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Ch 31: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/3)

Chapter 31: Realistic instance (part 3 of 3)

Presently, this realistic instance seemed to have no difference with the usual instances. The only problematic place was the teammates who weren’t cooperative at all.

The originally various attitude of everyone had immediately changed, the situation right now was not right after all. This astonishing force value of Gu Wuji was visible to the naked eye, that no one could possibly be able to fight back if a fight had really happened, nevertheless the initial attitude of his was comparatively a bit more reliable.

The third uncle was helped up by his wife and didn’t dare to say anything again, as he had been scared by this Gu Wuji.

The steward had remembered the words Cheng Jia had said before, so the eyes that looked at Gu Wuji did not contain any disdain like before. Could this small third-rate celebrity really have the ability to deal with ghosts? If he’s really able to resolve the things that are happening here……

Just like being aware of what the steward was thinking about, Gu Wuji had turned to face him. Determinedly looking at the steward and started to ask: “Steward, how long have you been employed in this house?”

The steward’s originally subtle expression suddenly took on a look of pride, working in the house of Cheng was obviously a thing that made him extremely proud, “It has already been several decades, I have been serving the house of Cheng from my youth. I have seen the growth of all the young masters, no one knows the house of Cheng more than me.”

“That’s great then.” Gu Wuji tone became elated, feeling that this will save a lot of trouble, “So let me ask you then, were there any strange incidents that had happened in this house before? With relation to those mirrors here.”

Having heard what was said, the look of the steward and the third uncle with his wife completely changed, the steward still said stubbornly: “There were certainly no untoward incidents, these mirrors are nothing more than ordinary decorations.”

“Steward, the current situation is related to our life and death. It’s very clear that there’s a problem with these mirrors.” Gu Wuji said: “I hope you won’t cover it up, otherwise, all of us will not be able to leave this place.”

Even though everyone at the beginning had prejudices towards Gu Wuji, believing that he was just a one of the gang of scoundrels Cheng Jia befriended. But in this dangerous juncture, Gu Wuji who still maintained this unperturbed appearance, had certainly given the others a shot of courage which also made them trust him a little more.

The steward opened his mouth and looked at the young master Cheng Jia at the side. Only then did he make up his mind and said all the things he knew.

After all, even if this was a secret of the Cheng family, if it isn’t disclosed to this outsider now, maybe all of them will die in this strange place. The other people may be forgotten but Cheng Jia-shaoye must never meet any mishap.

As it turns out, an incident had once occurred in the Cheng family more than 20 years ago. At that time, Cheng Jia’s grandfather, who was the head of the family at that time, had a very young brother and was still in his 20’s, even more younger when compared to Cheng Jia’s father and uncle.

Maybe because the father had been too old when he was born, the body of his grandfather’s younger brother was very sickly, that he had no other choice but to only stay at home to recuperate, this also made his character temperamental, and had frequently done things that other people couldn’t understand.

However it was said that he had a very handsome appearance and was also very talented in some areas. It were not because his body was really sickly, he would certainly have a bit of standing.

In a certain day, without any kind of warning, he suddenly committed suicide by cutting his wrist inside his room, he was no longer breathing by the time he was found. It was said that the scene at that time was very bizarre, those people that discovered the body suffered a certain degree of fright, that several people had committed suicide after that.

This matter was just the beginning, after that, some strange things happened in the house of Cheng from time to time. Some people would constantly see some strange shadows in the middle of the night, mental problems emerged due to extreme fright. For a while, there were anxiety among people, some had said that the grandfather’s younger brother came back as a ghost. A lot of servants started to resign, money wasn’t as important as life after all.

This incident had even affected the Cheng family’s line of work, it was at that moment, that the head of the family consulted an expert who finally placed these mirrors all throughout the house. The expert, in addition had also said that these mirrors must never be moved, doing this kind of thing will let his grandfather’s younger brother be at peace.

After that event, everything seemed to have returned to normal. The Cheng family had also pressed the news down, no one will really want to let this kind of strange matter continue to spread, after all. The present result was, the sweet and silly rich second generation like Cheng Jia was completely ignorant about his own family.

“Looking at the situation right now, it seems to be that person again……” The steward’s expression became extremely complicated.

It was also because of having this experience, that resulted to the steward in losing consciousness out of fright by the shadow ghost yesterday night, after all, it had evoked a shadow in his heart.

The steward was also someone who had personally experienced a lot of things, this was the only reason why he felt that Gu Wuji didn’t seem to be reliable, as he lacked the feeling of an expert, but there was not other choices right now.

The complexion of the third uncle and his wife at the side had already become deathly pale, but they still tried hard to reduce their sense of existence and had no intention of saying at all. This kind of thing naturally drew Gu Wuji’s attention.

Cheng Jia had a burst of shock, completely not expecting that his family’s house would actually have this kind of incident! He began to feel that it hadn’t been easy for him to safely grow up all these years.

“Steward, are you certain that the death of his grandfather’s little brother had really no connection with the Cheng family?” Gu Wuji spoke. This current situation had unexpectedly made it hard for him to not recall that boss he encountered in the first instance.

“Definitely none!” The steward indignantly uttered: “I swear with my life, the Cheng family will never do this kind of thing. The death of the young master at that time, was also a blow to the Cheng family. No one had anticipated this.”

The steward’s agitated appearance didn’t seem false to Gu Wuji’s view as well, but he still felt that the truth of the matter was not what had really happened. Besides this kind of course was also unlikely to be used twice, right!?

“Then what should we do now in order to leave? What does the young master of the Cheng family want to do?” Fang Huihui fearfully said, “Even if those ghosts doesn’t hurt us. Who knows what would happen if something is eaten here……Dying would be much better than staying in this place forever.”

“Steward, there’s another thing that I want to ask.” Gu Wuji then looked towards the steward, “The expert must have said something else other than that, do you still have an impression?”

“This.” The steward’s expression became more contemplative as he really thought harder, “It’s true that he said something. That person said that if something bad would happen after. These mirrors must never be broken, or else a terrible thing might happen. In-in addition……it has been too long, I am also not that sure anymore.”

“Steward, now is not the right time to forget about it, ah!” Cheng Jia hurriedly said. He had already been scared to the point of dying, if this matter had ended, the first thing he would definitely do is to immediately move away.

“I remembered. That expert had once written some notes on what to pay attention which were placed inside the study! Because no incidents had happened since then, everyone presumed that everything was completely alright, so no one also went to look at it.” The steward quickly disclosed.

Everyone inwardly let out a breath of relief at once, at least they now had a course of action to get out of this haunted place.

Just when they were planning to get up, the sudden opening of the door at the side was followed by a creaking sound, which immediately made everyone have a look of nervousness.

A servant with very rigid movements was seen coming in, and was still followed by other servants. All of them held plates with cloche on their hands, the tableware for the plates were expressionlessly set on the table.

Each one of them had a plate set down for them.

“Everybody, please have a meal.” The body of the head servant was so stiff that seeing it made everyone’s scalp go numb.  

Some people had actually felt some hunger. So even though, the present circumstances was very strange, they still sat down, and tried to lift the cloche on the plates before them.

After seeing the plate contents clearly, everyone immediately drew in a cold breath. These dishes seemed to look completely rotten, in addition to the strange bugs constantly crawling on top which were in stark contrast to the exquisite tableware. Eating this would most probably result in their deaths.

“This……I would like to ask you to take it away.” Fang Huihui braced herself as she spoke up.

The servant frigidly turned around, the corner of the mouth seemed to be sneering coldly, “This food must be eaten, otherwise you will not be able to leave this place.”

“Do we have to eat when you tell us to eat?” the third master’s heart had a fit of rage, even if these people were very creepy, but they too, shouldn’t be able to do anything just like the other servants in the house. He had had originally felt aggrieved because of the previous incident with Gu Wuji. Having a fearing the strong while taking advantage of the weak attitude, now made him turn his anger towards these servants, “Do you not recognized what identity you have? Since you are a servant, you should listen to the words of the master!”

“Third master, you must calm down!” The steward promptly voiced out: “The expert had once mentioned that these spirits must not be unsettled as well……”

As the words had just been said, the faces of several servants before them became more and more fierce, even the body had undergone changes. Compared to the look that were just slightly creepy a while ago, it had now already become something similar to a monster.

Several monsters who were not far from the location of the third uncle started to approach him. The third uncle who had suddenly realized that the turn of events were far from good, subconsciously took several step back. Feeling his knees weaken he subconsciously cried out for help: “H-help ah……”

“Wait.” Gu Wuji’s voice sounded out of the blue.

The movements of several servants stopped, as they turned their heads to look at Gu Wuji with an expression that made people feel extremely horrified.

Fang Huihui and the others didn’t dare to breath heavily. The monsters that appeared before them seemed to look like those that came out from a horror film, just seeing them made their mind feeble, not to mention having any kind of dialogue with the other side.

Cheng Jia was the only one who looked at Gu Wuji with excitement in his eyes, he can be likened to that type of fanatical fanboy who would believe in Gu Wuji no matter what moment in time, “Gu-dashi will certainly be alright!”

The steward beside him was filled with pessimism and inwardly heaved a sigh. He only hoped that if something bad happened to fall on Gu Wuji, Cheng Jia-shaoye wouldn’t feel too sad.

“Rushing to get up this early, must also be exhausting to all of you.” Gu Wuji said while taking a step forward, he then patted the shoulder of the servant before him as he said with deep concern, “We aren’t that hungry right now, it would be much better for you to eat something first.”

He noticed that the ghosts in this realm really didn’t have it easy, as they still remained as corporate slaves despite having turned into ghosts. They really had work ethics, which made him very appreciative. These dishes should be a delicious delicacy in their perspective, right?

The head servant looked at Gu Wuji with a kind of scrutinizing gaze, as if unable to make sense what his purpose was in the end.

Everyone thought that Gu Wuji had simply gone crazy, what on Earth was he trying to do by calling over those ghosts to eat something? Why was his attitude just like calling over an ordinary colleague to eat? Will these ghost even listen to him?

Gu Wuji saw the other party have this kind of look, his look changed after he had suddenly thought of something.

Just when the others thought that he might have been afraid because it had just dawned on him. Gu Wuji turned around and took the plate, then went to the servant before him that had already turned into a monster while seemingly taking no notice of the other side’s ominous appearance at all.

“Your body shouldn’t be very convenient, so eating by yourself is impossible. Then let me lend a hand, it shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

The servant slowly reverted to the a human’s appearance and fixedly stared at Gu Wuji. Gu Wuji also gave a fixed stare with his eyes full of enthusiasm, which simply made a person incapable of opposing.

Servant: “……”

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