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Ch 110: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (3/3)

Chapter 110: The top student’s little Desktop Pet 4 (part 3 of 3)

Gu Qiange got up from the last row and headed up the podium. Writing down the detailed problem-solving steps on the blackboard. Writing while speaking, even without having a book in hand. The tall back exudes a kind of reliable feeling, the fingers holding the chalk were slender and powerful, the bottom of that pair of black eyes radiated wisdom and calmness. The gentle and elegant academic atmosphere exuding from his entire being, in addition to his very handsome look, made his title of campus male god absolutely justifiable.

In fact, these were all just an illusion.

The real Gu Qiange had a dreadful and ruthless disposition, and had completely nothing to do with anything that was wise and elegant. Things like IQ were innate, but not EQ. So the high IQ but low EQ great top student, who didn’t even have any idea how to coax the little person who cried a while ago, could only repeatedly say the words of be good and don’t cry over and over again.

After Gu Qiange had finished explaining, he raised his eyelids and indifferently glance off the podium: “……is there still anything that can’t be understood?”

The implication in this sentence was actually so he could actually rush back to his seat. The great majority of the people were still occupied in copying the notes on the blackboard, and didn’t utter a word. But contrary to expectations, there were two students who didn’t understand the meaningful glance, and felt that this was rare opportunity to learn, so they raised their hands to ask questions.

Gu Qiange wrinkled his brows, but still answered the questions as quick as possible.

The class bell had already rang, but this class had been extended for no less than 5 to 6 minutes, making the expression of the great top student a bit darker. When he finally got back to his seat, he immediately took out his mobile phone to check, only to realize that the screen had actually gone dark.

Only after having tapped a few times did he realize that the mobile phone had automatically shut off due to lack of power.

Gu Qiange panicked, and immediately asked Zhang Tao, who was seated in front of him: “Do you have a mobile phone charger?”

The school had clearly stipulated that students were prohibited from bringing their mobile phones in school at all times. Although the guidelines weren’t very strict, but it must be handed in immediately once caught. Not to mention a charger, Zhang Tao didn’t even dare to bring a mobile phone today. That he couldn’t resist grumble inwardly, do you think that everyone has the top student’s privilege of being able to use the mobile phone even in class like you?

It was still futile even after asking several other people, that the middle of Gu Qiange’s wrinkled brows already formed the 川 character. Feng Wenlong, who happened to run over from the next class to find him to have lunch together at this time, immediately saw him with an unprecedented nervousness. Thinking that something had happened, he couldn’t help but ask: “What’s going on? Will uncle and aunt not return home this month again?”

Gu Qiange’s parents are the chief academician in the academy of sciences, and were normally preoccupied with their research that they would even forget to sleep and eat. They would sometimes lead their team to hold an exchange seminar abroad, and would not get in touch with their family for an entire month. Gu Qiange was accustomed to being independent since childhood, and had a closer relationship with the housekeeper at home than with his parents.

Feng Wenlong eventually found a charger from a student in his class.

The ominous premonition of the great top student was so strong, that he didn’t even feel like eating lunch at all, and just squatted beside the charging cable, as he waited for it to power on. He felt nervous and restless during each second he waited for the screen to light up again. But after the device had powered on, he actually went stock still.

His little guy was nowhere to be seen.

The little sprite’s Desktop Pet application was still present. But when he couldn’t find the little guy’s figure anywhere in the mobile phone, Gu Qiange felt like his heart was covered by a bit of chill. The sky outside was obviously clear and sunny, and full of warmth, yet he felt chilly all over his body.

The intense coldness even made his fingers tremble a bit. He unresignedly flipped through his mobile phone once more, but was still unable to accept this fact.

Only then did Gu Qiange vaguely realize what kind of feelings he had for Shen Tong.

Those erratic heartbeat and concern, heartache and unease, as well as the panic and chill at this moment, –Was undoubtedly the feeling of like.

He had actually fallen in love with a person he had only known for two short days. But the most important part was, that person doesn’t exist in the real world at all, but in another dimension. With a face which he might never be capable of truly touching his entire life.

He had never once thought that he would never have a way to reach the person he loves and wants to offer his everything to. He was foreordained to never be able to reach him.

As a matter of fact, Shen Tong was standing outside the classroom at this moment.

A dainty little person who was only five to six centimeters tall could be seen standing on the dead leaves by the root of the tree, and was unambiguously looking left and right with his large eyes. The steam bun face was obviously beautiful and lovely, but when matched with that incongruous dead set expression, simply made him look very cute.

Being able to observe this world from a micro perspective for the first time, had inevitably made the things in Shen Tong’s eyes filled with novelty, while feeling that scenery had become completely different. Perhaps because of the rain fall this morning, a drop of water fell from the leaves above Shen Tong’s head to another leaf beside him. The seemingly common and insignificant drop of water, had now become bigger than his fist. The falling sound had also become very noticeable.

The water droplet collided with the countless smaller droplets on the leaf, and under the speck of bright rays, instantly shook and flickered like millions of stars, refracting the dazzling lights. The lovely eyes of the little person reflected the beautiful splendor as well.

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