Ch 32: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/4)

Chapter 32: Realistic instance (part 3 of 4)

After everyone had reached the second floor, the third master immediately supported his wife. The woman at this moment no longer had that arrogant look she had at the beginning. Her entire body was trembling with fear, while still having some incredulity and shock within her eyes, as she muttered something to herself: “Wrong, how could this be……we were obviously……”

“Third madam, are you alright?” the steward inquired.

The wife of the third master wanted to stand up, but realizing she had a sprained ankle, made her complexion immediately change.

The significance of having a sprained ankle at this moment was obvious, that everyone’s expression turned grim.

Even though the third master and his wife did not have a very good relationship with them, but everyone in any case were still relatives, it was impossible to watch the other side encounter an accident like this.

“We should first look for a room to let her rest.” Gu Wuji spoke up, the rest of the people also expressed their approval towards this, so it didn’t take them too long to move.

In any case, this was also their house which made them very familiar with the place. The steward soon found a room used for placing useless objects which was devoid of any mirrors and made everyone go in to rest.

This room was quite narrow, the interior were spread with all kinds of useless objects and it didn’t even have a window. If it were not for the current situation, it is estimated that Cheng Jia and the others would never set foot in this place in their lifetime.  

The lack of those mirrors along with the absence of any movement sounds from the monsters outside, made everyone feel much at ease. As they temporarily felt that they were safe.

“Speaking of which, there were some things that made me concerned before.” Gu Wuji’s sharp gaze turned to settle on the third master and his wife, as the tone of his voice became more colder, “What are the two of you hiding? It’s best for you to speak the truth, otherwise, I might not be able to find the method to leave this place.”

After all, the two of them did not specifically conceal their own circumstances, which had been vaguely revealed in their words and expressions. Obviously representing that they knew of some things.

The third master still wanted to struggle a bit, and asked: “How could I be hiding something——”

But the third master’s wife who was beside him had already been extremely terrified, the ankle’s injury reminded her that if the problem at hand was not quickly resolved, she many never be able to leave from this creepy place, so she immediately interrupted her husband’s words and said, “I’ll speak. I’ll say it.”

The other three who heard this were internally surprised. Due to too much panic and confusion before, they had been completely unable to notice the strangeness of these two people.

The third master’s wife gritted her teeth as she revealed the things she knew.

They definitely had a hand in this current situation. Due to the dissatisfaction towards the treatment within their family, this two racked their brains in thought. But someone suddenly made contact with them at that time and said that the main room* was relying on the house which was a place with good Feng Shui, only then was he able to take the authority of the family’s businesses. Just a bit of change of the Feng Shui within the house, will also make them be like the main room.

*the person with the highest authority inside the house…

They also didn’t believe at first, but the other person actually knew of a lot of things and had even revealed a few secrets that only their own family would know of, which immediately gained a lot of trust from the third master and his wife.

Before this incident, that person also pointed them to do some things, and things seemed to have turned to better after that, granting a lot of good fortune to the two of them. In this kind of circumstances, did that person completely gain the trust of both husband and wife. After learning that the mirrors inside the house also had an effect on Feng Shui, then according to the other person’s instruction, they moved the mirror inside the room of Cheng Jia.

It was also because of this, that Cheng Jia’s mirror had recently been changed to a new one, that things started to take a bad turn after that.

Even though the third master had a little memory of the incident of that person’s suicide at that time. He had to wait outside because of his tender age and was unable to personally see everything that happened inside the house of Cheng. After the thought that nothing had also happened for so many years, nothing would surely happen with just moving a mirror, right? His own future was also more important. Who would have imagined that things would develop up to this kind of unmanageable extent?

After listening to their words, Cheng Jia became so furious that his gaze cooled down, so this was the problem, ah! Picking his room to do stealthy things as well, so that was why, he’s unluckiness reached to that degree, encountering ghosts outside twice, if he didn’t have Gu-dashi, his body would have already been cremated now!

The steward and Fang Huihui also looked to the third master and his wife with an increasingly subtle expression, although it’s impossible for them to say anything on the surface with their rank, but who knew what they were thinking in their minds.

“So that’s it.” Gu Wuji nodded: “It seems that because of your stealthy movement, these mirrors began to have changes……They should have originally been unable to affect the reality, so in more than 2 decades, nothing had really happened in the Cheng’s house. But everything had changed now.”

Thinking of it like this, this realm within the mirror had already been existing for such a long time.

The footsteps that Cheng Jia heard outside from his childhood, had probably come from the mirror. But he had still been a child at that time and would certainly not pay any attention to this point, and had always mistakenly believed that there were visitors coming over their house.

Gu Wuji had of course also suspected that maybe because he activated an instance task, that they enter the mirror’s realm in a much earlier time……But in any case, if thing would have also become like this, then there was no need to feel any psychological burden.

“But how could these kind of things happen?” The third master muttered to himself: “We had acted in accordance with that person’s instructions, but this thing happened……”

“You might have been unaware, but there is someone who currently wants to do something to the Cheng family.” Gu Wuji said: “That person who got in touch with the two of you, was very likely to have no intention of helping you from the start and just wanted to do something to the Cheng family.”

Cheng Jia suddenly sneered coldly and said, “How could there be such a good thing? Are you now satisfied? Our Cheng family will be destroyed in your hands!”

“What do you mean?” Even if the third master was very guilt ridden, but he was still unable to bear being pointed at and chided by this nephew, which made him feel that he lost his face.

“Wait, second young master, third master, now is not the time to quarrel.” The steward quickly persuaded, “We should still be listening to what Gu-dashi should say.”

“That’s right.” Was the only words Gu Wuji uttered, Cheng Jia who had originally been itching to start a fight with the third master immediately became well-behaved and returned to his seat.

Everyone: “……” Even if we had been long aware of it, but this lapdog attitude of yours is too much, alright!

“It’s time to find out who that person really is, otherwise, it would have also been useless even if we were able to escape.” Gu Wuji said, as his eyes zeroed in on the third master’s direction, “How did you actually get in touch with that person?”

He had run across people or ghost who had been involved with that mysterious figure several times before, but those people were unable to provide any useful information……but this time should be different, right?

“In the beginning, that person was introduced to us by another person. We later met with him in his residence in the city.” The third master had also realized it by now that he had been cheated, and spoke in a very furious manner: “But I already made people investigate the background of this person, the report revealed that the person is from the Ning family in Beijing……the Ning family is well-known in this line, so I didn’t have any suspicion towards this.”

It was also because of this reason, that they also paid attention to the matters of Gu Wuji in the news before and had been weary whether Gu Wuji would be able to figure out their stealthy movements……which was why they rushed away like that before.

This was the first time Gu Wuji had been able to obtain information of this person behind-the-scene, and that Ning family, it was clearly the first time he has heard about it, but he inexplicably felt some kind of familiarity.

“Gu-dashi! You have to save us!” Presently, the wife of the third master no longer had that previous look of contempt, the inner panic made her fear reach to the extremes, “I know that we did something wrong, but we also don’t want to die like this in here, ah!”

“I know, I will also do my best.” Gu Wuji said.

“The Ning family will never have someone as powerful as Gu-dashi, who will certainly be able to solve this current crisis!” Not knowing what Cheng Jia was comparing with over there, but he suddenly thought of something, “But since this was caused by the mirror inside my room and we happened to have just placed a monitoring device, maybe we should go and see if we can find something there?”

“But we can’t get there now.” The steward’s facial expression changed, as he hastily said: “If you want to go to the room of second young master, we will definitely have to pass through that place……the room where that person committed suicide! Even if that room had currently been locked, but……”

“That’s right.” Gu Wuji nodded, he instinctively felt that he also cannot pass that place and even sensed an ominous premonition, “This mirror’s realm isn’t really the same as in reality after all and should be able to change in accordance to the ghost’s purpose. Passing that room would certainly be dangerous.”

Everyone suddenly fell into silence. After thinking about it, they will ultimately understand that the room was the most dangerous place. That place was after all the place where the most terrible ghost had died, ah!

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