Ch 29: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/4)

Chapter 29: A moment of soothing will be enough (part 2 /4)

In a villa not far from this restaurant, is exactly the residence of this hotel’s boss, his room at this moment were pasted with a lot of charms everywhere.

The cellphone’s ringtone suddenly sounded, a middle-aged man picked it up to received the phone call, then the complexion suddenly turned grave.

“You said that the female ghost appeared again? Almost offending a person from the family of Cheng? Damn, dead is already dead, but still causing me this much trouble.”

The voice of the manager trembling with fear and trepidation sounded at the other side of the phone call, “Boss, is there really no need to request some charms again? I feel that this female ghost is recently appearing more and more frequently, the charms might already be gradually losing their effectiveness, an accident will certainly happen if this goes on!”

“It’s alright, she will only be aggressive for a moment.” the voice of the middle-aged man took on a bit of implicit viciousness, “So what if she became a ghost? The next time that powerful high-ranking person comes over, I will immediately let her soul fly away and scatter!”

The manager, at this side had cold sweats trickling down his face.

With regards to the matter of that day, was mostly about the matters of that woman. Not having that much money at home, wouldn’t agreeing to be their boss’ kept woman be the best of both worlds? But still insistently refused, as a result, the head slammed into a sharp and firm object during their dispute. The boss feared that exposing this would adversely affect the hotel, so the moment of delay, directly lead to her death.

This matter happened to have also been stumbled upon by the manager, but for the prospects of his own future, with the addition of receiving a large amount of hush money, also concealed this matter.

But fortunately, this restaurant was big enough, just find a hidden place to bury, after that, the boss pressed down the news, everything was treated as if nothing had happened, who knew it would actually start a haunting! Had it not been for the sudden appearance of that high-ranking person who gave them charms, the things would not have been clear as it is now.

Just wishing that the high-ranking person can immediately take this ghost away.

The manager thought so, when the body suddenly felt a chill, that he couldn’t help but pull his clothes tighter, “What happened? Wasn’t the air conditioner* turned on? Why is it still this cold?”

*with the heater function

He frowned turning to take a look, then suddenly saw the face of the female ghost that emerged outside the window, he was so frightened that he instantly screamed out loud, the cellphone fell straight to the floor, as he quickly retreated several steps back, hitting the items on the table which caused a loud sound.

“You, it’s you, how did you come in?!”

The female ghost did not answer his words, as all the charms around ignited and dissipated in the blue colored flames, in return, the vicious energy around the body of the female ghost grew more intense, as the appearance also became more terrifying.

“Wait, I didn’t kill you, even if you want to retaliate you also shouldn’t……”

The manager was frightened to the brink of collapse, but could only watch as the face of the female ghost grew more and more close to himself.

“A a a a a a ah spare me——”

Listening to the despairing screams coming from the cellphone, filled the boss with fear, “What’s matter with you over there! Are you alright?”

Soon after, only the sound of a female’s frosty voice was heard coming from the phone call, “Your the one who’s going to be in trouble now.”

This familiar voice made the boss panic-stricken, quickly pressing the drop call button, and stood up immediately. Looking at the surrounding charms for a while before feeling at ease, then sat at the side and poured himself a cup of tea, intending to drink a hot tea to calm himself down.

“It’s alright, I still have the charms that the high-ranking person gave, there will certainly be no problems, it’s impossible for that woman to come find this place!”

He also can’t do anything for the manager, who told that guy to do something wicked, it’s also very normal to be retaliated by the ghost now.

The boss suddenly remembered that the interior of the restaurant was undeniably filled with charms as well, but why was the manager still able to encounter the female ghosts?

Thinking this way, the boss impressively discovered, the opening of the tea was full of bloody stench, he looked down with fear and trepidation, to see that the teacup was actually filled with fresh blood, with an eyeball also immersed inside it.

The tea cup abruptly fell to the floor emitting a shattering sound, the boss was so frightened that both the person and the chair evenly fell on the floor, but he didn’t have the time to get up, as the bloody face of the female ominously appeared, even the hairs on the head slipped down, tightly wrapping around his neck——

“I-it’s you……”

The face of the boss has already been extremely distorted in consternation and fright, he madly struggled, but the limbs were entangled in the hair, the more he struggles the tighter it entangles, those strand of hairs were extremely tough and durable as steel wires, constricting the skin so tightly that fresh blood spilled out.

Excruciating pain with blood loss, in addition to the feeling of strangulation, with a bit of vagueness, the boss could seemingly perceive that the young girl was seriously injured at this time, he clearly hasn’t died yet, but could only despairingly watch as his vitality slips away one step at a time……


A voice sounded out of the blue.

Gu Wuji broke the door open with a single hand, followed by a gasping Cheng Jia at the back, after seeing the very frightening scene before him, Cheng Jia almost sat on the ground in fear.

“Don’t kill him.” Gu Wuji quickly said, wiping the sweat on his head, that was really too dangerous, he was almost unable to catch up, fortunately, they discovered something wrong just a moment ago.

The female ghost raised her head, the originally gentle and quiet appearance had already turned extremely sinister, “Why?! He should die!”

The boss was relieved, the eyes seeking for help were constantly looking at Gu Wuji, hoping that this dashi can help save his life.

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