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Ch 29: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/4)

Chapter 29: A moment of soothing will be enough (part 3 /4)

“You have to calm down a bit.” Gu Wuji tried appeasing the other party, then started speaking: “Killing a person is not really the only way to resolve the hatred.”

“Then what should be done?” The tone of the female ghost took on a mournful sound, the surrounding grievances became even more stronger, a slight tendency to turn into a malicious spirit was palpable, the words were filled with deep-rooted animosity: “If it were not for him, how could I die, still being trapped in this place, I have obviously never done anything, but can only turn into a ghost, still watching them, these murderers continue to enjoy themselves, such a wicked person should die!”

“Dashi, save me!” The boss strenuously said using the last bit of his strength, “As long as you can stop this female ghost, I’m willing to give no matter how much money!”

“This isn’t necessary.” Gu Wuji said, then asked Cheng Jia who was behind him to show the recently printed out documents, “You see, these are the evidences of all the illegal things that this boss has been doing in the company over the years. I didn’t expect that even the land of this restaurant was forcibly taken through very unfair means from the hands of other people, several other competitors were also killed before……this is enough to be sentenced for a death penalty.”

Cheng Jia had originally been very fearful of that female over there, but the thought of him doing an extremely righteous thing for Gu-dashi, made his courage rise up again, standing with a straight waist and back as these documents were shown.

He had obtained these documents in a short period of time by relying on the family’s power, if it were changed to someone else, this kind of thing would still be impossible to do! Making Cheng Jia feel very proud.

“You……” The boss widened his eyes, could it be that this dashi hadn’t come here to save him?!

The female ghost looking at Gu Wuji was also a bit stunned, she initially thought that Gu Wuji came to try persuade her not to kill a person just like that Daoist priest seen in television……But now, she was completely unable to understand what the other person currently wanted to do, because of confusion, the grievances around the female ghost had unconsciously lessened a bit.

“And I have already posted these evidences online, in addition to some unruly matters on the aspect of his private life, were also sent to all his close friends, relatives and partners in his address book and WeChat.” Gu Wuji said.

Thanks to the additional help of Huang Dao, otherwise it would have been impossible for Gu Wuji to do this many things within such a short period of time. Even though Huang Dao wasn’t something like a well-known director, but there was still a bit of connections.

The boss heard the words of Gu Wuji, and realized that this guy might not have come here to help him, a bit of old blood had nearly been spurt out, the degree of struggle became more stronger, but it was completely useless.

Cheng Jia who was listening at the side, really admired Gu Wuji’s way of doing things, this is a complete public sentence, ah! The reputation of this boss would definitely be blown away.

“As for your matters, it is estimated that the manager has already confessed everything to the police now.” Gu Wuji looked at the female ghost, and said word for word, “I will absolutely never let your death go to waste.”

It was because the manager didn’t do it himself and was only involved in the matter, which was why the female ghost only gave him a fright.

But the scare wiped out the manager’s courage, who in order to save his life, naturally chose to immediately betray this boss later.

“The police are expected to be here soon.” Gu Wuji said to the female ghost: “You don’t have to dirty your hands to do this kind of things. Wouldn’t it feel much better to let him personally experience the feeling of being disdained by all the people?”

The female ghost hearing Gu Wuji’s words, felt that it was very reasonable, which actually made her not know how to refute…… It would be better to say that this was reasonable, why on Earth would she still want to refute?

For the time, the female ghost had already turned back to her normal appearance, she stood up, then gazed at Gu Wuji with a complicated expression, “Thank you very much.”

She had also realized, that her previous state was not quite right, if this boss had really been killed directly, perhaps she would have instantly turned into a malicious spirit unsuspectingly, this was also not what she wanted.

Even though she had turned into a ghost, she was still a kind-hearted person deep down, otherwise she would have not helped that unfortunate Huang Dao.

“There’s nothing to thank for, I’m just doing the matters a righteous citizen should do.” Gu Wuji magnanimously said, “Right, if you want to enter the reincarnation cycle, you can look for me to be purified.”

For this kind of ghost who was still not willing now, it was only natural that Gu Wuji wouldn’t also want to forcibly purify and disregard the other side’s thoughts.

The female ghost revealed a faint smile, as the figure disappeared from inside this room, she was no longer bound once her grievances had already disappeared, there were just a few regrets that have not yet been completed, so she did not have the idea of completely leaving this world yet.

Gu Wuji at this moment, heard the sound of the female ghost’s voice whispering in his ear, “Be careful with that charm.”

As expected, was that charm really problematic?

Gu Wuji pondered over it, that charm at first glance can be used to drive out spirits, but in fact, that effect was just temporary, while keeping the ghosts at bay, it also constantly increases their grievances……Not only would it completely lose it’s effectiveness, but at the same time, if the ghost would really kill a person, there is a great probability of turning into a malicious spirit unsuspectingly, could this be what the high-ranking person behind the scene wants to accomplish?

Furthermore, this charm, was also the same as what Huang Dao had with him, it was obvious that this came from the hands of a single person.

Who is that person behind the scenes in the end?

Gu Wuji had a faint feeling, that he seemed to have been involved into a matter that is something disastrous.

But he was not the least bit burdened. After all, what else could be more terrible compared to the mark left behind by an evil god?


Not long after, the police officers soon arrived, arresting the hopeless boss that had already been lying on the ground paralyzed with fright.

All things were already proven to be conclusive evidences, and were also being spread wide on the internet which caused a sensation, making him lose all the possibility of turning back, even the boss’ family had cut off their relationship with him, so as to avoid their future from being affected.

Moreover, the previous disappearance of that female ghost was also on the news, now, it has been exposed that she was actually killed by this boss, and even buried in that restaurant all along, which was simply an extremely vile case.

Furthermore, there were various kinds of mysterious bloody traces on the boss’ body during his arrest, that even the surveillance video records was unable to show what had happened……when it had been passed on the internet, everyone believed that this was certainly caused by a □□ play the boss had done to himself at home, making them despise him some more.

Those customers who went for a meal on the restaurant before had were covered with cold sweats for no reason at all, and would probably never want to go to that place again in this life again.

The reporter who received the news rushed over and ran into Gu Wuji, while being shocked that the person who reported the incident to the authorities was him, also made Gu Wuji accept the interview at the same time, asking his thoughts about the course of events, and finally on how he discovered this matter.

The next day everyone saw, a male stranger who was unwilling to disclose his name accepting a reporter’s interview, saying that he only choose to report this case to the authorities upon accidentally running across this matter, and all of this things were just a mere coincidence.

Moreover, there was only this single strip of black mosaic in the eyes, the familiar people immediately recognized who he was, making a lot of people directly spray.

Especially, those cast and crew members dinning together with Gu Wuji yesterday evening, had already been stupefied, what happened? Didn’t everyone just go for a meal together? Why was Gu Wuji still be able to unexpectedly run into a big case like this, ah!

Gu Wuji still had an unperturbed face when he spoke of discovering the body by chance, that was the reason why he realized that there was something wrong here, and soon after reported it to the authorities, together with the help of the manager who suddenly realized his own evil deeds.

The manger who had been apprehended also appeared in front of the camera, crying bitterly, while saying that he should not do such a thing as covering up a wicked behaviour, thanking that kind-hearted person who did not want to be named for letting him come to realize the truth.  

Other cast and crew members: “……” Suddenly felt like they had avoided something very terrible without their knowledge.


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