Ch 32: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/4)

Chapter 32: Realistic instance (part 2 of 4)

“What happened?” Gu Wuji didn’t believe that the third master could get away from this place before, they had already been trapped in this place after all. Even setting foot in the fog outside will just lead them back where they came from in the end. But he hadn’t expected them to encounter things when they still hadn’t passed through the doorway.

Gu Wuji went to the window at the side and lifted it’s curtain. he immediately saw that in the garden outside, were shadows with very slender bodies that almost reached 2 meters high, travelling back and forth. Just seeing their distorted bodies gave people a kind of uneasy feeling.

Many of their complexion turned deathly white upon setting their eyes on this scene.

The distorted bodies of those shadows indicated that they were not some kind of existence. No matter which angle they looked from, if they fall into the hands of those monsters……They may had never expected that such a frightful thing would appear in the home they lived in for so long, that a psychological shadow would still emerge even if they managed to leave this place alive.

“No wonder the garden appears so messy, was it due to this connection?” Gu Wuji secretly pondered. “But these shadows don’t look like ordinary ghosts. I had also never heard of that much people dying outside. What kind of ghosts does this realm inside the mirror really have……”

Fang Huihui who was behind them suddenly let out a scream, while also taking several steps back in extreme fright, her hands firmly grasped her clothes.

The third master had initially wanted to yell what was wrong with her, but upon seeing the spot Fang Huihui had her eyes on, also made his body stiff.

On the french window at the other side of the grand hall, a single gigantic eyeball with a bloodshot appearance had appeared, staring at everyone with a touch of animosity.

It didn’t break the window at all, but the gaze constantly wandered around. But when the gaze fell upon the crowd, a flash of fear had even appeared.  

“W-where did this monsters come from!”

“I don’t have any idea either, ah! But it doesn’t seem like it can break the window, it seems that we are safe for the time being……”

Immediately hereafter, a loud crashing sound was suddenly heard coming from the main door, it was also fortunate, that the main door of this villa owned by the Cheng family was of a high quality, that the door did not break open immediately. But even so, the constantly overwhelming sound being sent out right now, means that it will be unable to support within a minute.


The people knew that staying here was no longer feasible, so everyone hastily made their way to the second floor. Gu Wuji who was constantly observing the surroundings along the way, suddenly noticed an ordinary looking mirror facing the direction of the french window.

There were really too much mirrors in this villa, that he didn’t even know whether this mirror was actually just randomly faced…… Could the flash of fear in the monster’s eye just a moment ago be due to this mirror?

“Gu-dashi, hurry!” The anxious voice of Cheng Jia could be heard from ahead, “It would be troublesome if the monsters from outside comes in!”

Even if he feels that Gu-dashi was very perverse, but facing these kind of monsters that was not in the ghosts category…… Gu-dashi would probably be also unable to handle it.

“En.” Gu Wuji nodded, moving his gaze away from it and quickly followed Cheng Jia as he ran to the staircase.  

But after he moved his gaze away, a black fog seemed to have faintly emerged from the mirror that had originally been plain.

A touch of fear flashed through the eye outside the french window, as it quickly went away. The grand hall regained it’s peace, aside from the constant banging sound coming from the main door.  

After setting foot on the stairs, everyone just realized that this staircase was more precipitous than when they went down before. The wall next to it was covered with mirrors and were able to clearly reflect their appearances.

If it was any other time, having a mirror beside them would be of no problem. But it can make people very terrified inside this haunted place, so much that they would even feel like there were sights constantly looking at them from the side.

Gu Wuji on the other hand was able to walk through this place in a very natural manner, because he had been stared at by the evil god in the previous instance from start to finish, that he had long been accustomed to such feeling……

Nothing happened along the way, but just as the third master’s wife at the fore front was about to step out of the stairs, she was suddenly reflected with a sinister expression from inside the mirror, a lone hand reached out and emerged from the mirror’s surface, immediately heading to the third master’s wife.

“Danger!!” Fang Huhui cried out in alarm.

In this moment of imminent peril, she was suddenly pushed forward by the steward behind her, that the wife of the third master staggered out of the staircase completely, and fell to the ground.

After the absence of the wife’s presence in the outside, the hand of the female ghost inside the mirror instantly turned transparent and disappeared with traces of unwillingness.

“What the hell was that……these mirrors are too terrible.” Fang Huihui uttered with fear.

“Let’s go.” Cheng Jia hurriedly said, Gu Wuji was still situated at the other the end.

The other people felt increasing horrified with their reflections inside the mirror, that all of them hastened to the second floor.

It was now apparent, that the mirrors in this house was not the means to leave this realm at all; and on the contrary, was a terrible existence that could make people lose their lives.

Gu Wuji sensed a faintly familiar atmosphere from within the mirror, that was exactly the breath of the shadow ghost that was released by him before……

“Could it be that he was also trapped in the mirror inside this house?”

It was certainly the most possible thing when he thought of it now.

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