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Ch 30: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/3)

Chapter 30: House of Cheng (part 1 of 3)

Gu Wuji later on heard Cheng Jia speak about some of his childhood incidents as well, as a result, the conversation finally turned to unconsciously lamenting to Gu Wuji on how he suffered setbacks due to his excellent older male cousin as a child.

To sum it up, wanting to acquire the truths from Cheng Jia here was estimated to be very difficult, after all, he was also personally unaware of what the real situation was.

“Right, Gu-dashi, you have always been continually troubled by me before, and had yet to receive any payment.” Cheng Jia suddenly recalled something and hurriedly spoke, “Although such an otherworldly expert like you may not need it, but it’s impossible for me not to give! I will send it to your account within several days, doubling it to the market’s price.”

“Thank you very much.” Gu Wuji had not anticipated this harvest. After all, these kind of matters were also done inside the instances, and had long been accustomed to it.

However, he will not do something like refuse it as well, now that Cheng Jia wants to give, then giving was also good, en, perhaps he can also develop a side-line business for himself.

“This time too, although you have been entrusted to expel the ghosts from our house.” Cheng Jia quickly stated, “I will absolutely try my best to cooperate. As for the people at home, I will also exert myself to convince them……”

His voice gradually diminished as he spoke this part. He wasn’t very confident in being able persuade the other people at home. Cheng Jia was basically known as a good-for-nothing young man from a wealthy family who only knew how to play outside, and didn’t have any rights to speak at home.

They soon reached their destination.

The house of Cheng actually seemed to have no problems at all, as it had a luxurious and powerful feeling, that even had a garden occupying a large area. The house that seemed to have passed through some years, made it very elegant and beautiful.

There was also a house allocated for the servants. The people working here were very well treated with a look of pride on their faces.

Naturally, the interpersonal relationship of the Cheng’s family were quite complex, they didn’t live apart, as everyone in the family lives in it. The house was divided with the current capabilities, so only the eldest Cheng Qing-shaoye still lives there as well as Cheng Jia of the second branch of an extended family. Even thought Cheng Jia’s father did not have any capability, but he wins in honesty, and was also able to mix well in the family’s businesses, that was the reason why the temperament of his wife and son had a bit more arrogance and willfulness.

As for the third branch, who lacked any capability, yet still felt like they should obtain a better treatment and would frequently make all kinds of activity, were of course, instantly pressured firmly by the main room.

The fights and schemes within are estimated to be able to film a dog blood TV play of a rich and powerful family.

It was enough for Cheng Jia to have an outstanding older male cousin, as he himself did not have the slightest interest in those things, otherwise, in the disputes of the rich and powerful family TV play at this moment he would have also been the protagonist……or more like the cannon fodder?

As soon as the car had just come to a stop at the main entrance, Cheng Jia attentively opened the door of the car, letting Gu Wuji step out of the car, with a very respectful attitude.

“Gu-dashi, this is my home.”

The system’s voice suddenly sounded at this moment as well.

[As a small third-rate celebrity, without knowing why you accepted the accepted the commission of a rich second generation, have now reached the villa in the outlying area.]

Gu Wuji: “……” If this introduction came out from a horror film it would have been from that big rotten type of film, okay?

This had also been seen inside the forums before, when ghosts with some conditions in certain places in reality were then triggered by players, that would generate some instances.

However the difficulty levels in these instances were not the same, if the difficulty was really too much, it will not be forcefully triggered by the system as well, so this current instance……shouldn’t be too difficult. Maybe it can also be treated as a vacation or something.

[Mainline task: Investigate to clearly understand what had actually happened in the villa of the Cheng family.]

Only the steward was aware that Gu Wuji is the ‘dashi’ that Cheng Jia invited back, the others were completely unaware of this, so the other servants who witnessed this later were shocked still one after the other……they were actually able to slightly recall the face of Gu Wuji, was this not that small star who was hot on various types of searches before?

The matter of Cheng Jia’s sexual orientation were basically also more or less known by everyone as well, plus the open mindedness of the Cheng’s family master, that was also the reason why he was allowed to play around. However, this kind of matter like bring a boyfriend back had never been seen before, ah! After all the parents of second Cheng-shaoye were not easy to deal with……

It is estimated that this little star will be banned soon……everyone couldn’t help but have some sympathy.

Gu Wuji actually felt a familiar feeling upon entering the door, this place was filled with yin energy, and was simply like going back to his house which made him very nostalgic.  

In all likelihood, he should be able to make a beautiful memory out of this place as well.  

As for such things like nervousness and anxiousness because of going to the house of Cheng, was completely non-existent to Gu Wuji.

The steward still felt that Cheng Jia was deceived by the smooth talking of this small star, even if nothing much was revealed on the surface, but the attitude had a bit of sloppiness, “Gu-xiansheng*, the people has already prepared a room for you upstairs, the servants will bring your luggage up first.”

*xiansheng: like mister or sir

Naturally, even if Gu Wuji was unpleasant to the eyes, but the prepared room were still better than the average guest rooms, their Cheng family will not go so far as to move their hands and feet to make an issue.

“Thank you so much.” Gu Wuji courteously expressed his gratitude.

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