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Ch 31: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/3)

Chapter 31: Realistic instance (part 1 of 3)

The shadow ghost had came out from the room of the steward who had already passed out of great fright and arrived at the hallway.

Recalling the extremely frightened appearance of that steward before, made the shadow ghost think whether he had been too much. Did he look that frightening? While he was wracking his brains to ponder over how he could grasp that intensity, he had just floated around the corner when he suddenly felt something amiss.

He was already a ghost, so he would naturally not feel any fear, he turned his head and immediately noticed a strange thing.

It was that mirror at the end of the hallway.

What came as a surprise was his appearance had actually been reflected in that mirror.

“This is……”


In between the gap of consciousness and unconsciousness, Gu Wuji felt like he had come to a noisy space.

The clamour of footsteps constantly sounded around him, just like a group of people were continuously walking around him.

Innumerable sights which can make people very uncomfortable fell on his body.

Gu Wuji subconsciously opened his eyes, to see a pair of eyes looking down to stare at him. Those eyes were full of emptiness, perhaps they themselves did not know what they were in the end as well.

But in all those gazes, only one man’s line of sight were tinted with vicious grievance.

That person is——


He woke up.

Gu Wuji sat up then picked up the cellphone beside him. The time indicated that it was already 7 o’clock in the morning of the next day.

He couldn’t restrain from frowning upon recalling that strange dream last night. Just like with that previous instance, the dream he had must also have a relation to this instance as well, but for the time being he couldn’t come up with anything from it yet.

Gu Wuji suddenly became stunned when he took a look around the room.

Something seemed amiss with this room.

No, not just this room, but this whole space seemed wrong.


Cheng Jia who put-up with the sofa the whole night felt sore over his entire body. He then saw Gu Wuji sit up at the side while looking at him with a serious expression, he immediately drew in a cold breath as he properly sat up at once, “W-what happened? Gu-dashi?”

Gu Wuji reached out and raised Cheng Jia’s chin upwards, taking a closer look.

Cheng Jia simply didn’t dare to breath heavily in this kind of close proximity. He naturally didn’t dare to have any improper thoughts towards Gu-dashi, but being stared at by his idol in this kind of manner was a very nerve wracking experience, ah! Coupled with Gu Wuji’s identity and this serious expression, made Cheng Jia worry whether he might die.

Gu Wuji finally loosened his hand and said in a relaxed tone, “En, you’re Cheng Jia.”

“Gu-dashi, what do those words mean?” Cheng Jia’s entire being became uneasy, “Could it be that I am not me?”

“That isn’t necessarily true. Take a look, isn’t this room different from before?” Gu Wuji said.

“It seems to be a bit strange?” Cheng Jia sized up the surrounding, but this wasn’t his room to begin with and he was also too tired yesterday. So even when he looked around for quite a while, he was still unable to see where the problem was and could only feel a surge of unspeakable strangeness coming from everywhere.

“All the facilities in the room are in the opposite position, and are completely different from yesterday.” Gu Wuji uncertainly muttered then pulled a curtain to the side of the wall. A mirror’s surface that was as high as a person suddenly appeared before them and could almost reflect the entire room, “Just like……we have entered something similar to the the mirror’s realm.”

If it were not for Cheng Jia saying about the mirror giving him an uncomfortable feeling before, as well as the emphasis of the mirror in the words of the system. He would have also been unable to think of this.

[Indeed, at this time. You finally noticed, that this place is a realm inside the mirror]

[Mainline task update: Investigate the relationship between the mirror’s realm with the outside world, and discover the actual truth of what had happened in the house of Cheng during that time.]

Having heard the system’s words, Gu Wuji can finally ascertain that his conjecture had really been correct.

“W-what?” Cheng Jia had suddenly noticed that all of the things in this room were really in the opposite position than it had been before, making his complexion pale in fright, “Then what should we do?”

“Don’t worry, there will certainly be a way back.” Gu Wuji extended his hand and touched the mirror before him, sensing a very intense quality of yin energy, but going through it was completely impossible.

He also didn’t know how they were actually able to enter this realm inside the mirror yesterday.

Gu Wuji turned around, and pulled the window’s curtain open. Looking outside from the french window, a large amount of grey fog completely surrounded the villa’s location, that the sunshine was almost unable to pass through, filling the place with desolation.

The garden that had originally appeared exquisitely beautiful, now looked totally different from before. Appearing extremely dilapidated beyond compare, as if no one did any kind of maintenance, the shadows of the undergrowth seemed to be hiding something.

There would definitely be no problem in using this scene to directly film a horror movie.

“It seems that the previous plan can’t be completed. Now that it is like this, it is estimated that even leaving would also be deemed as impossible. The cellphone doesn’t have any signal too, so contact with the outside world is out of the question.” Gu Wuji said this, but didn’t feel any strangeness at all inside, this was an instance of the system after all, ah. How could it let the people inside escape so easily? It’s just that he had no idea who were the people who had been swept in this strange space in the end……

After all, there might still be some sort of ‘person’ that existed inside the mirror.

Cheng Jia’s anxiousness had reached the extremes, however, when everything was said and done, he had also experienced several ghost encounters so he had not been instantly terrified like before, as he was still able to slightly ponder over the current situation. He suddenly realized something, “Gu-dashi, is that shadow ghost still there?”  

Gu Wuji shook his head, “It hadn’t returned yet.”

“It can’t be.” Cheng Jia started speaking with a disgruntled face, “Could it have possibly gone together with the ghost in this villa? To jointly deal with us when the time comes?”

“It wouldn’t be possible just yet.” Gu Wuji said: “He is more familiar with us, so how could he help some strange ghost he has just encountered? I think it might have also been trapped somewhere else.”

“It’s obviously a ghost, can it still really meet an accident?” Cheng Jia had been completely dumbstruck.

“This isn’t always certain. After all, there will also be differences between a ghost and another ghost.” Gu Wuji quietly said and seemed to think back to those matters in the previous instances, he then gazed at Cheng Jia once again, “All right, let’s head outside first to see what the other people are doing. If you don’t want to go, you can also stay here and take a rest, but I wouldn’t be able to guarantee whether or not any incident would occur.”

Cheng Jia was extremely unwilling to head out, but he was well aware that staying here was estimated to give him a quicker death. So he immediately gathered his courage and decided to stay beside Gu Wuji, in any case, he would certainly be safe in Gu Wuji’s side!

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