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Ch 32: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/4)

Chapter 32: Realistic instance (part 1 of 4)

Everyone: “……”

They looked at each other in this manner, until the servant finally acquiesced with Gu Wuji. After nodding he opened his mouth, but when it had already reached the limit that a normal person could sustain, he did not stop, that the entire scene became just like an image from a terrifying horror film.

At the same time as this, the food in everyone’s hand that had originally looked so horrifying, also turned to a new fresh look with an appetizing appearance. It even exuded a faint mouthwatering aroma.

The other people who had seen the previous picture, would certainly be unable to force this thing in their mouth even if they were hungry.

Gu Wuji felt that this person’s table manners were very terrible, how miserable could he normally be, ah? While he seriously fed the servant before him, he also felt a sense of fulfillment in doing good deeds within.

The other people at the side who saw this horrifying scene before them, had varied expressions, they would have already run away if it were not for the others who were still standing around them.

Gu Wuji’s impression within their hearts had already undergone a complete change. After all, how could a simple pretty face and small third-rate celebrity accomplish this kind of step? This was obviously a person with impressive abilities, ah! No wonder Cheng Jia had a lapdog’s* appearance before, it turns out that he had seen the abilities of Gu-dashi since long ago.

*someone who is willing to do anything that a more important person tells them to do

After the food on this plate had been consumed, the servant closed his mouth and nodded to Gu Wuji with an expressionless look, “Since your part of the meal had been eaten, you can now leave.”

“As for the other people……” The servant swept his eyes over them, with an eye that seemed to contain a bit of taunting look, “It is still necessary to consume the food before you, otherwise you will be unable to leave.”

How on Earth could the others dare to eat these things? Fortunately, they had Gu Wuji who had taken the initiative to set an example, so they gathered their courage and looked for a servant around them.

The other servants were only low-leveled ghosts and lacked their own consciousness, so they automatically opened their mouths after hearing the command, which actually saved them from a lot of troubles.

It’s just that these people were usually the ones being served by others, how could they have the experience on waiting upon others? Even more so, when what they needed to feed right now were such terrible creatures. Each and everyone of them were mentally overwhelmed, for fear that something would go wrong with just the slightest of mistake.

At the same time as this, Gu Wuji also had an awkward conversation with the servant before him.

“How long have you been working here? Do you normally get any break time?” Gu Wuji increasingly felt that the ghosts in these instances were very unfortunate, as they were working for the boss without compensation, “Could it be that you don’t even receive salary?”  

The servant facing him did not say a single word and still maintained his initial attitude of indifference. But the more he listened to Gu Wuji’s words, the more speechless he became, even the expression he had turned more and more subtle.

In Gu Wuji’s view, this individual before him was a destitute ghost that had been squeezed dry, which made his heart feel even more sympathetic. He would certainly liberate these unfortunate beings completely.

“Then do you know how we can locate the master inside this mirror’s realm?” Gu Wuji tried to ask in a probing manner.

According to his deduction ability, he believes that the final boss in this instance would definitely be that young master of the Cheng family who had committed suicide, but was still unable to figure out what role this mirror realm had. As expected, finding the entire truth would still be required in order to leave this realm. Of course, the fastest way was to directly head to the boss and personally ask him.

The servant who finally heard a normal question from Gu Wuji changed his expression, but Gu Wuji didn’t know why he felt like the other had let out a sigh of relief.

“Just give up, alright? You will definitely be unable to do it. It’s impossible to escape this realm, just wait until this evening……once the master’s strength reaches it’s peak, you guys, will remain in this realm forever.”

After uttering this brief sentence, the servant no longer spoke a single word no matter how much Gu Wuji prodded him afterwards. But Gu Wuji had at least already been able to obtain a single information……Tonight will definitely be an important moment, if they were unable to find any trace of clues ahead of time, then they would only be sitting ducks who would be waiting for their death tonight.

Even more so, when the things in this realm were impossible for them to consume. In addition to the continuous physical consumption, they would be unable to run away even when they need to.

Time was also of an essence, that Gu Wuji couldn’t help but knit his brows.

With the endeavors of several individuals at the other side, all the food had finally been consumed and those servants finally left with the rest of the tableware.

Only an air of silence lingered within the hall.

Numerous cold sweats trickled from everyone’s forehead, knowing that they were trapped in whatever terrible place this is and subconsciously looked towards Gu Wuji with a begging look in their eyes.

The third master abruptly stood up, the emotions which accumulated for such long time had finally erupted at this moment, as he spoke with gritted teeth: “I wouldn’t continue to stay in this place! You yourselves can continue to keep that ghosts company! I’m leaving!”

Having said so, the third master then pulled his wife and quickly walked towards the main door.

Cheng Jia was too lazy to control them, they themselves had not yet calmed down, where would they still have time to stop other people from being rash? Nevertheless, when the steward saw this scene, he hurriedly went forward, wanting to dissuade them.

But the moment the third master opened the main door, he immediately closed the door afterwards just like he saw something very terrible, and retreated while still in shock.

“What is that?!” A look panic filled his face, as he constantly muttered under his breath: “How can there be such a monster?! Things shouldn’t have been like this……”

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