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Ch 113: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/3)

Chapter 113: The top student’s little Desktop Pet 7 (part 2 of 3)

But in confronting the displeased and puffy little guy, the tenacious Gu Qiange seemed to like this even more, and continued to coax him to eat in an even gentler tone, with the same attitude when coaxing a child, “Oh! This yam is also quite delicious. It’ll turn cold if you don’t eat. Tong Tong should quickly have a taste.”

Shen Tong was already standing barefooted on the plate of food. As he had just taken a bath a moment ago, so his whole body was very clean. The traditional robe provided by the system would never be stained with dirt as well. That being the case, he then reached out his tiny hands and scooped up a bit of the yam’s syrup, and placed it in his mouth for a taste.

The sweet taste immediately made his eyes brighten.

“It’ll turn cold if you don’t eat, right?……” The little guy gulped, reiterating Gu Qiange’s word without omission at once. He immediately forgot his previous dissatisfaction, and was solely preoccupied in reaching out to all the viands in the plate with earnest.

Shen Tong’s character was very easy to satisfy just like this. Even when he get’s angry, he’ll also be fine soon. He would never pester or be unforgiving at all, let alone act proud and wait to be spoilt.

This was also the part Han Ying loves the most in him. Even if the youth will occasionally have a hard mouth*, but his heart will always be soft, just like a piece of sweet, warm and temptingly addictive marshmallow. Although he appears muddle-headed on the outside, but it really was just the case of great intelligence that may appear as stupidity. There were also quite a lot of things he doesn’t bother to understand, and don’t wish to argue about.


But the little guy had encountered another problem yet again.

Because no matter which choice it was, all of which were too big for him. He walked around the red braised pork with his small and short legs, but was actually unable to find any place to start biting from.

Gu Qiange, who had finally noticed this bit of detail, helped him cut the pieces of meat to as small as possible. He then strode in the kitchen afterwards, and tried to find him something that could be used as tableware.

Unfortunately, he was unable to find anything after rummaging for a long time. So, the great top student decided to use a small clean sheet of aluminum foil and personally shape it into a spoon and fork for the little guy to use. But became stunned the moment he returned, and couldn’t help from quirking his lips in amusement.

The little person could be seen stationed at the center of the plate. On the left side was the yam, in front was the red braised pork, on the right side was a small mound of white rice, at the back was the clam, which were all sizeable than him. He tore off a small piece of pork with his hand to bite for a moment, then nibble on the rice grain which he held on his hand for a while, then lap on the piece of yam he held in the next moment. The little guy was very small, but was awfully busy in eating till his mouth had been fully smeared by vegetable oil. It seems that the bath just a while ago had been all for naught as well.

“Is it delicious?”

The little guy nodded, and looked very happy, with fine sweat coming out from the tip of his tiny nose.

Under the illumination of the lights, the little person’s skin appeared more lustrous and beautiful. Gu Qiange happily accompanied him for a while, only to suddenly realize that the time had quickly flown by the moment he looked down on his wristwatch. Just eating dinner had already used up more than an hour.

Shen Tong ended up eating food which was much greater than his body’s capacity, and also felt something a bit off with him. Although he would feel full while eating, but so long as he stops and rests for a little while, he will soon feel unsatisfied again. As a result, he continued to heedlessly eat, due to his inability to restrain his mouth in the face of such fine dishes, eating up to half of the food in this plate which Gu Qiange had given him.

Shen Tong couldn’t help but touch his tiny belly. Even though there was a bit of bulge, but this didn’t reach up to the bursting point at all. He also had no idea where all the food he had eaten had gone to.

His stomach shouldn’t have become a bottomless pit, right? Does this mean that it would be alright for him to eat a lot more food in the future?

As Shen Tong was still brooding over this matter, Gu Qiange, on the other hand, had still taken out a piece of pudding to give him as dessert after the meal. The appetizing color and luster inevitably made him delighted.

So, the little person, who had already eaten a lot became high spirited as he aimed his gaze at the pudding. Huffing and puffing as he held onto that cup of pudding which was several times larger than him, and almost couldn’t wait as Gu Qiange scooped out a portion with a tiny spoon to feed him, he immediately groaned as soon as it was placed in his mouth.

Facts have proven that not only does the great top student have excellent grades, his handiwork was also first-class. Not only was the tiny spoon he had made exquisite and beautiful, it was also comfortable to use, making the user, Shen Tong very satisfied, and unwittingly finish eating the whole cup of pudding.

Only after feeling that his stomach had slightly reached the bursting point, did he slump on the table without any intention of moving. Worried that laying on the table after having just eaten his fill might be bad for the stomach. So, Gu Qiange said as he helped him wipe his tiny mouth and hands clean: “Let’s go take a walk outside to aid digestion, alright?”

On the street at nightfall, the road had been completely washed clean by the rain, and all the streetlights were lit. When Gu Qiange went out, Shen Tong had naturally been placed in Gu Qiange’s pocket once more, and only exposed half of his tiny head in order to see outside.

His shining black eyes constantly glancing left and right was similar to a child who had managed to step out for the first time. The colorful and bright neon lights brought out a radiant cascade on his pupils. And Gu Qiange, who very rarely goes out for a leisurely stroll, had an unspeakably relaxed and cheerful mood.

Walking all the way up to the nearby park. A fountain shimmering with hazy radiance under the illumination of the bright lights could be seen at the middle. There were a lot of elderly people taking their dogs for a stroll in the public square, little kids who refuses to go home and were still running around all over the place to play games, and closely cuddling young couples. This scene made Gu Qiange subconsciously looked down to the little guy in his pocket, as he couldn’t help but give rise to an illusory thought of an old married couple coming out for a walk.

He then immediately began to imagine the prospect of him being able to walk hand in hand with the little guy till old age. Such a delightful scene could make him reveal a smile in his dreams.

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