Ch 29: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (4/4)

Chapter 29: A moment of soothing will be enough (part 4 /4)

After this episode started being forwarded in the microblogs, some people at first believed that this was a hype Gu Wuji did to promote a new movie, some stars in the microblogs denounced this type of hype for simply being totally unscrupulous, going as far as to make profit from the sacrifice of a victim.

Some fans of Gu Wuji immediately started a cat fight* with them, even if they were also not that confident……after all, this matter really seemed to be too fake, alright? And just like a well-practiced dialogue.

*short-lived attacks, lacking a lower limit 

But soon after, they found out, that this deploring matter was unexpectedly real!

Those who originally sprayed* in the microblogs immediately shut up, how could this happen, ah! What was a star like Gu Wuji usually doing, ah! Why does eating an ordinary meal actually lead to running across this kind of matter, ah!

*to insult or cast doubt on a person’s ability in the internet

Gu Wuji’s fans were shocked, they didn’t know that their idol could still be this powerful!

All kinds of big v also crazily turned this matter as an important historical achievement of positive energy, Cheng Jia naturally refused to let the opportunity of this hype of Gu Wuji slip away, and also did some secret acts.

After all, even though Cheng Jia feels that Gu-dashi was only casually mingling along the entertainment circle, but now that the grievances of the female ghost had been resolved with much difficulty, not promoting it was simply a waste.

Finally, due to this matter, Gu Wuji had also gained a ferocious wave of fans……



“Gu-dashi, is this where you live?”

Cheng Jia carefully walked into Gu Wuji’s apartment.

Even though this was already a high-end apartment, as well as having 3 rooms, but from the perspective of Cheng Jia, this rich second generation who’s living in extravagance since childhood, this was obviously still too small.

Even more so, when the things inside were also too simple and plain, which doesn’t resemble like a living residence of what young person or to say a young star, but more like having a kind of a senior cadre sense of style, simply making people suspect that Gu Wuji had not yet purchased anything after moving in……

Cheng Jia’s face became more dignified, assumed with certainty that Gu-dashi was just living in such a place for the purpose of discipline himself.

However, for what reason after just entering the door, did he sense a burst of ominously cold feeling on his entire body? Just like that time of encountering the ghosts before, this must be some sort of illusion, right? How could there be the existence of ghosts in the place Gu-dashi lives in!

“Right, you can just take a seat, while I pack my things.” Gu Wuji said, then went into the room, casually taking out few pieces of clothes from the closet, then picking out some frequently used daily necessities, at any rate, he was this kind of casual person from the start.

How could Cheng Jia dare to rest while Gu Wuji was doing something, and immediately wanted to decently sweep in that side over there, but he suddenly felt a sense of heaviness upon picking the broom up.

Even he, the great young master who is living a life of luxury and had never touched a broom, sensed some place off.

Is this the weight an ordinary broom should have? Why does it seem like a person was seemingly stuck onto it……

Goosebumps sprang up all over the entire body as he became frightened by his own imagination, Cheng Jia immediately gave up on sweeping the floor, taking the cleaning rag on the side, then headed to the faucet, intending to wipe the table, but the color of the water that flowed out was scarlet like fresh blood, scaring him a few steps back, but the foot slipped making him fall on the floor, and turned his head to see a pair of eyes staring at him from the pitch-black darkness underneath the cupboard.

“A a a a a ah!!!!”

Following the blood-curdling scream, Cheng Jia frantically escaped running to Gu Wuji’s side, with tears rolling down, feeling that he was too miserable, “G-Gu-dashi! Th-there’s a ghost, ah!!”

“Ah, I forgot to tell you.” Gu Wuji had just happened to suddenly remember this, “There are a lot of ghosts inside this room, but they are not very outspoken, and will generally not interfere with people, they would even help me sweep the room, could you have touched something to become like this?”

Cheng Jia nodded feeling aggrieved, “……yes, I was originally planning……on sweeping the floor.” So that’s why he had still been able to encounter such a supernatural incident!

“It doesn’t matter.” Gu Wuji was somewhat surprised, then soon after patted Cheng Jia’s shoulder, taking on an appeasing tone, “Even though these ghosts are a bit fierce, but some are in fact good ghosts, and may just be angry, a moment of soothing will be enough.”

For what reason does this feel the same as talking about appeasing some unreasonable lover!

Cheng Jia swore that after Gu Wuji had spoken, a gust of ominous wind blew around, it seems that those ghost were very dissatisfied with Gu Wuji’s description, so there were some indignation.

But really deserves to be called Gu-dashi, ah! Where can you normally find people using ghosts like this? He became even more determined on hugging the big thigh of Gu Wuji, sooner or later, Gu Wuji would be moved and accept him as an apprentice one day.

After Gu Wuji had completely packed his things, he then spoke to the interior of the completely empty house, “I will be gone for several days, so take care of the house please.”

The answer to him was the slamming of the door.

Cheng Jia: “……” Is this really all right!

Cheng Jia called a bodyguard to help carry Gu Wuji’s luggage, the two sat on a new car, and headed to the house of Cheng.

After the haunting incident inside the previous car, Cheng Jia expressed his unwillingness to ride on it again, so a new car was finally bought, in any case, this matter was considered as just a drop in the ocean to the Cheng family’s shaoye.

Cheng Jia was obviously just going back to his home, but his nervousness at this time was more than any time before. The thought that his own home may be haunted, in addition to the other people outside wanting to start with his family, which made him feel a sense of restlessness.

“Speaking of which, does your Cheng family have anything like personal enemies?” Gu Wuji queried.

Before reaching the house of Cheng, he felt that it would be better for him to do a bit of groundwork.

“Personal enemies, if the business competitors were counted, and those people with unsuccessful collaborators, then there might be a lot of them.” Cheng Jia said with a face full of cold sweat, “I can’t think of a complete list of names at once.”

Gu Wuji: “……”

Gu Wuji: “In that case, you had been living in that house since before, have you noticed any strange place?”

“Strange place?” Cheng Jia furrowed his brows and said, “I didn’t notice any strange place,ah! That is, after a lot of mirrors were decorated, only then did such problems emerged, everything was well before.”

If it were not for those crazy encounters of ghosts at that time, not to mention a person running to him saying that his house was haunted, that Cheng Jia would have certainly thought that this guy had a few screw loose, but now……even if Gu Wuji said that he had already died, it is estimated that Cheng Jia would begin wondering whether or not he had already turned into a ghost.

“Really?” Gu Wuji patiently and systematically guided: “After all, you were living there for several decades, quite a lot of things can be accustomed to, but this does not mean that some strange things do not exist, can you try to think about it again?”

It certainly impossible for the system’s words to be fake, Cheng Jia’s home must really have a problem, perhaps it was something like a ghost pit.

Gu Wuji thought this way, and seemed to have never think back of his self who also grew up in that kind of place.

After all, he felt that his hometown which was not declared as something like an instance by the system, was definitely very harmonious, but the house of Cheng had been proclaimed as an instance! That must really be a problem.

However, considering that Cheng Jia was eventually able to safely grow up like this, those ghosts wouldn’t have been harmful malicious spirits, or there were things that restricted them, but now, that restriction had been broken by something.

In the middle of their conversation, the car had already driven into the outlying area, because it was already late, the nearby trees looked dark, each and every shadow of the tree’s leaf were like a person’s shadow, letting people produce a sense of fear.

The road to the house of Cheng, was simply like a road of no return.

This kind of notion suddenly sprouted in Gu Wuji’s mind.

“Ah, just to speak.” As Cheng Jia pondered over there for quite some time, his complexion increasingly turned solemn, and spoke with a shaky voice, “It usually happened when I was younger, there were obviously no people in the house, yet a lot of footsteps could be heard……I thought it was nothing more than just visitors coming over the house, but just never came across them, after going over to ask my father, he said there was no such thing at all. I also thought that I had merely remembered it incorrectly.”

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