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Ch 30: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/3)

Chapter 30: House of Cheng (part 2 of 3)

“No need, Gu-dashi’s luggage will naturally be given to me!!” Without waiting for a maid to come over, Cheng Jia quickly took Gu Wuji’s luggage that was brought forward by the driver at the side, the movements were so swift as if fearing it would be snatched by someone else.

Other people who were secretly observing: “??” Cheng Jia-shaoye is it necessary for you to do that kind of kissing up to? Wasn’t this small star the one who was supposed to be doing all kinds of flattery to their second young master? This scene always had a slightly strange feeling.

The steward inwardly snorted coldly, and even felt contemptuous. While Cheng Jia was excitedly carrying the luggage, Gu Wuji also heard a coldly ridiculing voice that can only be heard between the two people, “The eldest master and the third master will not be able to return today because of some matters, but this doesn’t mean that some people can behave loosely here as well, our Cheng family can’t accommodate the mess of those people who deceive others.”

After finding out that Gu Wuji was looking at him with an expression that seemed to have a slight elusiveness, made the steward think that his gibe worked.

In the next moment, Gu Wuji took a notebook in his hands and tore a page off, then placed it on the steward’s body, “I can see that your complexion doesn’t look so good, the surrounding yin energy is also very strong, which makes it very likely to encounter troubles, in short……you can first take my contact number.”

Fortunately, he had made preparations since earlier, presumably, the odds of the people in this place encountering ghosts will not be low, it will be very hard to manage if only luck is relied on, so he bought a prop.

This notebook was also very cheap, as it had no other use besides letting the owner slightly perceive when the person holding it encounters a dangerous situation.

The words of the steward on the other hand, was something Gu Wuji did not consider at all. In any case, he didn’t forget that the reason he came to the Cheng’s house was to complete the task, which can be considered as exorcising ghosts, of course, the lives of the people living inside should not be ignored.

Steward: “??”

“Oh, right, it would be better if it’s placed close to you, and not too far away as well, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do anything when something unexpected happens.” Gu Wuji also abides with helping people if possible but not saving when it was impossible to save.

But if they turn into a ghost, he can purify them out of friendship.

The steward hearing this felt very puzzled, this Gu Wuji was still actually planning on swindling him? At the time when he almost tried to tear this paper, Cheng Jia had suddenly turned around.

“Steward, you must properly keep it!” Cheng Jia hurriedly said: “You mustn’t disregard Gu-dashi’s good feelings.”

The steward could only force himself to keep this paper, while feeling that the second young master had already been completely brainwashed by this Gu Wuji, and couldn’t help but inwardly hope that the eldest young master would come back a bit sooner, to quickly educate the second young master back to the right track.

In the middle of their conversation, a young girl suddenly came running out from the hall, the eyes brightened the moment she saw Cheng Jia, “Jia-ge, you came back, la!” soon after the line of sight paused to Gu Wuji’s body who was at the side, and with a bit of obnoxiousness said, “Who’s this?”

Gu Wuji: “……”

“Gu-dashi, this is Huihui a distant relative of my mother, she is currently staying in this house because of studying here.” Cheng Jia diligently divulged the information about the other party to Gu Wuji at once, then frowned and looked at the other person, “This is Gu-dashi, you mustn’t be so rude to him.”

Fang Huihui gritted her teeth upon hearing Cheng Jia’s words, she initially had some favorable impression towards this older male cousin of hers, at this time her eyes gazed at Gu Wuji like looking at some kind of male fox.

“Don’t think that having a bit of beauty means your amazing, aunt will be returning tomorrow, we’ll see what you can do when that time comes!”

Having said this, she was about to run off indignantly when she was called to a stop by Cheng Jia. She turned her head with a bit of anticipation, then saw Gu Wuji hand over a piece of paper from his hand.

“This is my contact number. Call me if something happens.” Gu Wuji said which sounds just like that trashy pick-up lines on the street.

“You think I——”

Gu Wuji also took a step closer, then lowered his head to look at the young girl before him with a very gentle expression, “Take it, alright? I don’t want to see you have an accident.”

That’s right, Gu Wuji at this time have already made use of his acting skills.

Fang Huihui wanted to decline and also humiliate him at first, but seeing this person’s extremely beautiful appearance before her that also had a very serious expression. The words she initially wanted to say could no longer be exported, the heartbeat had also suddenly miss a beat……as the hand subconsciously took the proffered paper as well.

When Fang Huihui realized what she had just done, she felt a burst of anger within her, “D-don’t think that doing this will make me have some favorable impression of you!” Saying so, she quickly ran away.

“Gu-dashi, this girl is really too ignorant, I will reproach her next time.” Cheng Jia hastily told Gu Wuji, while the heart at the same time also felt very jealous, he had been acquainted with Gu-dashi for such a long time, but had never been gently told like this by Gu-dashi, ne!

“It doesn’t matter.” When Gu Wuji who can be a gentle and patient person to Auston, that type of employer who likes to seek death everyday, could care less for the attitude of this little girl, so he immediately said: “Let’s go to your room and take a look at that mirror, ok?”

“Oh, okay!” Cheng Jia immediately forgot what had just happened, as his trepidation rose, then taking the luggage headed upstairs with Gu Wuji.  

Just after stepping onto the second floor, a pair of middle-aged man and woman directly came forward, with a very peculiar expression, “Cheng Jia, ah, what kind of friend are you bringing home?”

“I don’t think that this looks very decent, ah, you shouldn’t bring over some dubious person, not anyone can just come over to our house of Cheng.”

“Third uncle, third aunt.” Cheng Jia called out very reluctantly, he obviously didn’t have any good impression towards this two people. It was extremely uncomfortable to hear them slander Gu Wuji, just as he was about to retort.

“The complexion of the two of you doesn’t seem to be very good ah, could you have done something bad?” Gu Wuji said with a very serious expression, then steadily gazed at them, “En, the kind of ominously wicked things, after all, the yin energy I see around you are much strong than the others.”

The complexion of the third uncle and aunt immediately changed, soon after the complexion of the third aunt became unsightly as she said: “What are you talking about? What kind of ominous things could we have done? Cheng Jia, I think that you need to be more far sighted when picking friends.”

“Besides, what yin energy? Isn’t this just the words of a fraudster?”

However, the third uncle surprisingly said something after seeing Gu Wuji’s face, as his complexion suddenly changed, “The news this morning, is you——”

After suddenly recalling about something, their expression turned more gloomy, the eyes that looked at Gu Wuji once again was also not as contemptuous as before.

“We still have things to do, we won’t be bothering you now.”

Having said this, the two people quickly left, looking at their pace of retreat looked just like running away.

Gu Wuji gazed at their backs with some deliberation. After entering, he noticed that there were mirrors in a lot of places inside this building, one could frequently see themselves in the mirror upon turning around in corners.

Even though those placements couldn’t be said to be something strange as well, but he instinctively had a bit of subtle feeling. What’s more, the system’s introduction of the background before had clearly mentioned the matters regarding the mirror too, there should be a problem no matter which angle it is looked at.

“Gu-dashi, is the problem on the body of third uncle and aunt very serious?” Cheng Jia was still anxious and frightened because of the previous recent events, “I also felt a strangeness upon entering the door, it didn’t seem to be like this before.”

“No, I just said it casually, the present situation isn’t that serious, but they will be encountering trouble at any rate, there is nothing wrong with me saying it in advance.” the words Gu Wuji was saying were really unreasonable, “In fact, I think it has been coming for a long time already, these people will also not have any imminent danger for a while.”

The real danger is that person behind the scenes who wants to do something about the Cheng family.

Cheng Jia heard Gu Wuji’s thoughtless statement, but his filter made him feel that Gu Wuji must be saying these words in order to comfort him, and suddenly felt both moved and frightened, “Gu-dashi, do you want to tell them to leave first? It’s so dangerous here……”

“I don’t mind if you want to tell them.” Gu Wuji turned giving him a sweeping glance, then said: “But are you sure you can convince the others?”

“I-impossible.” Cheng Jia suddenly became something like a frosted eggplant, in accordance to his status at home, this kind of thing would certainly be impossible to achieve, moreover, the others may even think that he has some mental problems.

“I actually thought of something, but just need your consent.” Gu Wuji said, this was an audacious idea that sprung up once he entered the door.

“What?” Cheng Jia was surprised, then saw Gu Wuji take out a box from the bag, he suddenly recalled what existence was inside this box, it was that ghost, ah!

“G-Gu-dashi, would this matter really have no problems?!”

“Weren’t they unconvinced? Then letting them believe it will be alright.” Gu Wuji said nonchalantly, feeling that this idea was very reasonable, “I am only thinking about saving their lives as well.”


“I also don’t want other people to die, just letting them experience it a bit, that’s all.” Gu Wuji said, while feeling that he was getting more and more benevolent, “It can also be considered as an early exercise for the future, lest everyone would be too scared to run away when encountering ghosts in the future.”

“Of course.” Gu Wuji personally feels that he should still respect the feeling of the other people, “If you don’t want to then let’s forget about it.”

Even though Cheng Jia always had a feeling that something was wrong, but the more he thought about it the more it felt that it was very reasonable, this was also Gu-dashi thinking about everyone’s welfare, ah! So he immediately agreed to Gu Wuji’s method.

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