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Ch 30: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/3)

Chapter 30: House of Cheng (part 3 of 3)

Soon, they entered Cheng Jia’s room.

Cheng Jia’s room in this house was still quite big, even without returning for so many days, the servants at home would always clean it, so the entire room was very neat and tidy.

Moreover, everything needed were inside the room, in addition to the huge french window and the balcony outside, a huge bed was also placed in the middle of the room. But the most eye-catching thing was still the mirror hanging on the wall.

There was nothing unusual about it, but it subconsciously attracts the attention of others.  

Cheng Jia had originally felt the strangeness of this mirror, and that terrifying feeling had reached the highest point, so he said in a cowering manner: “Gu-dashi, how about we change rooms? This mirror is too creepy……I always feel as if these seems to be something in there.”

“What you said makes sense, it seems that there wouldn’t be any privacy when sleeping here……”

Cheng Jia: “……” The privacy was not the problem!

Gu Wuji went over to inspect it, but didn’t see anything unusual, this mirror also didn’t look like it can be removed at once, and gave up the idea of breaking the mirror with a punch, it wouldn’t be good if the ghost inside was hurt, as violence was wrong.

“But you should put a monitor in front of this mirror, ok? Let’s see, what will actually happen here at night.” Gu Wuji said.

Cheng Jia naturally did not have something like a surveillance monitor, but such things were kept in the storeroom, he immediately called some of his subordinates to prepare, so it didn’t take long for it to be installed in the room.

Everyone felt that the behaviour of the second young master became more and more strange, why does he have to install a surveillance monitor in his own room?

After everyone left the room, a black shadow vaguely appeared in the mirror, watching Gu Wuji’s direction with a bit of sinister air, then soon dissipated once more.

In the end, Cheng Jia followed Gu Wuji and also headed into the guest room, even though the conditions here were not too good for him, but he can only bear with it in this case as well.

The two of them had been busy for so long and were also tired, as they were also unable to have any rest during the daytime. After Gu Wuji washed up, he just ate something the servant sent and was prepared to rest.

Cheng Jia was frightened to death, but did not dare to say something like wanting to sleep on the bed with Gu-dashi, and finally choose to just sleep on the sofa. Being so close to Gu-dashi made him have a sense of security.

Gu Wuji was unconcerned about this, he opened the box and instructed the shadow ghost to scare the other people, it would be better to grasp the scale to avoid causing troubles in frightening people, and to check and examine this house that has the biggest issue along the way.

The shadow ghost didn’t expect to receive a task this quickly, he presumed that this might be the way of the other party to test his capability, so he immediately had the strong desire to give it his best shot.

“If you can meet the ghosts that had originally existed in this place, it would be best to communicate with them, it would also be better if they were able to tell us the actual situation.” Gu Wuji declared, “It doesn’t matter if their unwilling, I will go over to personally ask when the time comes.”

Cold sweats trickled down from the shadow ghost upon hearing this, if Gu-dashi personally went over to ask, perhaps the purification skill will be used to coerce the other! His heart suddenly clenched for the ghosts that originally existed in this house, and soon promised to ensure that he would complete Gu Wuji’s task.

Gu Wuji feels that doing this kind of thing should be enough, he really didn’t have it easy, needing to work this hard for so many people and ghosts every day. Having thought so, Gu Wuji laid down on bed then went to sleep as soon as his head touched the pillow.


In the middle of the night, the steward faintly heard the something like a frictional sound.

He only frowned his brows then turned around, but that frictional sound grew louder and louder, so clear as if the sound was just right beside his ear, letting him completely unable to continue his sleep.

The steward was greatly annoyed and immediately opened his eyes, seeing only a piece of darkness, just a little bit of moonlight from outside the window shines in the room.

Not that far away, was a dark shadow, the hand could be seen to still be dragging something on the ground.

What’s is this?!

“Y-you……” He opened his mouth to speak, but was caught in a strange state of ghost oppression, which was completely outside his control, even wanting to move a finger became extremely difficult.

Moreover, that shadow was moving closer and closer, the steward’s eyes had adapted to the darkness, and could clearly see that the face before him had a deathly paleness like a paper, a pair of eyes that were shedding tears of blood was just like a dead person, tenaciously staring at him.

I-it’s a ghost!

“A a a a a a a ah——”


This night, for most people in the villa, was fated to be a sleepless night.

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