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Ch 108: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/2)

Chapter 108: The top student’s little Desktop Pet 2 (part 2 of 2)

After being disturbed by Gu Qiange, Shen Tong no longer had the mood to continue his bubble bath. So, he quickly wiped his body dry, then put on his clothes and went out. As the bathtub automatically disappeared, the open online game window immediately appeared before Shen Tong’s eyes.

In the game, Gu Qiange’s guild members were looking for him and were calling out to him once more.

[Guild] Spoiled young master: Why is Shining spears just motionlessly standing there and letting others cut him down, ah!

[Guild] Literary Mind and Carving Dragons: “F*ck, Shining spears, this guy must have run off to do something else again!”

[Guild] Past ╰* cloud and mists: Damn it, where the hell did Shining spears go? I’m about to be killed by this bell!


The reason for their anxiety was naturally the existence of another crisis.

The victorious end had obviously been in sight after so long, but the opponent’s vice guild master had actually brought out a top-notch weapon that can’t be bought with money, that can turn into a giant golden bell and can provide protection to the people inside it.

As soon as Gu Qiange returned to the game, he immediately cast a critical attack skill to the giant bell, but slightly furrowed his brows the next second.

Because the damage received was actually zero.

His powerful attack could reach up to tens of thousands of damage points, and had never unreasonably fallen to zero. The other guild members had already tried, and found that both the long-ranged and poison attacks caused zero damage, and couldn’t inflict even the slightest bit of damage to the giant bell.

While mulling over this matter, the giant bell automatically opened and started it’s offensive.

In unison with the sudden flashes of dazzling golden light, the hp of several people in the surroundings with slightly thick defense nearly bottomed out in a flash, even Gu Qiange’s was substantially lost. Everyone was taken aback, and hastily healed themselves, then took the opportunity of the opening of the giant bell to cast their skills, trying to hack the people hidden inside to death.

Unfortunately, the giant bell quickly closed up once more, and wouldn’t open no matter how they attacked. But every time they would tire in attacking and take a break, it would automatically open and launch an offensive of golden light.

The powerful attacks made Gu Qiange helpless. The fatigue which started to emerge due to repeated cure, had almost made him unable to support. The curious onlooker Shen Tong, who was leaning at the side of the window was also somewhat worried, and couldn’t resist craning his neck to get a better view.

But such an action, actually caused him to lose his balance, and directly fall inside the interface of the online game!!

The real battleground appeared the moment he opened his eyes. Just like inside a holographic world, he could hear, see as well as touch. Shen Tong also felt incessantly amazed, and subconsciously walked towards that giant bell which made Gu Qiange troubled. Everyone only saw a cute looking little person in ancient attire suddenly appear in the scene, who fearlessly attacked the well-fortified giant bell that was launching golden lights, and had ultimately been able to move it!!

All the guild members including Gu Qiange were dumbfounded.

The people inside the bell, who had also swiftly lost their hiding place, were so stunned that they didn’t know what to do. The rest of the guild members were still thinking which great god was that powerful. Who, not only had such a powerful ability, but was also quite a local tyrant to have bought the cute legendary ultra expensive anniversary edition clothes, that was simply too cute.

When this cross server guild war finally ended with the victory of Gu Qiange’s faction, Shen Tong once again stepped out from the game window before the map closed. This wonderful traversing brought out all of Shen Tong’s spirit of exploration and curiosity into play, that even his desire to sleep had vanished. Eager to give all the windows a try.

Gu Qiange had already closed the online game, only the window for writing codes was left on the desktop. The densely pack characters made the onlooker Shen Tong dizzy, so he turned around and hopped into the ‘My Computer’ icon next to him.

Gu Qiange, who only saw the little guy disappear into the icon, couldn’t help but call out: “Tong Tong, where are you?”

“.…..hmn, .…..I seem to be in the hard drive, .…..what’s up?”

The soft voice that was heard from the sound system a moment later, sounded somewhat fuzzy, as if separated by several rooms.

Gu Qiange felt relieved upon hearing a response, “It’s nothing. You can go around, but just be careful not to fall. I’ll shut down the computer after 20 minutes, so, be sure to remember and come out.”

The great top student had already installed the littlesprite.exe installation package to the mobile phone, then added, “If you still want to play, you can transfer to the mobile phone to continue playing.”

“.…..oh.” A fuzzy response sounded once more, “……your hard drive has quite a lot of rooms, ah. I feel like it should be a folder, I feel so disoriented……”

Gu Qiange didn’t have any secrets or confidential matters in his computer. But the thought of the little guy’s disoriented look, had unknowingly made his gaze turn gentle.

But he suddenly tensed up in the next moment.

Feng Wenlong seems to have passed him a huge package of AV and even GV before. Since no one at home would dare to touch his computer, so it had casually been thrown into this hard drive……

Shen Tong enthusiastically shuttled around while describing things in a realistic matter to Gu Qiange with obvious amazement, “These folders are really like rooms, with just a push of a door, all the information floating inside could be seen, and seems to feel as soft as marshmallows……”

The great top student, however, became increasingly nervous, as he anxiously asked: “Tong Tong, which hard drive are you in now?”

“I don’t know either……” Shen Tong looked around, “I went into a very big a room just a while ago, with quite a lot of small rooms inside. But there are really a lot of small rooms, that I don’t know which one I should go in to……”

The ominous premonition immediately intensified even more, as Gu Qiange heard the little guy continue to say: “The room seems to be called, hmn, private folder?”

Damn! That’s the one!

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