Ch 31: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/3)

Chapter 31: Realistic instance (part 2 of 3)

The hallway was clearly the other way round, even if the interior of the room hadn’t been noticed, but after heading out, even a simpleminded person can realize the anomaly of the situation.

A shrill scream suddenly sounded at this time.

“It’s Huihui.” Cheng Jia’s heart suddenly skipped a beat.

The two people immediately rushed towards the place where the voice had emanated from, not long after, Fang Huihui was seen falling down on her butt with a face full of fright. A maid was standing not too far from her, the other side’s appearance was completely impossible to see from their point of view.

Seeing someone approach, Fang Huihui quickly ran over at once. She originally wanted to grab her older male cousin’s hand to cry, but discovered that compared to her, Cheng Jia who had already hidden behind Gu Wuij from the beginning, had cautiously poked a head out from behind similar to a rabbit and had also trembled with fear and trepidation as well.

Fang Huihui: “……”

Cheng Jia’s originally tall and mighty image within the young girl’s heart had collapsed with a loud bang.

“Are you alright?” Gu Wuji had finally opened his mouth to ask Fang Huihui, the tone was just like a warm and gentle spring breeze caressing her face, as he was afraid of accidentally scaring the other person off, “What’s wrong?”

This should be the normal development, ma! Fang Huhui at this time seemed to have just reacted to what had happened, tears of fright immediately rolled down as she suddenly felt that Gu Wuji who was before her was extremely reliable, “Th-that maid, she, she isn’t a human!”

The two people had just been able to take a closer look, the pale complexion of that maid standing over there was akin to a dead person, the pupil was also abnormally dilated. She expressionlessly swept a glance at their direction, then proceeded to look down to sweep the floor.

But the strange thing was, the broom in her hand was already extremely dilapidated, which made this scene of cleaning the floor appear more stranger.

Fang Huihui who just went out immediately saw this maid, which was the reason why she would be this frightened.

“Do you recognize the face of this maid?” Gu Wuji queried.

“Of course not!” Fang Huihui’s said in a panicked manner: “I have never seen her. What is actually going on? Now……”

Cheng Jia’s face became bitter as he thought that being together with everyone was good, but also felt that it was fortunate that the other people hadn’t returned yet. He then pacified her by saying: “Huihui, wait for the other people to be together, I will go and explain it to you.”

While Gu Wuji pondered over at the side. Since she was unfamiliar, would it mean that the ghosts in this place were not the projection of the people in reality, but had originally lived in this realm instead?

Moreover, it seems that, the other party also seemed to have no harmful intentions, but seemed to be constantly carrying out some kind of responsibility. Could this be the bonds of the ghosts in this realm?

Gu Wuji pondered over it, then calmly walked over.

Both Cheng Jia and Fang Huihui were frightened as they looked at Gu Wuji’s back nervously, the traces of the two of them being relatives could actually be observed at this point.

“Hello?” Gu Wuji tried to call out a greeting, while carefully observing the other party at the same time. From this distance, he could clearly determine that the clothing of the other party had been extremely worn out, the style was also different from the attire of the other servants he had seen yesterday.

The maid did not have any intention of giving him a reply to him and only swept bleakly, but in any case, sweeping while using this broom was not going to work.

Gu Wuji thought to some extent, knowing that the other side was unlikely to give him an answer, he finally turned around and went back beside Cheng Jia and company, “Cheng Jia, are you aware of any strange incidents that could have happened in this house before? In several years back or more than a decade ago? Could something have happened to any servants here?”

According to those things that was just seen, this strange realm inside the mirror was either brought about by the previous owner of this house or the previous generation of the Cheng family. This one would naturally be asked to Cheng Jia.

“Gu-dashi, this… I don’t know.” Cheng Jia’s face was glum, he was obviously member of the Cheng family, but could not be of any use, and really made Gu-dashi very disappointed, “I had never cared about these matters, but this place is our Cheng family’s ancestral domain and could never have been passed on the hands of other people……”

“So it was actually like this.” Gu Wuji nodded, which means that it will only be the people related in the Cheng family, figuring this out might also be a bit easier.

At this moment, a clamorous noise was heard coming from downstairs.

“It seems that the other people had already gone downstairs, we should also quickly head down.”

The three people immediately made their way downstairs. Along the way, Gu Wuji discovered a lot of mirrors in the surroundings inside this mirror’s realm. The mirrors in this place were much more than that in reality.

At the time that several people were passing through the hallway filled with mirrors, a hand suddenly protruded from one of it’s surface, heading straight towards Fang Huihui’s direction and attempted to grab her.

Fang Huihui step aside in an almost subconscious manner, but had staggered and was about to fall down the flight of stairs. Gu Wuji who had managed grab her, had just narrowly avoided the tragedy from happening.

Perhaps because this villa had been constructed relatively earlier, that the stairs were very precipitous, and had become even more frightening inside this mirror’s realm. If she had fallen down like this, even if she didn’t die she would still be seriously injured.

“G-Gu-dashi? I am really grateful towards you!” Fang Huihui who suffered from a shock held a hand over her chest, she was so moved that she cried while looking at Gu Wuji. She now felt that Gu Wuji was an angel that had descended to help her.

“No problem, be more careful next time.” Gu Wuji casually reminded.

“Damn, that was too terrible.” Cheng Jia didn’t dare to approach a mirror again.

When Gu Wuji had reached the lounge, the steward with both the third master and his wife had already been waiting there. The complexion’s of the three people were not too good which showed that they had clearly suffered a fright.

Upon waking up they had naturally discovered the strange situation of the villa. Fortunately, even if the servants they encountered were strange, but did not do anything to them, this was the only reason why they had safely reached the lounge.

As for that strange fog and randomly growing weeds outside, looking at it can make people give birth to fear, so how would anyone still dare to go out?

“What the hell is happening here?” the face of the third master was extremely irritated, but there was a slight trace of panic within his eyes, as if what was happening went beyond his expectations, “How could this kind of changes happen here?”

The steward had no other choice but to appease them, even when he in truth, had a personal encounter with a ghost last night, that he couldn’t find any compelling words of comfort and could only heave a sigh internally, looking at it, it seems to be that incident more than 20 years ago……

Seeing Gu Wuji and the others, the steward anxiously step forward at once, checking whether Cheng Jia had been injured or not. The steward had only let out a sigh of relief after Cheng Jia repeatedly assured that he was alright.

“Everyone.” Gu Wuji called out to all the people and immediately spoke of the current situation, “You should have also realized that this is place is haunted. If I’m not mistaken, we are trapped in a realm inside the mirror.”

“Stop fooling around!” The third master had been extremely stirred up, he stood up wanting to seize Gu Wuji’s collar, “It must have been you, this fellow, who has done something! Speak, what the hell do you actually want——”

The third uncle appeared taller and stronger when compared to the relatively slimmer figure of Gu Wuji, that a single hand of this person could easily pinch Gu Wuji. Fang Huihui’s complexion had changed as her heart raised, for fear that this beautiful youth before her will be hurt by the third master.

But in the next moment, the third master with a sturdy body had actually been directly laid down on the ground along with a loud bang, while Gu Wuji stood at one side by himself as if nothing had happened.

The third master looked at Gu Wuji with a dumbfounded expression. Just a moment ago, he had actually been unable to do the slightest trace of resistance, and was in utter disbelief of the strength possessed by this person before him.

“If you talk properly, then I will explain it properly.” Gu Wuji said in an unhurried and methodical manner. Sweeping his eyes to the small group of people before him, even if his tone held no threatening intention, but it wasn’t that amiable as well, “But if you have other intentions, then I won’t be polite as well.”

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