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Ch 29: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/4)

Chapter 29: A moment of soothing will be enough (part 1 of 4)

Soon after, several people had then returned to the dining area.

The matter of assistant’s loss of consciousness due to fear inside the garden also attracted attention of the other people, after all, the assistant had been carried back, and still had a deathly white complexion, just like the physical strength had been drained away, how could he be frightened to this extent without rhyme or reason when just taking a walk?

For a time, even the other guests in the function room felt frightened. The waiter saw something amiss, and promptly contacted the manager of this restaurant, who immediately came over with all kinds of inquiry towards the assistant’s welfare.

After all, this was a dinner party xiao Cheng zong attended, who in the city did not have even a bit of fear toward the family of Cheng, if xiao Cheng zong was given a fright or what problem arises, how would they still be able able to continue? Even more so, when those who were dinning here were still the cast and crew members, carelessly allowing a press interview something like this, may possibly ruin the restaurant’s good name.

The manager’s attitude was so good, repeatedly ensuring that this was definitely a special case, and they will absolutely compensate the assistant xiao He, letting the people around feel pretty good about this restaurant’s quality of service.

However, what Gu Wuji notice was, that the manager’s expression was obviously somewhat off, in addition to the trickling cold sweats, the fright upon seeing the assistant was somewhat excellently concealed.

“There’s nothing wrong with me.” Under the spectating gazes of many people, the assistant who just regained consciousness was still a little confused. The memory was confined onto that moment when he supported Huang Dao to go out for a walk, the memories regarding several days ago were also very vague, he wouldn’t have gotten a serious illness, right? “I might have just been a little too tired……”

“You must absolutely inform us if there is any problem.” The manager immediately said.

But Gu Wuji spoke out of the blue: “In fact, the matter of the assistant fright was not that simple, we seemed to have seen a black shadow, like a female ghost…… Manager, I’d like to ask, do you know anything that had happened here before?”

“What are you talking about?” The complexion of the manager changed, taking a look of panic, soon after, the eye’s sight subconsciously looked at somewhere, and only let go of his thoughts upon noticing that nothing changed, “This gentleman, our restaurant has been properly operating for so many years, never having any problems before, and would even more so not have any female ghosts. Maybe a lunatic had just ran in, we will definitely handle it as soon as possible.”

The eyes of Cheng Jia and Huang Dao became subtle, even if the ghosts brought by the assistant were gone, that female ghost had originally stayed here, this manager’s attitude of covering it up like this, can reveal a very huge problem with a single glance.

“Ah, I’m very embarrassed, I was thinking too much.” Gu Wuji said: “You must handle that appropriately, it wouldn’t be good if other people will get hurt.”

The manager repeatedly assured Gu Wuji, after seeing everyone did not have the interest to look into it again, only then was he able to inwardly sigh in relief, sending a few compensatory gifts before leaving, with the footsteps having some hastiness.

“Gu-dashi, Will this matter end like this?” Huang Dao quietly asked Gu Wuji at once, when he encounters such a thing he always feels like he couldn’t act like nothing had happened, “A single glance can reveal that this manager has a problem, ah.”

Moreover, that female ghost was still a good ghost, who also helped him before, which made Huang Dao feel that there were still kind-hearted ghost.

“No, it’s not over yet.” Gu Wuji went to the location that the manager’s eyes had glanced at, sharply noticing that the corner were pasted with several pieces of charms. He immediately pulled off one piece, and clearly sensed that the original yin energy around him had dissipated quite a bit.  

But the strange thing was, the yin energy that subsequently gathered later became more intense.

This really doesn’t seem to be a simple exorcism charm, as it happens to be a counterproductive charm which can even attract some other things.

Gu Wuji inwardly thought to some extent, then said to Cheng Jia: “Let your people investigate the matters about this place.”

Even though he originally thought of that female ghost as nothing more than a passerby, but having encountered this kind of thing now, the other party was likely to have been killed, as a good and law-abiding citizen, how can Gu Wuji ignore this?

“Ah, I remember, the boss of this restaurant apparently had an interest in collaborating with our Cheng family before, but because his reputation wasn’t very good, in addition to the being a bit old, and obviously having a family, but he still liked to mess around with young girls……which we have never approved of right from the start.” Cheng Jia suddenly recalled something, and quickly said it.

Huang Dao nodded, “I heard about this too, this old Zhang for the purpose of forcing some young girls, have done some shameless things, a person had even committed suicide as a result of this, it’s just that the news had eventually been suppressed from the masses. It seemed to have stopped lately, other people originally thought he turned over a new leaf, now it seems to be due to the fear of ghosts?”

Just as the insinuation of Huang Dao’s words were said, a blast of ominous wind suddenly blew over, just like having some sort of fury, making the body of the two people cool down.

Cheng Jia and Huang Dao were like frightened rabbits, simultaneously seizing the left and right hand sleeves of Gu Wuji’s clothes, then Cheng Jia suddenly recalled that he had some direct eye contact with that female ghost before, which just gave him a bit of boost in courage, “Don’t be so stimulated, we just want to help you!”

The figure of the female ghost did not appear again.

“She left.” Gu Wuji looked to the outside, “These charms have already lost their effectiveness to ward off ghosts now, she must be taking her revenge.”

“Isn’t this good?” Cheng Jia hearing this still felt that it was very reasonable.

“It also isn’t something like a big deal.” Gu Wuji pondered for a while, “But these charms around, always gives me a kind of bad feeling……wait, you need to quickly check something now!”



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  1. Refrigerator

    Im a bit confused? Ch28 ended on a new instance starting in the real world and then suddenly theyre in a restaurant that clearly had content before it? Did i miss something??

    1. Eovin

      They were at the party at this restaurant before they walked into its garden and had a ghostly encounter, so they simply returned back to the venue once the situation with the ghost was over. The whole new instance thing did not start, it became available for our MC to take part in IF he goes to Cheng manor and investigates it like he promised his duckling. He can decline if he wants by simply not going there.