Covering it up with a low cough, he right-clicked the bath panel with a serious expression, and read: “There are shower bath, fresh water bath, bubble bath, medicinal health bath…… Which one does Tong Tong want to choose?”

For fear that the other will arbitrarily decide if he doesn’t make a selection, so, Shen Tong gave the answer of a bubble bath. A bathtub quickly appeared on the screen, with beautiful saffron colored shower curtains, together with a packet of tangerine scented bath salt.

Seeing the existence of a shower curtain, Shen Tong immediately felt at ease, and expectantly rushed in. In the screen, Gu Qiange only saw the little person quickly bend over to make bubbles. Sprinkling the bath salts while singing softly, “I love taking a good bath. La, la, la, la, bubbles, bubbles, many bubbles. La, la, la, la……”

Maybe due to his young age, as well as the the electric current transmitted through the sound system. The other side’s soft sounding voice sounded like that of a child, making Gu Qiange feel like his heart had been brushed by a cat’s tail.

Which was utterly itchy and silky.

After making the bubbles, the little person immediately drew the shower curtain, and used his tiny hands to draw it closely, without leaving even a bit of gap. Gu Qiange moved his eyes away with a bit of regret, and strenuously tried to shift his attention from the shower curtain to elsewhere. Only then did he notice the madly flashing icon of a penguin’s head at the lower right corner of the screen.

“Quickly join the game, dage. The little brothers can’t bear the burden. We’re all going to be destroyed if you don’t come!”

Knocking on him was his childhood buddy in school, Feng Wenlong, who is also the guild master of the guild he belongs in the game. Gu Qiange leisurely closed the chat window, and move back to the taskbar to reopen the game window. Thinking of the little guy comfortably taking a bubble bath. He set the game sound on mute, before entering the map where the guild war was taking place.

Seeing that the two guild were fighting prosperously, the wide ranged light skill flew and flooded the screen like tide. Gu Qiange’s ‘Shining spears and Armoured horses’ character appeared, causing the guild members to immediately shout out.

[Guild] Literary Mind and Carving Dragons: Damn, Shining spears, you finally appeared!

[Guild] Past ╰* cloud and mists: Finally appeared +1, such a strong opponent could even be encountered in this apathetic cross-service guild war!

[Guild] Spoiled young master: Shining spears is rapidly poisoning him to death, especially this ‘Swinging the sword ↘ to the realms’, to actually launch a sneak attack behind this young master. This young master will slice him down to smithereens.

[Guild]Disciples’ energy force: Begging Shining spears to heal me first, I only have a layer of hp left!

[Guild]Domineering★Honour: Begging Shining spears for a cure, I don’t know what goddamned poison attack paralyzed me…..


Gu Qiange didn’t reply, but all his fingers were continually moving. His profession is a poison doctor. Although both the poisoning and AOE* heal ability is powerful, but there’s no AOE attack skills, so he could only solve it one at a time. He first scattered an incurable poison mist, slowing down the opponents fighting force, and gave his guild members an AOE heal, then went over and efficiently reaped the opponents one after another.

*Area of Effect

The morale of the entire guild rose because of Gu Qiange’s appearance, which slowly began to reverse the situation. The impasse battle situation gradually cleared off as well.

Unbeknownst to anyone, even while concentrating on the fight, a small part of Gu Qiange’s attention was still firmly locked onto the tiny bathtub at the bottom of the screen. When the situation of the battle had finally been leveled, he couldn’t help but stop his hand movements a bit, to see the tiny bathtub that always had it’s shower curtains drawn.

It didn’t look quite right, because not only were there no movements inside, even a little bit of water sounds couldn’t be heard as well.

Is it possible for the little guy to have fallen asleep inside the bathtub?

Thinking back to the notes in the character information interface, Gu Qiange became worried that the little person would get sick. So, he slid the mouse over, and tried to give him a wake up call.

But the little person had unexpectedly not given a reply, the shower curtain was then lifted open along with the movement of the pointer.

This unexpected discovery made the great top student raise a brow, while greatly praising this feature inwardly. After which, he couldn’t resist in continuing to lift the shower curtain, until the little person’s figure was completely in view.

A fair little beauty with a contented expression of =ω= could be seen soaking in the bathtub. Aside from the head and shoulders, all other parts of the tiny body were buried under the bubbles. The head even had a tiny yellow towel folded on top, the very tiny shoulders braved the heat as the large pair of eyes were narrowed in the comforts of the warm bubble bath.

That feeling of overflowing cuteness occupied the mind of the great top student once more. The little person was clearly just thumb sized, and only a little bit of the little shoulders were exposed. But these made his blood boil more compared to looking at some beautiful 36D woman bathing.

It was only at this time, when Chen Tong, who reacted in hindsight and felt something off. He subconsciously opened his eyes, and immediately saw the enlarged face that secretly peeped during his bath time in the screen before him.

“You-, you big rogue!” The little Shen Tong, who didn’t know how to scold someone even if he had gone through multiple words, could only reuse the few words he scolded Han Ying at that time: “Big hooligan, big pervert!!”

Gu Qiange saw the tiny face of the little guy flush red with anger, immediately followed by, the character information interface that he had clicked on before automatically popped up in unison with the little guy’s indignant voice, showing the words of “Desktop Pet’s favorable opinion towards the owner -10, currently -5”.

Upon seeing these words, the great top student still had the leisure to feel a slight happiness because of the 5 initial favorable opinion the little person felt towards him. But the current -5 made him want to cry out of this discouraging circumstance, and even noticed the little person’s look of wishing to jump out of the screen in order to beat him up. So, he hurriedly spoke with an unprecedented sincere tone and apologized: “Sorry, I was wrong. I only wanted to wake you up for fear of you catching a cold. I wasn’t intentional. Can Tong Tong forgive me?”


The little person in the screen turned his head away to ignore him, but that incensed look of his poke Gu Qiange’s cute point.

— How could there be such an adorable little thing in this world!

Although Gu Qiange secretly thought this, but his outward appearance still remained very serious, not showing a bit of thing, as he continued to apologize: “I really wasn’t deliberate. Don’t be mad Tong Tong……”

Although the little person didn’t say a word, but his facial expression obviously showed that he has been assuaged. Gu Qiange couldn’t help but slightly quirk his mouth, then pulled the shower curtain close in a very careful manner.

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